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We Must Win the Gender War

A. Gavin Grimm. The Left is winning the war over gender ideology because it follows a simple precept: Don’t play the odds, play the man. And so, it plays conservatives. To a caffeinated Right, a high school student named Gavin Grimm provided irresistible distraction. Indeed, no sooner had the ACLU filed its “transgender bathroom case” in …We might fight for decent, evidence-based medicine or responsible therapeutic practices. We ought to show compassion for those children with gender dysphoria while taking note that the activists are exploiting them to advance a cynical, dangerous agenda. We ought to oppose gender ideology in the schools, which is both harmful and broadly unpopular….

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Family Files Federal Lawsuit Against Leon County School Board over Gender Policy

On Monday, October 18, 2021, the Child & Parental Rights Campaign, Inc. filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Florida on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Littlejohn against the Leon County School Board (LCSB). The defendants also include Superintendent Rocky Hanna and Dr. Kathleen Rodgers. Tallahassee Reports has previously written about this issue. The suit alleges…

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Children under 10 are using social media. Parents can help them stay safe online

For parents considering letting their child use certain social media apps, research them first, Clark advised. “Parents should look into whether the content is curated to allow only youth-friendly programming or whether there is a moderator that weeds out inappropriate content,” she said. “They should also utilize parental blocks or passcodes for certain sites or content.”

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How to nurture creativity in your kids

Parents who want their kids to be more creative may be tempted to enroll them in arts classes or splurge on STEM-themed toys. Those things certainly can help, but as a professor of educational psychology who has written extensively about creativity, I can draw on more than 70 years of creativity research to make additional suggestions that are more likely to be effective – and won’t break your budget.

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Parents Against the Regime

Attorney General Merrick Garland recently set his sights on what the federal government considers one of the gravest threats to the political order: parents angry with the promotion of transgender ideology and critical race theory in public schools.

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How does smoking marijuana affect academic performance? Two researchers explain how it can alter more than just moods

In a trend that coincided with the pandemic, marijuana use among college students in 2020 reached levels not seen since the 1980s. That’s according to the latest research from Monitoring the Future – an annual survey that looks at drug and alcohol use among the nation’s young people. Below, Jason R. Kilmer and Christine M. Lee – both University of Washington School of Medicine researchers who study marijuana use among college students – explain some of the reasons behind the trend, and some of its consequences.

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