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Italian Psychological Association Expressed ‘Great Concern’ Over Puberty Blocking Drugs

Italy is the latest European country whose professional health body has warned against the use of puberty blocking drugs in children. The Italian Psychoanalytic Society (SPI) penned a letter this month to the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, expressing “great concern” over the “ongoing experimentation” of drugs meant to stop puberty in children and urging “rigorous scientific discussion.”
“The diagnosis of gender dysphoria at prepubertal age is based on the statements of the individuals concerned and cannot be subject to careful evaluation while the development of sexual identity is still in progress,” the letter says. The letter, written by president Sarantis Thanopulos and published on the society’s website, outlined “contraindications” to the puberty-blocking drugs that should be “seriously considered.” “Only a minority of children who state that they do not identify with their gender confirm this position in adolescence, after puberty,” the letter continued. A body of research indicates that roughly 60–90% of children who identify as transgender, but do not socially or medically transition, will no longer identify as transgender in adulthood.

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Virginia bill would ban transgender athletes from women’s sports

The Virginia House of Delegates advanced a bill on Monday that would ban transgender women and girls from competing in women’s sports at any level in Virginia schools. “The purpose of House Bill 1837 is to protect our girls and young women from being forced to compete against biological males,” Delegate Karen Greenhalgh (R-Virginia Beach) said. “Similarly gifted and trained males will always have the physical advantage over females, which is the reason we have women’s sports.” A Virginia House of Delegates subcommittee voted along party lines to move House Bill 1387 to the full education committee. The controversial bill, patroned by Greenhalgh, would ban transgender women and girls from competing on any “interscholastic, intercollegiate, intramural, or club athletic team” at any school or college in the state.”Even the strongest, fastest girls in Virginia must step up to the starting line and know, ‘I can’t win,'” said Greenhalgh. “Their goals are gone, their chance at winning and recognition and scholarship, it’s just not fair for women to lose these opportunities. “The legislation would require transgender athletes in the commonwealth to compete in sports aligned with their biological sex. If passed, the law would apply to all athletes from kindergarten through 12th grade, at public colleges and universities, as well as intercollegiate, interscholastic and club sports. Under current Virginia High School League (VHSL) regulations, transgender athletes wishing to have their identity recognized for competition must provide documentation of their transition, including lists of medication taken. The decision is then left to a VHSL district committee to be made on a case-by-case basis. Since these rules were enacted in 2014, 28 transgender students have applied and 25 have been granted the right to play on teams aligning with their gender identities.

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Activists are outraged at Arizona bills that would limit and regulate drag shows

State lawmakers in Arizona have introduced three bills that would limit and regulate drag shows, and transgender activists are outraged. “This is absolutely insane,” responded transgender activist Alejandra Caraballo on Twitter. “This bill is about criminalizing all gender nonconformity and enforcing it through draconian criminal penalties. It would also criminalize trans people existing in public.”Caraballo was referring to the SB 1698 law proposed by Arizona state Senator Senator Justine Wadsack, a Republican. The law would ban performers who “dress in clothing and use makeup and other physical markers opposite of the performer’s or group of performer’s genders at birth to exaggerate gender signifiers and roles” from performing in front of children. Another bill, SB 1030, would limit the hours that drag shows could be performed and make a violation a misdemeanor. “There are very popular drag show brunches all over the valley,” said drag performer Richard Stevens to KPHO-TV. “Some of them get anywhere from a hundred to three hundred people who want to just come out, they want to laugh.”

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‘STOP ERASING WOMEN’: Cosmetics Brand Uses Bearded Man To Sell Lip Cream And Gets Slammed

A cosmetics brand went woke with its latest ad featuring a bearded man wearing hot pink lip cream — and got slammed by followers for “erasing women” and more. In a post on Sunday across its various social media accounts, the NYX Professional Makeup company drew criticism over an ad featuring makeup artist who goes by the name of itsmechrxs to advertise its Smooth Whip lip cream. The company captioned its post on Instagram, “[itsmechrxs] making us whip out our Smooth Whip in Pom Pom REAL quick. #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup #crueltyfree.” “Stop erasing woman,” one person blasted. “Apparently you don’t need us as your customer base any longer. I’ll leave [your] product like you left me Tired of being marginalized!!!!!!” “Not attractive at all,” another person shared. “Doesn’t make me want to run out and buy your products EVER.” Another wrote, “… DOESNT matter what year it is dude. Men are men and women are women stop trying to erase us.” “You need to wake up. Stand up for your right as a woman,” one person shared. “This is another example of men wanting to still be in control.”

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Mom Explains What It Took to Rescue Daughter From Transgenderism

When her daughter said she was “transgender,” Friday began taking decisive steps to rescue her from transgenderism. She took her daughter’s phone, put her in a new school, and tried her best to surround the preteen with the truth about who she was as a female. It was not easy, but Friday says, as a parent, “you have to be strong enough, your love for your child has to be strong enough, to take their vitriol.”

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Madison parents sue school district for plan to hide their children’s gender confusion from them

A “preemptive lawsuit is the only way to prevent lifelong harm to minors and preserve parents’ constitutional rights, because parents cannot be expected to know either the future or what the District is hiding from them. No professional organization recommends that untrained school officials secretly facilitate gender transitions without involving parents and experts.”

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