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Professor is Fired Who Forced Students to Give Her a Fee She Donated to Planned Parenthood

At Michigan State University, it wasn’t enough that conservatives had to listen to their marketing professor’s abortion extremism — they were forced to finance it. In a story that one attorney calls one of the worst instances of classroom abuse he’s seen, a member of the marketing faculty, Amy Wisner, was charging students a $99 “membership fee” on top of their regular tuition to join an online group called The Rebellion Community.

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‘Be fruitful and multiply’ is not religious bumph. It’s how civilizations survive

Demography nerds assiduously follow the data popping up about fast-ageing societies, their loss of dynamism and prospects of population collapse. With each successive generation significantly smaller than the last, we know where we’re headed. While population collapse is an environmentalist’s dream, it is an unfolding nightmare for humanity at large. The world’s economic engine, the Global North, is already shrinking.

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Tuberville Is Right To Hold The Line Against The Pentagon’s Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

In recent weeks, Austin and past defense secretaries have fired off missives warning of readiness problems. How much Tuberville’s hold affects readiness is hotly debated. Here is what cannot be debated: The greatest threat to military readiness is the actions of a commander-in-chief who imposes unlawful policies and undermines the sanctity of civil-military relations that are the bedrock of well-functioning armed forces. He should be ashamed to put a political agenda ahead of the purpose and mission of the armed forces and the support and well-being of those that serve.

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Congress Queries Biden’s Problematic Global Women’s Office

“[T]he Biden Administration appears to have abandoned the interagency priorities announced in 2021 for implementation of the U.S. Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Act (P.L. 115-18) and is instead moving to focus the WPS agenda on “gender” rather than the needs of women and girls…” The Biden administration’s prioritization of gender-based violence programming, much of it originating from the Global Women’s office will strengthen the presence of abortion and LGBT organizations in traditional countries, as was done in the Obama administration. Lawmakers also asked for GWI’s involvement in the multiple global strategies released by the Biden administration that are guiding the promotion of abortion and LGBT rights in U.S. development and humanitarian assistance.

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Almost One Year After Dobbs, 15 States are Protecting Babies From Abortions

“Literally half of the country has acted to protect unborn children and also to serve their mothers, while the left again has battled [against] every single step, every single inch, and against every single limit, no matter the gestational age of the unborn child,” Dannenfelser said. “This is what it looks like when democracy starts to get to work on such a profound human rights battle and the one of our time.”

Abortions in these states have dropped significantly, according to recent data. WeCount, a pro-choice research group, released a report that found from July 2022 to December 2022, abortions fell by 32,260 in states with active abortion restrictions. On the other hand, pro-abortion states such as New York, Virginia and New Jersey saw a slight increase in abortions per month following the Supreme Court’s decision.

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Doctors pressured these moms to abort. They each refused.

The doctors came in with that serious expression on their face and said my now eight-year-old had an elevated risk of a trisomy disorder, the most famous of which is Down Syndrome, of course,” she said. “They sat me down, and they said ‘Maybe you should consider abortion.’ I said ‘Absolutely not. I’m here to be a witness to you that every single human life is precious, and that’s something that I’ve consistently maintained throughout my career, and I’m going to choose life come what may.’” Foster, who previously had an abortion at the age of 19, did not follow her doctor’s advice. Yet she said that pressure to have an abortion from doctors happens frequently, particularly when the child is believed to have a disability.

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