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Texas doctor indicted after exposing transgender child surgeries at children’s hospital

A Texas doctor has been indicted for allegedly breaking federal law after he accessed patient records as part of an exposé into child transgender surgeries. In 2022, Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston announced that it would cease performing transgender procedures on minors, citing concerns over “legal ramifications” after state Attorney General Ken Paxton said some of those medical procedures could be considered child abuse under state law.

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Am I Doing This Right? Lessons On Fatherhood From Great Dads

m I doing this right? and the other side of that coin — What am I doing wrong? — have popped up plenty of times over my 17-plus years of fatherhood. The questions began almost immediately, as I struggled to install our newborn’s car seat, for instance. Am I doing this right? echoed in my head, as did white-hot rage at the makers of the sadistic car seat and some colorful words and expressions I had learned from my dad many years before. What am I doing wrong? has come up quite a bit in recent years, as our tween and two teens seem to believe being seen in public with their parents is tantamount to hanging out with the kid who wipes boogers on his pant leg.

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Children are gifts, not projects

A few nights back, I had the pleasure of attending a Brownstone Supper Club presentation by Sheila Matthews-Gallo, the founder of AbleChild, an organization that fights against the widespread practice of plying our children — mostly boys — with psychotropic drugs in the name of helping them overcome supposed behavioral problems and achieving better academic results.

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Warning Labels on Social Media: Surgeon General Wants Them to Protect Young People. Will Congress Act?

Peggy Noonan recently wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed column in response to Jonathan Haidt’s new book: “The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness.”

The book overflows with data supporting Haidt’s conclusion that social media harm children’s and adolescents’ mental health.

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My Father Adopted 10 of Us, He Showed What Real Love Is

I don’t look anything like him, but I’m his son. There was never a day in my life where I felt like I didn’t belong. With all our skin colors, backgrounds, and differing abilities, we were unquestionably his children – loved equally and loved unconditionally. It’s so hard to no longer see his kind face, hear his calming voice, or be loved and prayed for. My Dad tragically passed away at the height of COVID in 2021 on the anniversary of Roe. His life, though, beautifully redeems that horrible day for me. He chose me. He chose nine more of my twelve siblings to cherish us, care for us, and call us his own through adoption.

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