Category: Religious Freedom

Australian Archbishop decries erosion of religious freedom, growth of abortion and euthanasia

Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney is speaking out against the erosion of religious freedom in Australia, noting that laws in favor of abortion and euthanasia are continuing to threaten religious liberty. In a letter to the Catholic News Agency (CNA), Fisher said that the erosion of religious freedom can be found in a number of different areas. He points to legislation in Australia that attempts to force medical professionals to refer for abortions, as well as laws attempting to silence pro-lifers praying outside abortion facilities.

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Ecumenical institute releases report highlighting harassment of Christians in Holy Land

On June 4, the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem hosted a press conference where a report was presented analyzing the disturbing rise in hostilities toward Christians in Israel and East Jerusalem in 2023. The data was collected as part of an initiative launched by the Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue to document harassment suffered by Christians.

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Surge in violence against US Catholic Churches raises criticism over Biden Administration’s inaction

A surge in vandalism and violence against Catholic churches across the US has triggered alarm and criticism of the Biden administration’s perceived lack of action on the issue. The attacks, ranging from bricks being hurled through windows to churches being set ablaze, have largely been attributed to ongoing controversies over abortion rights. This surge of violence came in the wake of the landmark Supreme Court decision two years ago that overturned Roe v. Wade.

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Federal court rules Colorado discriminated against Catholic preschools

A federal court ruled on Wednesday that the state of Colorado discriminated against Catholic preschools by excluding them from the state’s school voucher program due to their faith-based admission criteria. St. Mary’s Catholic Parish and St. Bernadette’s Catholic Parish filed the lawsuit in August 2023 after the state denied their applications to the universal preschool program. This was due to their policy of considering religious beliefs when deciding on student admissions.

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