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By Inserting Gender Identity, Team Biden Muddies Title IX’s Protections for Girls, Women at School

On the 50th anniversary of Title IX protections for girls and women, the Biden administration proposed rule changes in enforcing the law that would have dramatic repercussions for publicly funded schools around the country.
The Education Department released a 700-page document Thursday announcing the proposed changes to Title IX regulations. Perhaps most significantly, the changes would extend the prohibition of discrimination based on sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity.
It’s amazing how at this stage in the history of our republic, sweeping national social and political changes increasingly are made by bureaucratic decree.

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Keeping Children Safe Is the Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do

It is a mistake to keep children from testing their boundaries, their abilities, their skills, their failures, and the level of their own innate fears. In order to grow up healthy and brave and equipped to become adult, they must be allowed to face danger, learning to push against fear.
How can parents begin to let go of their children and let them run, breathe, and simply live? Here are a few things I’ve learned on that subject through my years of parenting.

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24/7 Dad® – Worth the Wait

Recently Sandy Munoz of The CHI Podcast, CEO of The Children’s Healing Institute, a non-profit organization located in Palm Beach County, Florida interviewed National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) President Christopher A. Brown (Chris).
Chris is in his 23rd year with National Fatherhood Initiative and became President in 2013. His background in Anthropology and experience in public health, combined with his personal experience of having an absent father, places him in a unique position to serve the organization. Chris lives in Cedar Park, Texas with his wife. They have two adult daughters.

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‘Motherhood’ in the crosshairs

Legal developments surrounding transgenderism are setting the stage for the legal marginalization of mothers, fathers, and families by force of law. The problem lies in the fact that when women legally disappear, so do mothers because “mother” is a sex-specific designation. So is “father”. If there are not two specific, perceivable sexes definitively recognized by law, then it becomes difficult to define or defend mothers or fathers—along with their parental rights—in legal terms. If we can no longer articulate or acknowledge what it means to be female, how can we articulate or acknowledge what it means to be a mother?

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Report: Boys Need Fathers And Society Needs Them Too

June is very loudly claiming its status as “Pride” month through YouTube ads and rallies, but the ideology of sexual license has left American families nothing to take pride in. Our sex-driven culture is wrecking more lives than just the mutilated victims of the trans movement and the millions of murdered fetuses lying in the wake of feminism. As a new report confirms, it is creating fatherless children and single moms, and with them a cycle that births destructive habits in the home.

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Michigan Middle School Hides Student’s Gender Transition from Parents

Teachers at Richards Middle School in Fraser, Michigan have been hiding the transgender status of a biological male student from parents. Earlier this week, Fox News obtained an email from a counselor at the public school warning teachers to not inform the mother of the student that her child was going by a different name and pronoun. This message sent ahead of the school’s parent-teacher conference directed parents to only use the student’s “birth name” and the pronoun “he” when addressing the parent who is unaware of their child’s transition.

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Authority and the Gift of Fatherhood

This Father’s Day, in addition to remembering my own father, I am reflecting on the astounding gift, and challenge, of being a father myself. It might sound strange to ask: who could have conceived or designed such a reality, such a relationship? I stand in wonder at what is offered to me in fatherhood, and at what is required of me in stepping up to it.

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The Bookshelf: Reading While Parenting

Finding time to read is always challenging, particularly within the context of being a new parent. Instead of conventional, and often ineffectual, time management strategies, we might consider some alternative principles to help incorporate reading into our busy lives: ritualistic reading, whimsical reading, and even acknowledging the value of not reading.

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