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Is Wokeness Invading American Medical Schools?

In a case reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2019, a transgender man (a natal female) reported to the emergency department of an American hospital with abdominal pains. He told the triage nurse that he was transgender, but the nurse did not absorb what that meant. She classified the case as non-urgent. As a result the transgender man’s baby was still-born.

One lesson from this dramatic case is that failing to acknowledge differences between men and woman can be medically dangerous.

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China’s Karmic Demographic Mess

In her book, Just One Child, anthropologist Susan Greenhalgh recounts that the official in charge of what would become China’s one-child policy was an actual rocket scientist. In this case, when the phrase “it’s not rocket science!” comes to mind, it has a different meaning than the usual idiom. Greenhalgh shows that the original developers knew the one-child would lead to the culling of girl infants from the population, but that they actually saw this as a feature, not a bug. Selective culling of females meant fewer future mothers, meaning the ratcheting down of birth rates would be baked into future trends.

But there’s a strange sort of karma that attends such state-sponsored misogyny. As shown in my most recent co-authored book, The First Political Order: How Sex Shapes Governance and National Security Worldwide, nation-state outcomes of stability, security, and resilience are tightly associated with the situation of women. What you do to your women, you do to your nation-state. And if you choose to curse your women, as China did with the one-child policy and its predictable excesses against women, karma waits expectantly in the wings.

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Chaplain Reported to Counterterrorism Agency After Questioning ‘LGBT Stuff’

Holding to the biblical definition of male and female has cost the Rev. Bernard Randall his job.

Randall served as chaplain of Trent College, a day and boarding school in Derbyshire, England, for four years. He delivered a sermon to students on the topic of gender identity in 2019.

“So, all in all, if you are at ease with ‘all this LGBT stuff,’ you’re entitled to keep to those ideas,” Randall said in his sermon, adding, “if you are not comfortable with it, for the various—especially religious—reasons, you should not feel required to change.”

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Transgender soccer player will play for Olympic gold on the Canadian women’s team

TOKYO (LifeSiteNews) — A biological woman who believes she’s a man is playing for an Olympic gold medal with the Canadian women’s soccer team.

On Monday, Team Canada defeated the U.S. Women’s National Team 1-0 on a penalty kick in the Olympic semifinals. The Canadian team has a transgender player, Quinn, who plays midfielder. Quinn, previously known as Rebecca Quinn, is a biological woman who identifies as a male or “non-binary.”

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