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Unanimous Supreme Court Gives Win to Religious Foster Care Agency

In a unanimous judgment Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a faith-based foster care agency, saying the city of Philadelphia could not disqualify it because of its religious beliefs.

The high court noted that Catholic Social Services has “long been a point of light in the city’s foster-care system” and that the agency simply wishes to be allowed to “continue serving the children of Philadelphia in a manner consistent with its religious beliefs.”

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POLL: Majority of Church-Going Catholics Say Pro-Abortion Politicians Shouldn’t Receive Communion

“Catholic politicians who advocate for policies considered ‘gravely immoral’ create confusion and discord among believers,” CatholicVote President Brian Burch said in a statement. “Catholics’ concern about the flouting of Catholic social teaching by public leaders is less about politics and more about the integrity of the faith, along with reverence and respect due the Holy Eucharist.

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Catholics must speak out about the persecution of faithful in China

In this episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, the bishop of Tyler, Texas, calls on Christians in America to pay attention to the persecution of Catholic priests, bishops, and faithful in China. He also discusses the teachings of the Church on sexual morality, and whether proclaiming the truths of the faith on homosexuality and gender ideology is “too judgemental.”

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Biden’s DOJ Threatens To Abandon Legal Protections For Religious Colleges

The Biden Department of Justice briefly instigated outrage from progressives recently when it filed a routine legal brief promising to defend Title IX’s statutory exemption for religious colleges. The DOJ filed the brief to fend off efforts by religious colleges, some of whom are represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, to intervene in a lawsuit brought by 40 past and present LGBT college students who claim the exemption violates the U.S. Constitution.

The exemption safeguards the ability of religious colleges that receive federal funds to maintain faith-based polices governing such things as student sexual conduct and sex-specific student housing. The DOJ wrote in its brief that it shared the proposed intervenors’ “ultimate objective…to defend the statutory exemption and its current application.”

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VA school district still fighting to punish teacher who rejected trans pronouns, despite ruling

A Virginia school district has declared it will fight all the way to the state Supreme Court in order to punish a gym teacher for respectfully announcing his refusal to indulge “transgender pronouns” during a school board meeting.

Loudoun County Public Schools physical education teacher Byron “Tanner” Cross was placed on administrative leave after testifying before a school board meeting that he has only “love for those who suffer with gender dysphoria,” but “will never lie to them regardless of the consequences.”

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Senator confronts HHS secretary for calling mothers ‘birthing people’

President Joe Biden’s pro-abortion Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra refused to use the term “mother” instead of “birthing person” when challenged by Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) in a Senate Finance Committee hearing which addressed the proposed budget for the 2022 fiscal year.

During the hearing, Lankford told Becerra he observed that the word “mothers” had been replaced with “birthing people” in the 2022 budget proposal.

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