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Twitter Appears To Censor Joe Rogan Episode With Gender Expert Debra Soh

Twitter appears to have censored a newly released episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast after Rogan interviewed Dr. Debra Soh, a scientist and writer famous for opposing childhood transgenderism.

Soh first brought the censorship issue to attention Wednesday night, when she posted images on Twitter showing the interview had been blocked from immediate access and was labeled as containing “including potentially sensitive content.”

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‘Polarised’ Debate on Gender Recognition is Harming UK, Says Equalities Chief

The departing chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission has said the polarising debate around transgender rights will be damaging to the country if it continues.

In his final interview, David Isaac, who left his position on Saturday after more than four years in post, urged supporters and opponents of gender self-identification to recognise that they had much in common.

A bitter argument has developed between some women’s groups and trans rights supporters over proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act that would allow trans people to change their birth certificate and have their identity legally recognised without the need for a medical diagnosis.

Supporters of the reforms say the current process is anachronistic, expensive and intrusive. But some women’s groups have voiced concerns about what self-identification could mean for areas such as single-sex spaces.

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The Effects of Obergefell, Five Years Later

Ancient Mesopotamians were among the first peoples in recorded history to join in what modern man would recognize as marriage. At least 2,300 years before the birth of Christ, Mesopotamians were entering into unions broadly consonant with the committed, dyadic, heterosexual framework that has defined the institution for nearly four and a half millennia.
To be sure, there were differences between Mesopotamian marriages and modern ones. Coercion was often involved, as women were frequently given into marriage by their father; polygamy, while exceptional, was tolerated in Sumerian society. The historian Karen Rhea Nemet-Nejat nevertheless insists that most Sumerian spouses “fell deeply in love” with each other and that love served a profound social function within the context of marriage. The late Near Eastern scholar Jean Bottéro described how, in Sumerian culture, marriage “channeled” the “amorous impulses” of the Mesopotamian people toward the “aim of ensuring the security of what was held to be the very nucleus of the social body — the family — and thus to provide for its continuity.”

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More evidence of correlation between transgender and autism in UK study

Strikingly, across all five datasets, the team found that transgender and gender-diverse adult individuals were between three and six times more likely to indicate that they were diagnosed as autistic compared to cisgender individuals. While the study used data from adults who indicated that they had received an autism diagnosis, it is also likely that many individuals on the autistic spectrum may be undiagnosed. As around 1.1% of the UK population is estimated to be on the autistic spectrum, this result suggests that between 3.5% and 6.5% of transgender and gender-diverse adults are on the autistic spectrum.

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Problematic Women: Transgender Movement Threatens Future of Women’s Sports

In the 1960s, Sandra Bucha filed a lawsuit against the Illinois High School Association, seeking to be allowed to compete on the boys swim team because no girls teams existed in the state at the time.

The young athlete lost her suit, but went on to success as a marathon swimmer and eventual induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Bucha’s fight in the courtroom helped pave the way for passage of Title IX in federal law and equal opportunities for female athletes. Today, she is one of more than 300 female athletes who signed a letter to the National Collegiate Athletic Association asking it to defend the rights of women to compete on a level playing field.

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The Core Message of a Major Transgender Study Was Wrong

One of the most-highly praised of these studies was an article published in October in the American Journal of Psychiatry (paywall). It found that transgender individuals who underwent gender-affirming surgery were significantly less likely to seek mental health treatment for depression and anxiety disorders or attempt suicide afterwards.

“This first total population study of #transgender individuals diagnosed with gender dysphoria lends support to the decision to provide gender-affirming surgeries to those who seek them,” the journal tweeted.

But, ooops, it didn’t.

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Gender Clinics on Watch for Rise In Regret Over Transgender Treatment

Youth gender clinics in Melbourne and London have acknowledged the possibility of online social contagion being a driver of the exponential increase in teenagers identifying as transgender and seeking hormonal treatment.
In a new paper from the Journal of the American Medical Association , researchers who championed “gender affirming” treatment report a link between 2614 positive trans items in mainstream media from 2009-2016 and new referrals to these two clinics one to two weeks later.

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Scottish Government May Face Legal Challenge Over Redefinition of “Woman”

A feminist group said Friday that it may launch a legal challenge over new rules to increase female representation on public boards in Scotland, arguing that they redefine the term “woman” to include men.

In a press statement July 31, the group For Women Scotland said it had sent a legal letter to ministers accusing the Scottish government of exceeding its authority by changing the definition of “woman.”

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