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Another study exposes the transgender medical complex for the horror show it is

Last November, the Trudeau government announced their plan to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on transgender “care”. …But this scandal is going to break at some point; the truth about so-called “transgender medicine” will be revealed. And then we’re going to be faced by broken young people, scarred and stubbled and surgically mutilated, and we’re going to have to answer that question: Why did so many people simply not want to know?

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Undercover Video Shows PornHub Employees Want Porn To Steer Young People’s Sexual Identities

Employees of Pornhub’s parent company were caught on camera touting the benefits of underage kids watching pornography, and even suggesting that making videos of transgender-identifying people engaging in sex could help young people figure out their sexuality, according to a new video released exclusively on The Michael Knowles Show on Wednesday.

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School Assigned Girl to Sleep With Boy Who Identifies as Trans Without Parental Notification

An 11-year-old girl was assigned to share a bed with a male student who identifies as a transgender girl while on a cross-country school trip, according to a demand letter sent Monday. That girl’s parents are now calling upon the public school system to provide answers and clarification of its policies related to children who identify as transgender.

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Texas Town Sides With Drag Queens Over Churches in Christmas Parade Fight

For years the Taylor Area Ministerial Alliance was responsible for organizing the annual Christmas parade. But controversy arose when LGBTQ activists demanded to be allowed to participate.

In 2021 instead of giving attention to Jesus Christ on their float, the activists added drag queens and glorified themselves and sexualized the parade in front of hundreds of families with children, the Christian ministers alleged.

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Catholic women’s college will begin taking male students who ‘identify’ as female, citing Pope Francis

A historically female Catholic college in Indiana plans to begin admitting men who “identify” as women in fall 2024, claiming justification for the move in the words of Pope Francis. …Conboy cites the school’s Non-Discrimination Policy, which was formally approved by the Board of Trustees in June and confirms that “Saint Mary’s considers admission for undergraduate applicants whose sex is female or who consistently live and identify as women.”

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‘GAY IS SLAY’: Seattle Public School Teacher Sends Moms for Liberty Hate Mail

A Seattle public school teacher sent the parental rights group Moms for Liberty a packet with “hate letters” reading “Gay is Slay,” “Grow up” and “Stop bullying and excluding LGBTQ youth and families.” …Moms for Liberty posted photos of the letters on Saturday with the message, “Seattle Public Schools are spending class time indoctrinating and weaponizing your children. The building of the Red Guard in America.”

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Target Pushes ahead with Woke Holiday Merch Despite Financial Losses

Target’s second quarter earnings report proved the company still hasn’t rebounded from its Pride fallout this summer, showing a 5.4% decrease in sales — the first drop in roughly six years. The company’s third quarter report was no better, revealing an additional 4.9% drop. Thanks to Target’s partnership with a satanist designer and its highly controversial Pride line — which pushed transgender extremism on an audience largely of children — the backlash continues to hurt the stores’ bottom line.

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