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It’s very likely that he’s dead’ is not good enough to withdraw treatment from a comatose child

There has been another court case in the United Kingdom in which doctors have wanted to withdraw life-sustaining treatment from a child over the objections of the parents. As with most cases of this kind, in the case of Archie Battersbee, the judge has sided with the doctors rather than with the parents and has ordered ventilation to be withdrawn.

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Russia sanctions Western parents seeking surrogate mothers

In the bewildering world of tit-for-tat economic sanctions, Russia is coming off much better than anyone expected after it invaded Ukraine. President Biden tweeted on March 27: “As a result of our unprecedented sanctions, the ruble was almost immediately reduced to rubble. The Russian economy is on track to be cut in half. It was ranked the 11th biggest economy in the world before this invasion — and soon, it will not even rank among the top 20.”

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Texas Teen Who Wanted Abortion Now Blessed With Twin Babies: “A Miracle From the Lord”

When Brooke Alexander looks at her twin daughters, she realizes that Kendall and Olivia might not be alive without the Texas heartbeat law. The 18-year-old from Corpus Christi, Texas, wanted an abortion, but the pro-life law stopped her from getting one, according to the Washington Post. Now, despite her struggles with finances, relationships and future plans, Alexander is thankful for her baby girls.
“It’s really scary thinking that I wouldn’t have them,” she told the newspaper, as baby Olivia grasped her finger.

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While Touting Abortion, Biden Admin Moves To Drop Natural Family Planning From Insurance Coverage

In recent years, more women and couples have come to depend on Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABM) for family planning—and for good reason. As more becomes known about the dangers of pharmaceutical contraceptive drugs and devices, FABMs provide the effective, empowering, side-effect-free alternative that couples have been searching for.
Unfortunately, the Biden administration is attempting to illegally rescind the Affordable Care Act’s mandated coverage for FABM instruction—so much for “choice,” right?

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Swiss doctors back restrictions on assisted suicide

The Swiss Medical Association has clarified its attitude toward assisted suicide – and it is very restrictive in the face of growing pressures for liberalisation. Assisted suicide has been legal for decades in Switzerland, but since the 1990s, Switzerland has become a haven for foreigners seeking to die.

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EU Parliament Attacks U.S. Supreme Court

The resolution not only condemns the U.S. Supreme Court, but it also urges the European Union to interfere in U.S. politics by funding U.S. abortion lobby groups like Planned Parenthood that are “promoting and providing sexual and reproductive health and rights in the country, as an expression of its unwavering commitment to these rights.”

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Has the White House awakened from its indifference to pro-abortion violence?

Live Action has listed at least 67 incidents of violence and intimidation across the United States over recent weeks, including vandalism, fire bombings, church service interruptions — and the attempted murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Most of these events never made the national news but they are well documented.
But up until late last week, the federal government remained uninterested in the attacks. It was a jarring scenario, given the ease with which the Biden administration has thrown around the “domestic terrorism” label in its short time in office.

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The perilous world of Facebook sperm donors

James MacDougall, a 37-year-old man with Fragile X syndrome who is on the autistic spectrum, advertised his services on Facebook. The women who contacted him were lesbians who were desperate to have children. Fragile X syndrome is a genetic condition which made him ineligible to donate sperm to conventional sperm banks.

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