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Archbishop Viganò’s sermon highlights evil of abortion and its connection to Satanism

Viganò drew attention to the fact that those who support abortion and the killing of vulnerable individuals often oppose the death penalty, highlighting the inconsistency of their position. He pointed out that the global elite, who advocate for the death of others, strive to prolong their own lives through various means, seeking eternal life through transhumanism.

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Perspective: The Constitution was designed for a moral and religious people

As inspired as the Constitution is, the Founding Fathers repeatedly declared that it would only be effective in preserving freedom if the people it governs are a moral and religious people. But who determines what is moral — a professor, a politician, a judge, a social activist, a pollster? Who becomes society’s governing scepter for morality? All may have good intentions, but when all is said and done, whose moral code should govern our society?

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Religious student clubs regain equal treatment in California schools after court ruling

In April 2020, two students filed a lawsuit seeking to restore the faith-based clubs’ previous status. The district court ruled for the school district, but that decision has now been overturned by the 9th Circuit. School officials cannot treat religious clubs differently than other student organizations even if they impose faith-based restrictions on their members, the ruling said.

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Drag queens defeated Down Under

Lyle Shelton, best known to Australians as the former Managing Director of the nation’s largest Christian advocacy group, the Australian Christian Lobby, has had all charges brought against him in his home state of Queensland dismissed. As is becoming clear in jurisdictions across the Western world, the process is the punishment. Someone like Lyle Shelton can walk free, but only at an overwhelming financial and personal price. Then the next upstanding citizen is forced to suffer the same fate.

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Catholic schools must be faithful and welcoming on gender identity, Cleveland Diocese says

“Catholic institutions must accompany people experiencing gender dysphoria and be committed both to providing a loving environment and to upholding the truth of God’s created reality,” the introduction to the Ohio diocese’s policy says. At the same time, the policy notes, those who openly voice disagreement with Church teaching “in an open and scandalous way” or who act contrary to Catholic teaching may face restrictions, or, as appropriate, disciplinary action.

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Do marriage and religion make people happier?

While a majority of Americans say they’re “pretty happy,” only 12% describe themselves as “very happy.” That’s according to the latest Wall Street Journal-NORC poll, which captures the pulse of the nation on values and political beliefs. The group of people who rated themselves as “very happy” was “the smallest share of ‘very happy’ people ever recorded in NORC’s General Social Survey, dating to 1972,” Aaron Zitner wrote for The Wall Street Journal.

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