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California teacher sues state officials over gender policy requiring teachers to support students’ ‘social transition’ without informing parents

In a groundbreaking lawsuit, a California-based teacher is taking legal action against the state’s senior officials over what she claims is a gender policy that required her to deceive parents and encourage students to live ‘double’ lives. The policy, implemented in the Escondido Union School District (EUSD), reportedly compelled teachers to support students’ ‘social transition’ by using their preferred pronouns and gender-specific names during school hours.

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New Illinois bill threatens to penalize parents for denying abortion and “gender-affirming services” as child abuse

Parents and guardians in Illinois could face child abuse charges if they fail to facilitate abortions for their children or others under their care, according to newly introduced legislation. The proposed bill, HB4876, introduced by Democratic Rep. Anne Stava-Murray, intends to revise the “Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act” to label those denied “primary care services, abortion services, or gender-affirming services” as abused children.

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Canadian Grandmother’s Fight Against a Small-Town Public School’s Sexual Targeting of Her 11-Year-Old Granddaughter

As she shared her story with RAIR, a harrowing tale unfolded—a Nova Scotia grandmother’s relentless battle against highly inappropriate sexualized materials infiltrating her 11-year-old granddaughter’s supposedly secure school environment. The grandmother and her daughter are working tirelessly to safeguard her granddaughter and other children from the intrusion of such materials by the state.

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Should My Child Have Social Media?

“If you’re a parent, tragically, and if you give your child a smartphone with social media apps and you have no parental controls on that, that is a day that your child’s childhood ends. That’s the day their innocence goes away because the messages and the targeting what happens for our youth… it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen… whether it’s meta or whether it’s TikTok the reality is, is that you were literally dropping your child off at a city park at 1:00 a.m. in the morning with no parental supervision and a lot of bad actors around there waiting.”

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