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Biden Has Promised to Undo These Pro-Life Policies

Pro-life advocates have repeatedly praised Trump’s steps to protect the unborn throughout his administration. These advocates also warned that the Biden administration would be the most pro-abortion ticket in history. “It’s certainly disheartening, but we aren’t going to give up, and we will do whatever we can to stop abortion from being promoted,” National Right to Life Committee President Carol Tobias told NBC News.

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‘If Americans don’t push back right now, we could lose all the freedoms we have,’ prominent pastor warns

Americans must stand up now and defend their most basic freedoms, urged Pastor Brian Gibson, a popular evangelical preacher and advocate for First Amendment rights. Gibson is the leader of Peaceably Gather, a Christian, pro-freedom network that helped organize the reopening of thousands of churches during scientifically discredited COVID-19 lockdowns last year.

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Proclamation on Religious Freedom Day, 2021

On Religious Freedom Day, we honor the vision of our Founding Fathers for a Nation made strong and righteous by a people free to exercise their faith and follow their conscience. As Americans united in unparalleled freedom, we recommit to safeguarding and preserving religious freedom across our land and around the world. NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 16, 2021, as Religious Freedom Day.

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California’s Donor-Disclosure Law Threatens Religious Charities

As Americans, we often take for granted that our government generally has no business regulating what we believe, what we say, who we associate with, or what organizations we support financially. But California now demands that each of the more than 60,000 private charities registered in the state provide it annually with the names and addresses of their top donors.

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The future of Catholic schools in Spain is in question under a new law

When the Jesuits opened the Padre Piquer education center in Madrid 55 years ago, the neighborhood around it was viewed as a slum. Over the years the community’s infrastructure drastically improved, but the neighborhood remained a bubble of poverty in an otherwise affluent part of the Spanish capital. Throughout, the school remained true to its mission of bringing quality education to people of limited means. Now , Alberto Rodriguez de Rivera, the school’s director, is worried about how much longer that will last.

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