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Which U.S. states rank first (and last) in religious freedom protections?

A nonprofit legal organization specializing in religious liberty cases has conducted a study comparing U.S. states on the basis of how free its residents are to practice their faith.

Spoiler alert: Mississippi offers the most protections for religious freedom, while New York comes in last on the First Liberty Institute’s “Religious Liberty in the States 2022 (RLS)” index.

The states are ranked according to how many laws are on the books that protect the free exercise of religion, with the states with the most laws providing safeguards for religious freedom ranked the highest.

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U.S. Supreme Court decision on prayer: ‘We’re going to see it have implications for decades’

A Supreme Court decision in July involving a Washington football coach’s right to pray after games was called a landmark victory for religious liberty by attorney Stephanie Taub on Thursday night, with her telling a crowd at Harding University, “We’re going to see it have implications for decades.”

Bremerton High School assistant coach Joe Kennedy was the first guest speaker this school year in the American Studies Institute’s Distinguished Lecture Series. He was joined on the Benson Auditorium stage by Taub, senior counsel with First Liberty Institute, and Michael Berry, vice president of external affairs, director of military affairs and senior counsel for the institute.

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Politico’s Fearmongering Over ‘Christian Nationalism’ Is A Shoddy Deception

“Christian nationalism, a belief that the United States was founded as a white, Christian nation and that there is no separation between church and state, is gaining steam on the right,” contends a new Politico article on the dangers of the theocratic democracy-destroying right. The headline reads, “Most Republicans Support Declaring the United States a Christian Nation.” Most? It is all very disturbing.

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Horowitz: Courts are unilaterally redefining sexuality against legitimate rights

The government can deny you entry into every public university in New York state for not injecting a private novel product into your body or covering your breathing holes all day with a dirty mask. And now, the government can force a private Jewish college to not only accept you but accept a union dedicated to promoting homosexuality and every other sexual behavior codified by the ever-evolving alphabet soup of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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‘No Religious Group Is Safe From Government Control’: SCOTUS Makes Yeshiva University Return To NY Court, Forces Acceptance Of LGBTQ Club

The Supreme Court has temporarily forced Yeshiva University (YU), the famed Orthodox Jewish university in New York, to accept an LGBTQ club against its wishes.

The university had asked for a stay of a Manhattan judge’s order YU grant recognition to the Yeshiva University Pride Alliance; on Friday, Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted the emergency petition, but on Wednesday the court voted 5-4 to reject the stay and send the case back to the New York courts, where YU has lost before.

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Christian college continues legal battle against Biden admin. trans discrimination policy

A Christian college in Missouri has filed an en-banc appeal to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals seeking protection from a Biden administration policy that its officials believe will force the institution to allow biological males to live in dormitories and use showers reserved for women.

College of the Ozarks, also known as School of the Ozarks, filed a request last week for all 8th Circuit judges to rehear its case against an order from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that defines housing discrimination based on sex also to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Since when does freedom from discrimination require destroying religious freedom?

An op-ed Wednesday in The Washington Post laid out how the left is attempting to dismantle what Congress once unanimously recognized as “undergird[ing] the very origin and existence of the United States”: religious freedom.

Specifically, Louise Melling, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, argues in the op-ed that the constitutional right to exercise religious faith always must yield to the civil right against discrimination.

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Religious freedom laws don’t justify abortions any more than they excuse child abuse

The ACLU and abortion industry are resorting to a favorite last-ditch effort in an attempt to overturn a pro-life law passed by Indiana’s duly elected representatives.
The pro-abortion legal group wants a judge to rule that the state’s new law, which will shut down all abortion facilities in the state and is expected to eliminate 95 percent of abortions in Indiana, is in violation of the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).
The group filed a lawsuit on September 8 to stop the law, which goes into effect on Thursday.
Planned Parenthood and the Satanic Temple previously tried, and failed, to make the argument that a set of Missouri pro-life laws violated the federal RFRA.
That’s because state and federal RFRA laws do not give a broad liberty for someone to evade all laws simply by claiming it violates their religion, or whatever the Satanic Temple is supposed to be.

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