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Column: Kids need the right relationships to fend off social media dangers

Social media has been flexing its power in the early days of 2021, everywhere from political events south of the border to gang-related shootings here in Richmond. With people spending more time online in the pandemic, it’s crucial that parents and schools equip young people with a way to navigate through the morass that is social media, complete with filter bubbles, disinformation, radicalization and recruitment.
“If Trump can lose his Twitter why not these guys threatening to kill each other on social media?” the reporter asked.

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“This Has Gone Way Too Far”: ‘The Social Dilemma’ Director Jeff Orlowski On Dangers Of Social Media

The Netflix documentary has alarmed Martin and many other viewers with its chilling depiction of the influence of social media companies, arguing that they have debilitated democracy at home and abroad, sown discord at the community and national level and negatively impacted the mental health of users.

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Raising Pro-Life Kids: 4 Ways to Teach the Sanctity of Life

Given society’s disregard for the precious human life by upholding abortion, worsened by some of the government’s laws that encourage it, parents should teach their children about the sanctity of life. Religious educator and nursing instructor, Rick Becker, suggested four ways to nurture the minds of children into becoming pro-life individuals, Christian Headlines reported.

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How To Raise Kids Who Love To Learn

Fostering a love of learning and critical thinking skills in children has always been a goal for parents, but these days, it feels rather imperative. “Looking out at our society, we are plagued by vast amounts of misinformation, conspiracy theories, science denial, and other forces that are threatening our society,” said Jal Mehta, a professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and co-author of “In Search of Deeper Learning.” “We need inquiring citizens to make good decisions about our democracy, and to take on big challenges like climate change, education, health care, poverty, and more.”

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Keeping children’s bodies and minds active this winter

There are safe physical activities parents can do with their children to keep their bodies and minds active this winter. Most American grade school children are not getting the 60 minutes of exercise they need each day. Especially during the pandemic, when we can’t always rely on school schedules, it’s up to parents to see that their kids are getting the physical activity they need each day for healthy growth.

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These are the best at-home exercises for kids, according to the experts

If you’ve been home schooling your children on and off since March – all while juggling lockdown, running a home, and managing a career – by now, you might be scratching your head for new and exciting ways to get your kids moving. You know it’s important to keep them active, but you can barely squeeze in a ten-minute sweat session yourself most weeks, so find the prospect of keeping them off screens and actually active for an hour a day increasingly challenging.

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Ultra-Woke Illinois Mandates Are Top Threat to U.S. Education

Should the rule be ratified on February 16, the entire Illinois teacher corps will be effectively forced into political re-education and compelled to turn their classes into woke indoctrination sessions. We’ll look at details, but the most extraordinary in a raft of outrageous dictates is that teachers must “embrace and encourage progressive viewpoints and perspectives.” Illinois is literally about to mandate that every one of its licensed teachers adopt progressive political orthodoxy and impart that ideology to students.

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Marijuana abuse by youth with mood disorders linked to suicide attempts, self-harm and death, study finds

“The perception is that marijuana is safe to use, but we need to educate parents and kids that there are risks involved, particularly with heavy and high potency cannabis use,” said study author Cynthia Fontanella, an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral health at the Ohio State University’s College of Medicine.

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Trump Made Foster Children a Priority. That Shouldn’t Change Under Biden.

“Every child deserves a family,” begins President Donald Trump’s executive order last June on “Strengthening the Child Welfare System for America’s Children.” The Trump administration made foster children a priority, working with state and local groups to place children in loving homes more quickly and to ensure that fewer children are entering the system to begin with.

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