The Tragic Betrayal of Afghan Women a Year After Biden’s Botched Troop Withdrawal.

Since President Joe Biden’s unconscionable, disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan a year ago, Afghan girls and women have suffered most from a dysfunctional economy undermined by the brutal and chaotic governing force of the Taliban.

As unambiguously pointed out by the agency known as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees:

Afghanistan’s women and girls have watched their rights disappear. Most secondary schools for girls remain closed and many women have lost their jobs, while others lack the required male guardian to accompany them when they venture out of their homes.

With many women no longer able to earn a living, families have become further impoverished and young girls are being forced into marriage. Read more

Fathers Are Responsible for the Children They Create, Not the Government.

One of the most consistent themes in abortion-related commentary since the Dobbs decision is the absence of the words “father,” “marriage,” or “husband” in even the conservative grand vision for family life in America.

Even conservative Christian organizations, like the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), and pro-life social commentators, like David French, have fallen into the trap of speaking about reproduction as if humans are asexual beings. Pro-choice activists often say that a hospital room is too small for a woman, her doctor, and the federal government. Judging by the words of some self-professed conservatives, there’s not enough room for the man who helped create the baby, either. Read more

For Schoolchildren To Have Equal Opportunity, Strong Families Must Be Top Priority.

There have been numerous studies over the years that confirm this — that children do best in school when they have a stable home environment. Nevertheless, this factor is often ignored when addressing how to fix our educational system while other solutions are proposed, implemented, and ultimately fail. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Today’s Children Are Denied The Joy Of Not Knowing Anything About Sex.

It wasn’t that long ago that talking about sex with other people’s children would get you arrested. In addition to sexualization, many of our schools currently teach children to hate or fear each other based on immutable characteristics, to judge others by skin color, to have the bejabbers scared out of them over dubious climate claims, to create dependencies on authorities and the government, and to practice groupthink.

This propaganda-driven curriculum quashes imagination, individualism, and the development of talents and interests. This is child abuse on an institutional scale. Read more

Parents fighting schools to protect their kids are heroes, not book-banners.

Across the country, librarians in schools and public libraries are stocking the shelves with material that is so pornographic that when parents have tried to read aloud and show the material at school board meetings, their microphones were cut off.

For progressives, the victim of the situation isn’t the children exposed to inappropriate content; the hero of the story isn’t the parents fighting for their kids’ innocence. No, the hero and victim of the coverage of these incidents are the librarians buying the sexually explicit content and recommending it to children. Read more

Protecting Teens From Big Tech: Five Policy Ideas for States.

Around 2012, something began to go wrong in the lives of teens. Depression, self-harm, suicide attempts, and suicide all increased sharply among U.S. adolescents between 2011 and 2019, with similar trends worldwide. The increase occurred at the same time social media use moved from optional to virtually mandatory among teens, making social media a prime suspect for the sudden rise in youth mental health issues. Read more

Sanctity of Life

Canada’s Euthanasia Policies Under Scrutiny As Reports Surface Of Euthanizing A Man For “Hearing Loss”.

Recently, the Canadian government has ordered a ‘full and thorough’ investigation after a Veterans Affairs Canada employee encouraged a veteran to undergo assisted suicide when he called for help.

The Canadian Forces veteran was seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic brain injury when he was casually offered medical assistance in dying (MAiD) in July.

A VAC employee reportedly brought up MAiD unprompted in the conversation with the veteran, who was ‘deeply disturbed’ by the suggestion.

When euthanasia becomes the sixth leading cause of death in your country, perhaps it is time to rethink the real value of “free” healthcare. Read more

Scientists Want to Grow Human Embryos and Kill Them to Harvest Their Organs.

Frankenstein scientists are heading down a very questionable and troubling road all over the world with experiments that are leading to growing human embryos and killing those unique human begins to harvest their organs.

In one case, British scientists are creating mouse embryos in a lab without using sperm and eggs as in a traditional in-vitro fertilization setting. The researchers created a series of “model embryos” that include a functioning brain, beating heart, and the development of bodily organs. Read more

Voters in These 4 States to Decide Abortion Law at Ballot.

Voters in California, Kentucky, Montana, and Vermont will decide abortion-related ballot initiatives during midterm elections Nov. 8. Michigan voters also may weigh in.

“Constitutional ballot initiatives are notoriously confusing and complicated,” Mallory Carroll, vice president of communications for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, told The Daily Signal. “That’s why it’s incumbent on the pro-life movement and pro-life Americans to fully educate themselves on exactly what each amendment before them would do.” Read more


NJ Religious Group Accused of ‘Christian Bullying’ for Trying to Build Cross-Shaped Pier on Land It Owns.

“Members of the small seaside town’s LGTBQ+ community and allies are saying the cross crosses a line, but many are afraid to voice their grievances with the Camp Meeting Association,” Douglas Grote, a local resident, and a retired Presbyterian pastor told “The cross-shaped pier feels like Christian bullying.”

“I am so deeply concerned,” he said. “And I am so concerned from my neighbors who are scared and bullied.” Read more

India’s gov’t claims there is no rising persecution of Christians documented attacks.

Around 200 attacks on Christians were reported within the first five months of this year in India, but the country’s government claimed before the Supreme Court that persecution of Christians was based on “half-baked and self-serving facts and self-serving articles and reports…based upon mere conjecture.”

“The very fact that Mehta denied factual evidence raises serious concerns as to whether or not he is qualified for his position as Solicitor General,” the U.S.-based persecution watchdog International Christian Concern said in a statement. “Instead, his discriminatory practices tell of a broader belief held throughout the Indian government — one where justice is based on the simple reality of a person’s religious identity.” Read more

New York Times Columnist Gets First Freedom Wrong.

In her recent guest essay in the New York Times, former Times reporter and columnist Linda Greenhouse accuses Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito of weaponizing religious liberty. In reality, Alito merely issued a plea that religious liberty is provided “special protection” promised by the Constitution. It appears Greenhouse actually believes religious liberty should be relegated to a lower tier status than other rights. Doing so would do serious damage to our Constitution and to the fundamental rights millions of Americans enjoy under its protection. Read more


America, Exporter of the Gender Revolution.

Making “gender affirming care” a foreign policy requirement will dilute the moral authority of America’s broader commitment to human rights. Are foreign leaders now to believe that China’s persecution of its Uyghur minority, Venezuela’s use of arbitrary detentions and torture against regime dissidents, and the Taliban’s systematic oppression of women and girls are all on par with, say, Sweden urging its psychologists to help kids feel comfortable in their own bodies? Read more

Federal Court Strikes Down Biden Administration’s Transgender Medical Mandate.

A federal appeals court on Friday struck down a Biden administration statute that forced doctors to perform medical procedures, including gender-transition procedures, against their religious beliefs. Read more

Australian School Supports Teen Girl Identifying As a Cat, Allows Her to Act Like a Feline.

A teenage school girl in Australia is reportedly allowed to act like a feline during her classes. Deemed ‘phenomenally bright’, the young girl identifies herself as a cat, according to the Herald Sun. The private school seemingly has no objections to her being non-verbal as long as it doesn’t create any distraction for her fellow classmates. As per the portal, the Melbourne private school stated that their students were displaying a range of identity and mental health issues. Read more