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Separated by Religion, United by Faith: This Pic of Indian Army Soldiers Praying Is Making People Proud

Captioned the pic, he wrote, ”For those who didn’t know, My unit has around 15 per cent Muslims. All auspicious functions are started by a Pooja in the Mandir and a Namaz/ Dua in the Masjid. Both the houses of worship are always under a single roof and called a *Sarv Dharma Sthal*. Though we are in an undisclosed location, I couldn’t resist sharing this great view of my two boys who are responsible for the respective temporary places of worship separated by a wall.”

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Swedish Government Party Wants to Force Imams, Rabbis to Wed Homosexuals

Despite Sweden’s Marriage Code becoming gender neutral in 2009, only a handful of religious congregations marry gay couples. The Green Party, the ruling Social Democrats’ sidekicks, want to make it illegal to refuse same-sex marriage.

“When it comes to the actual exercise of authority around marriage, I do not think it should be possible to discriminate against same-sex couples”, Gender Equality Minister Åsa Lindhagen told the newspaper Aftonbladet.

According to a survey conducted by national broadcaster SVT, only five of the 34 surveyed religious congregations marry homosexuals. The vast majority of congregations, including several Orthodox, Muslim, Baptist, Catholic, and Nontrinitarian congregations, including Jehovah’s Witnesses, refuse to marry homosexuals.

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Ted Cruz has renewed the fight for religious liberty on two key fronts

Sen. Ted Cruz is no stranger to protecting religious liberty, though he’s been on a streak recently, hitting the Department of Defense for religious discrimination and introducing broad legislation protecting religious freedom…Between 2013 and 2017, First Liberty, a legal organization that specializes in First Amendment law, documented 70 instances of service members battling to preserve their religious liberties. For example, in 2016, decorated Air Force veteran Oscar Rodriguez delivered a flag-folding speech honoring Master Sgt. Chuck Roberson’s career in the Air Force, giving thanks to God in his comments. Two uniformed airmen forcibly removed Rodriguez from the ceremony and kicked him off Travis Air Force Base. It’s unfortunate to see members of our military, who have volunteered to sacrifice their lives on this country’s behalf, see their religious liberties threatened

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University hijab ban sparks protest in Belgium

official decision to uphold a ban on head coverings in Belgian higher education on June 4.

The decision has faced protests across social media through the hashtags #HijabisFightBack and #TouchePasAMesEtudes (Don’t touch my studies). It also sparked a demonstration in Brussels, the Belgian capital, consisting of thousands.

The prohibition covers all symbols which express religious or political opinions, with the Hijab being at the forefront of the campaign. The ban is already upheld in workplaces with a clear policy against the display of such symbols.

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Court Stops Vermont From Treating Religious High School Students Worse Than Everyone Else

High school students at public schools, secular private schools, and those who are homeschooled can participate in Vermont’s dual enrollment program. This allows them to explore subjects they might be interested in pursuing in college and even to get ahead in their college course work.

But students at religious private schools are categorically excluded.

That means a student from a secular private school and a student from a religious private school could attend the exact same college course, but only the secular private school could be eligible to receive funding for that course.

Does that sound fair to you?

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How Attacks on Faith, Family, and Conscience Threaten All Our Freedoms

During these tumultuous times, as practically every American institution comes under attack from the far left and its allies, two of our most essential values seem to be especially targeted in an effort to “transform America.”

Those values are faith and family, the two essential pillars that serve as true stabilizing factors in any society.

The attacks on faith and family seem to be relentless.

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Pompeo’s plan for a hierarchy of human rights could serve to undermine them all – including religious freedom

In pushing for religion to be given more prominence in U.S. foreign policy concerns, could Secretary of State Mike Pompeo be acting in bad faith?

That’s what many human rights groups believe. In a letter dated July 30, a coalition of faith-based and secular civil liberty groups and leaders accused Pompeo of acting out of “personal political and religious beliefs.” It coincided with the last day of public consultation on a draft report by the Pompeo-appointed Commission on Unalienable Rights that prioritizes religious freedom over other human rights.

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