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COVID-19 Has Robbed The World’s Poorest Children Of Nearly 4 Months Of Schooling

For decades, the development community has been working to get more children into schools. Formal learning is seen as key to economic progress and political freedom, and the education of girls and women has even been identified as a major building block in the fight against climate change.

In recent years, according to the United Nations, the world was moving in the right direction, with more and more children in school. Now that progress seems to have reversed, at least temporarily. According to UNESCO, more than 250 million children were out of school just before the pandemic, a number they say is likely to jump nearly 10 percent this year.

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Babies being removed from mothers during remote hearings – report

New mothers are having their babies taken into care during remote video and phone hearings from hospital, according to a report on justice during the coronavirus pandemic.
Parents are also joining online proceedings from home – often without adequate technology or support – when life-changing decisions are made about their children, the study commissioned by the president of the family division of the high court, Sir Andrew McFarlane, reveals.

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Family Conflict Is Normal; It’s the Repair That Matters

Three months into the pandemic, I had the urge to see my 28-year-old daughter and her husband, 2,000 miles away. She had weathered an acute health crisis, followed by community protests that propelled them both onto the streets to serve food and clean up neighborhoods. They were coping, but the accumulation of challenges made the mom in me want to connect with and support them. So, together with my husband, my other daughter, and her husband, our family of six adults and two dogs formed a new pod inside my daughter’s home in the steamy heat of the Minneapolis summer.

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The Gender Wage Gap Shrinks, While the Parenthood Gap Grows

Ever since women began pouring into the workforce in the 1960’s, the gender wage gap has served as shorthand for measuring progress towards women’s equality. The shorthand has its downsides. By collapsing all the ingredients that might influence earnings—education, hours worked, seniority, occupation, discrimination—into one aggregate number, the widely quoted figure has done some mischief in public debate, creating a convenient talking point for politicians and advocates, but one that hides many of the realities driving the gap.

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Closed Schools Ignore Low COVID-19 Rates, Needs of Families

At what would normally be the end of the first academic quarter for most K-12 schools, millions of students still have not set foot in a classroom. Many haven’t done so since March.

Evidence continues to mount that COVID-19 affects children the least, and ad hoc school district e-learning platforms, hastily assembled in the spring, are driving families away from assigned schools.

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Rethinking Education: Time to Make Some Changes

Recently I visited my daughter, her husband, and the grandkids in rural Pennsylvania, where they live in a large 140-year-old house. A short walk away is Gregory the Great Academy, grades 9-12, where my son-in-law Mike works and where my oldest grandson is a student. The 60-some boys in the school receive a classical education with heavy doses of literature and history, attend prayer or church services daily, and frequently wear blazers and ties to classes.

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What’s the Impact on Families and Kids If Schools Stay Closed?

School districts are “losing contact with thousands of students, from Philadelphia to Houston to Los Angeles,” according to news reports. What is going on here?

Jonathan Butcher, senior policy analyst for the Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, joins The “Daily Signal News” podcast to discuss the impact on families and children when schools remain closed during COVID-19.

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This Mother Is Fighting Woke Activism in Public Schools

In the past two decades, left-wing ideology has been seeping into our public schools at an accelerated rate. In the months since the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we have witnessed the complete and bold hijacking of the public schools’ curriculum in broad daylight by radicals with a left-wing agenda.

The floodgates have opened, and the radicals are seizing on the opportunity with the cooperation and encouragement of “woke” administrators, teachers, and parents.

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