Category: Sexual Orientation

New Brit Government to Permanently Ban Puberty Blockers

The Tories had previously imposed a ban on administering puberty-blocking drugs like Lupron to children as part of gender-transitioning treatment, but that initial ban is set to expire in September. Rather than reversing it, the Labour Party is currently holding hearings with a goal of extending the ban or even making it permanent.

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NEWS 7 States Sue Biden Admin Over New Rule Forcing Doctors to Perform Gender Procedures

Seven states have come together to fight a new rule that could force doctors into performing gender-transition procedures. The Biden administration has made it clear it wants so-called “gender-affirming care” available to all—including young children. As such, it appears it’s willing to try and make it so that medical professionals are unable to turn away patients seeking gender procedures.

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New York Times Column challenges effectiveness of gender-affirming care for children, reflecting shift in transgender ideology discourse

Cracks are developing in the mainstream media’s full-throated endorsement of transgender ideology, with the New York Times recently publishing a column challenging the effectiveness of gender-affirming care for children. The column, by Pamela Paul, highlights the findings of the UK’s Cass Review, an independent assessment of gender treatment for children that revealed little evidence supporting the efficacy of such care in resolving or alleviating gender dysphoria. Despite its controversial stance, the column has gained traction, signaling a potential shift in the discussion around transgender ideology.

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Litigation Challenging School Gender Support Policies Hampered by Incorrect Analysis

More than 1,000 public school districts across the country in 38 states and the District of Columbia enforce written policies that authorize or require withholding the gender identity information of minor students from their parents. These districts represent 18,658 schools attended by nearly 11 million students, making schools with these “gender support plans” the norm and not the exception.

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