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A Predator’s Paradise.

While the last few decades have seen an increase in human trafficking, women at all three of the anti-trafficking groups Abigail Shrier spoke with across California agreed: nothing compares with the stunning rise in trafficking they’ve witnessed in recent months.

What shifted? The answer, the anti-trafficking advocates told me, is Senate Bill 357. Signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in July, the measure decriminalized loitering with the intent to engage in prostitution.

You might wonder, at this point, who actually benefits from SB 357. Sergeant Campos wonders, too. Not the communities, he said, for whom a rise in trafficking brings more gun violence, which often attends prostitution. Not the sex workers, many of whom rely on police officers for help in escaping their pimps. “I think if anything, it probably helped the sex traffickers the most,” Campos said.

Why would anyone propose such a law? Why would the California State Legislature pass it? I asked the bill’s author, San Francisco–based state senator Scott Wiener. The answer he gave is the one that he supplies for so many of the bills he authors: it was necessary to advance the rights of LGBTQ people.

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Japan PM says country on the brink over falling birth rate.

Japan’s prime minister says his country is on the brink of not being able to function as a society because of its falling birth rate.

Fumio Kishida said it was a case of “now or never.”

Japan – population 125 million – is estimated to have had fewer than 800,000 births last year. In the 1970s, that figure was more than two million. Read more

UN Warns of Demographic Collapse.

The report speculates that new entitlements for the elderly may be funded by increasing the participation of women and the elderly in the workforce, more immigration, and family-oriented policies to increase the birth-rate, including parental leave and baby bonuses.

The report suggests sustained family-oriented policies to help fertility rebound following the example of wealthy European nations but conspicuously leaves out any calls for increased access to family planning or any mentions of reproductive health and rights. Past UN reports on low fertility have always sought to balance the focus on low fertility and aging with continued support for fertility-reduction policies and reproductive rights.

Note from UFI: The UN has been and is currently a major advocate of abortion as a “reproductive right” of women, as well as women out of the home and in the workforce. Now that they have exactly what they wanted, and families and countries are paying a heavy price, they’re starting to back peddle. Read more

What should we make of the ‘tradwife’ craze?

The fascination with “tradwives” obscures a real and growing movement of more mainstream women who are choosing to off-ramp from their careers and instead focus on nurturing their families by cooking, cleaning, child-rearing and educating, and yes, caring for their husbands, too. They aren’t submissive to their husbands; they just want a different life than what the mainstream media promotes as “normal.” Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

AAP’s Obesity Treatments Prioritize Big Pharma Over Children’s Health And Wellness.

In early January, the American Academy of Pediatrics published new guidelines promoting expensive weight loss drugs and stomach rerouting surgery for obese children and adolescents, claiming they are “safe and effective.” Not only are active living and clean eating safer, cheaper, and healthier options in the long run, but these promoted extreme treatments could also severely damage childhood development. These drugs and surgeries mostly benefit the AAP’s members and donors who can use these guidelines to squeeze more money out of vulnerable families. Read more

Perspective: It’s time to treat Big Tech like Big Tobacco.

Imagine if a man in a white panel van pulled up in your neighborhood and began enticing teens to look at pictures and videos featuring drug use, pornography and a range of other antisocial activities. In many neighborhoods, he’d be in handcuffs within the hour.

And yet, strangely enough, Mark Zuckerberg, Shou Zi Chew and Sundar Pichai do almost the same thing online at Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, where they have virtually unimpeded access to the neighborhood teens and manage to make billions of dollars poisoning their hearts and minds. Read more

‘Dead Name’ Describes How Gender Ideology Kills Family Bonds.

The transgender movement promises its adherents a new and fulfilling life, but a powerful new documentary shows that, for many, gender transitioning brings depression, strife, and separation within families — and in some cases, death.

“Dead Name,” directed by Taylor Reece for Broken Heart Films, tells the stories of three families shattered by the effects of extreme gender ideology. Read more

Sanctity of Life

Has Canada finally realized that its euthanasia law is a human rights disaster?

Justin Trudeau’s government announced that it would permit patients with mental illness to request “medical assistance in dying”. This was due to begin on March 17.

Canada’s media, politicians and voters have been firmly behind MAiD. But as this deadline approached, a number of cases emerged of people who applied for MAiD simply because they didn’t have housing, or because they couldn’t access mental health care, or because they were lonely. At least four military veterans were pressured by a caseworker to accept MaiD, including a paralympian.

People began to realise that something was wrong — very wrong. Read more

New York City Erects Satanic Statue on City Courthouse to Promote Abortion.

A new, golden idol to abortion stands on top of a New York City courthouse this month, a reminder of the religiosity with which abortion activists defend the mass slaughter of babies in the womb.

The “NOW” statue also hints at the satanic: a naked, golden woman with braids fashioned into horns coming out of her head as she emerges from a pink lotus, according to photos in the New York Times. Images used by Satanists and The Satanic Temple often depict Satan with goat-like horns. Read more

House Democrats Reintroduce Bill to Reverse Hyde Amendment, Allow Taxpayer-Funded Abortions.

House Democrats, for the fifth time, reintroduced a bill that would reverse the Hyde Amendment, a provision that has been part of federal appropriations for decades and prevents direct taxpayer funding of abortion through programs like Medicaid. Read more


British Army veteran arrested for silently praying for his dead son near an abortion clinic.

Adam Smith-Connor of Southampton is the second Briton in recent months to have been arrested, not for speech or actions, but for silent prayer — for the thoughts in his head.

Smith-Connor told the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) UK, a faith-based freedom advocacy group, that “22 years ago, I drove an ex-girlfriend to a facility where I paid for her to have an abortion. Many years later, I came to realize what I had done and it has been a source of great grief to me in my life.”

“I now pray for my son and to God for forgiveness,” said Smith-Connor, adding, “I would never have imagined being in a position to risk a criminal record for praying silently.” Read more

Bill promoting religious freedom gets House nod in Philippines.

With 256 affirmative votes, one negative vote and three abstentions, the chamber passed House Bill 6492, or the proposed Magna Carta on Religious Freedom Act, which seeks to prohibit the government or any person to burden, curtail, impinge or encroach on a person’s right to exercise his/her religious belief, freedom and liberty of conscience. Read more

CVS Goes Woke, Revokes Religious Accommodations for Pro-life Christians, Prompts Lawsuits.

It’s a good thing the U.S. Supreme Court has now decided to hear an important case involving the rights of religious workers to reasonable accommodations of their beliefs and practices in the workplace. More and more woke corporations have targeted those beliefs for punishment, and the list of out-of-work Christians resulting from such practices is growing.

One such company is CVS, which owns more than 9,000 pharmacies in the U.S. Last year it revoked exemptions for employees with conscience objections to prescribing certain contraceptives and abortifacients. And just this month it applied for certification to dispense mifepristone, the abortion pill. Read more


Ex-Gay Man Faces Charges for Sharing His Testimony About Finding Freedom in Christ.

A Christian charity worker is facing criminal charges for allegedly promoting “conversion practices” in his own country during an online interview about how he chose to leave his former homosexual lifestyle after finding salvation in Jesus Christ. Read more

New Documentary Exposes Disney’s Pro-Sexualization, Anti-Nuclear Family Agenda.

Disney has adopted a woke “idea of diversity, which sounds innocuous on the face of it, [but] is really an agenda to divide people,” Bill Donohue says. “And that’s what they’re doing. They’re dividing people on the basis of family, on the basis of race, on the basis of sex, sexual orientation.”

Donohue joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss his group’s new documentary, “Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom.” The film shines a light on how Disney has drifted from its pro-family roots to become a poster child for an agenda that puts radical political ideology before the innocence of children. Read more

Pennsylvania Democrat defends sponsoring ‘queer prom’ that gave condoms to minors.

On Sunday, left-wing extremism watchdog account Libs of TikTok highlighted a video of a drag performance at a “queer prom” hosted by the Planned Parenthood-sponsored youth program Rainbow Room in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, as well as the facts that underage attendees were given gift bags containing condoms, lubricant, and Planned Parenthood informational material, and that Democrat state Sen. Steve Santarsiero was listed as a sponsor.

Planned Parenthood bills its Rainbow Rooms as “safe space[s] where you can feel empowered and know that you’re getting accurate information about relationships, sex, and more.” Read more