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Joe Biden May Issue Public Health Emergency: We’re Not Killing Enough Babies in Abortions

Joe Biden may soon declare a public health emergency for abortion, apparently thinking there are not enough babies dying in abortions. Such an order could allow the Biden administration to expand the killing of unborn babies even more through taxpayer funding, “accelerated access” to abortion drugs, the deployment of Public Health Services Corps teams and more, Axios reports. This week, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra told Axios that his health department is evaluating the possibility. “There are discussions on a wide range of measures … that we can take to try to protect people’s rights,” Becerra said Monday. “There are certain criteria that you look for to be able to declare a public health emergency. That’s typically done by scientists and those that are professionals in those fields who will tell us whether we are in a state of emergency and based on that, I have the ability to make a declaration.” The pro-abortion movement has been urging the Biden administration to declare a public health emergency for abortion ever since news leaked last year that the U.S. Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade. As a result of the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling in June, 14 states now protect unborn babies from abortion and more are fighting in court to do the same. Pro-life leaders estimate tens of thousands of unborn babies’ lives already have been saved.

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Twin Who Survived Abortion Shares Incredible Story of How She Forgave Her Mom

Claire Culwell knows the devastating impact of abortion better than most people. She survived an abortion, but her unborn twin did not. Then, as a young adult, she learned how greatly her birth mother suffered from the whole ordeal, having only been 13 years old and coerced by her own mother into a second-trimester abortion. Speaking with The Epoch Times in a new interview, Culwell explained how she discovered the truth about her tragic past and forgave her birth mother. Adopted into a loving home, the 34-year-old Texan said she did not know the full history of her life until 2009. “I was born ten weeks prematurely weighing 3 pounds 2 ounces,” she told the newspaper. “I was raised by a wonderful Christian couple … they adopted both my sister, Rachel, and me from different birth mothers. They raised us in a loving, forgiving home where they lived out their faith and poured encouragement into our lives daily.” Culwell grew up struggling with physical health issues and spent the first two years of her life in body casts – problems likely caused by the abortion attempt on her life, according to the report. She always knew she had been adopted, but she did not know the circumstances of her birth until she was an adultIt began with a search for her birth mother: Tonya Glasby of Oklahoma. Through her parents’ adoption agency, Culwell said a case worker found her birth mother and connected the two of them. When Glasby agreed to meet, Culwell said, “I was thrilled!” After their first meeting in March 2009, she remembered: “I couldn’t believe how much we looked alike and acted alike, and I knew that I adored her. I couldn’t wait to be able to connect with her more, one-on-one, and be able to really thank her for my life, so we set a second meeting up in Oklahoma … in May 2009.” During that second meeting, Glasby broke down in tears and told her daughter about the abortion and her twin. Culwell said the story came out after she gave Glasby a card with the message, “Thank you for choosing life for me.” She “kept apologizing, saying, ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t choose life for you, your life is a miracle.’ None of it made sense. I was so confused. What did she mean, she didn’t choose life for me?” she told The Epoch Times. Glasby explained how she became pregnant at age 13 and her mother pressured her to have an abortion. At 20 weeks of pregnancy, an abortionist performed the procedure and aborted Claire’s twin, but he did not realize that there was a second baby.She felt “alone, unheard and scared,” Culwell said. “No one spoke to her or asked her what they could do to support her during her abortion, or during her delivery. Her mother made the choice for her to place me for adoption, and afterward, she had to go home and pretend like none of it ever happened. She cried because these decisions are her deepest and most painful regrets.” Culwell told the newspaper that she was shocked but she also felt compassion for her birth mother. “She was a victim in this situation, too,” she said. “It was also easy to forgive because of how I was raised on forgiveness and faith. I knew this wasn’t an accident, because the faith I was raised on meant God always had a plan, and His plan was good.” Now, Culwell shares her story across the country and recently wrote a book, “Survivor,” about her family. She said she wants women and girls like her birth mother to see that there is help for them and their babies. “No one has to walk alone, and women are all strong and capable of motherhood with the resources and support that is available to them,” she said in the interview.

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Post Roe: Here’s where each state stands on abortion

When the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade in 2022, many states automatically banned abortion in a series of trigger laws. However, some states are still in legal battles to determine whether or not abortion should be allowed to happen within state borders. Here’s where the states stand on abortion.
Full ban:
These states have banned nearly all abortions, according to a list from The New York Times.
Alabama: The only exception is if the procedure would save the pregnant person’s life or prevent serious health risks. The law has no exceptions for rape or incest, per the Alabama Policy Institute.
Arkansas: The only exception is in cases to save the life of the pregnant person, with no exceptions for incest and rape, according to ABC affiliate KHBS.
Idaho: Exceptions include life-saving care for the mother, and also cases of rape and incest, per Politico. Planned Parenthood is challenging this ban in court, claiming that it violates the state constitution.
Kentucky: Currently, abortion is illegal in Kentucky, with only exceptions for life-saving measures or if the mother could face a severe health risk. However, abortion providers in the state have filed a state court challenge, arguing that the state’s abortion bans violate the Kentucky Constitution, per USA Today.
Louisiana: Similarly to Kentucky, abortion is illegal in Louisiana, with exceptions to save the life of the mother and prevent severe health risks, according to Pew. However, abortion rights advocates are challenging the ban, stating that it violates the state constitution, per USA Today.
Mississippi: Abortion is currently illegal in Mississippi unless to save the life of the mother or to prevent serious health risks, per FindLaw. When Roe v. Wade was overturned last year, a 2007 trigger ban was activated, banning access to abortion within the state. However, according to a 1998 ruling, the right to an abortion is protected by the Mississippi State Constitution. The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists — an out-of-state organization — is filing to overturn that 1998 ruling. The AAPLOG stated that there is a contradiction between the two laws and that doctors should have clarity in order to avoid prosecution, according to The Associated Press. However, the Mississippi Center for Justice and the Democracy Forward Foundation is intervening in the case, on behalf of six Mississippi women. The two organizations claim that AAPLOG has “no practical stake in this particular case,” and that it should be dismissed, per The Associated Press.
Missouri: Abortion is illegal in Missouri, except for situations where the procedure would save the mother’s life or prevent serious health risks. Pro-abortion religious leaders in the state have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to overturn the ban, PBS reported.
Oklahoma: Oklahoma bans abortion at all stages of fertilization, with exceptions for rape and incest but only if reported to law enforcement, per The New York Times. This ban is also being challenged in court by Tulsa and Oklahoma City abortion providers, citing that the laws are unconstitutional, according to Tulsa World.
South Dakota: Due to a trigger law created in 2005, abortion is illegal in South Dakota after the overturn of Roe v. Wade. The law includes exceptions for rape and incest, according to the Argus Leader, and in cases to save the life of the mother, per FindLaw.
Tennessee: Abortion is illegal at all stages of pregnancy in Tennessee, unless the procedure is necessary to save the life of the mother, according to FindLaw.
Texas: Abortions can only be performed in Texas in cases in which it would save the mother or prevent health risks. People who perform abortions at any stage of fertilization could face life in prison and fines of up to $100,000, the Texas Tribune stated.
West Virginia: Abortions can be performed in West Virginia for up to eight weeks of pregnancy, only in cases of sexual assault. In other cases, the procedure is only legal in medical emergencies, if the fetus is “not compatible with life,” or in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, FindLaw stated.
Wisconsin: Abortion is illegal in Wisconsin, except in cases to save the life of the mother, according to WBAY.

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Pro-life church ‘heartbroken’ after young child found alive in dumpster

Members of a small pro-life church in Ardmore, Oklahoma, were left “heartbroken” Saturday after local police discovered a baby in their dumpster. While Ardmore police did not identify the church where they found the child in the dumpster, Associate Pastor Ed Skidmore of House of Prayer on Harris Street told The Christian Post in an interview Tuesday that the baby was found at their church. “Of course we were absolutely heartbroken,” Skidmore said. “We’re pro-life from the moment of conception. We support babies in the womb. We support our local pregnancy center. We support mothers. Our hearts have gone out to the dad, the mom, the baby. We are absolutely heartbroken.” The parents and baby have no known affiliation with the church where the child was left.Ardmore police told WLBT 3 that the young child was found around 3 p.m. and was in stable condition as of Saturday night but did not reveal much else about the discovery. Investigators did not immediately respond to requests from CP for more information. Skidmore told CP that investigators on the scene told him that it was the mother who alerted them that the baby was left in the dumpster and that no one was at the church at the time the baby was left there. “I did talk to the police officers that were here and they did say that it was the mother that gave them the information to where the baby was and she was at another location. That’s all they would tell me,” Skidmore said. He explained that while the baby was not a newborn, the child was several weeks old based on what he was told.

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Joe Biden Lies, Falsely Claims Catholic Bishops Don’t Oppose Tax-Funded Abortions

Joe Biden lied to a Catholic reporter on Monday and falsely claimed the nation’s Catholic bishops do not opposed forcing Americans to fund abortions even though the Catholic Church has a longstanding pro-life position against tax-funded abortions. Biden is apparently such a faithful Catholic he doesn’t even know the position of his own church on an issue that has been a political debate since the 1970s. During questioning about the federal budget, Biden responded to a question from EWTN White House correspondent Owen Jensen. Earlier today, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge of Arlington, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Pro-Life Activities sent a letter to House and Senate sponsors of the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act” (H.R.7 and S.62), in support of the legislation. “Protecting taxpayers from being forced to pay for abortion in violation of their conscience is a principle that has enjoyed historically broad support among Americans, regardless of their otherwise passionately divided views on the topic. It has also been life-saving,” said Bishop Burbidge in his letter. Rather than funding abortion, he continued, “Congress can better serve the common good by prioritizing policies that comprehensively assist women, children, and families in need in ways that will not only encourage childbirth but make it easier to welcome and raise a new child.” The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, which has also been supported by the USCCB in previous sessions of Congress, would make long-standing prohibitions on federal funding of elective abortion permanent and government-wide, rather than having to depend on various appropriations, which can put these funding protections or other programs for those in need at risk.

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Will Men Step into the Breach to End Our Callous Culture of Abortion?

We’re never going to see an end to the mass shootings, the gang violence, or the brutality on the streets or in the home if we do not insist on an end to pitting mother against child. I implored the young women to take the lead, because without a motherly approach to life, we have no hope of protecting, nourishing, and flourishing. And we need men beside them prepared to be men — to love them and to step up to the plate of fatherhood.

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Pro-life service continues mission in Mexico after local gov’t officials confiscate ultrasound vans

The ultrasound vans, referred to as Mobile CAMs, were established in Mexico City in 1989 by Serrano’s team, who has “operated mobile pregnancy centers outside Mexico City abortion facilities” for more than 30 years. “By reaching more than 322,000 expectant mothers and showing them the ultrasound images of their child in utero in the critical minutes before they are sold an abortion, these pregnancy counselors have saved more than 210,000 babies from death.”

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Pope Francis Condemns “Throwaway Culture” That Kills Babies in Abortions

The pope criticized the “throwaway culture” that destroys unborn babies in abortions and devalues the poor and elderly, according to the Catholic News Agency. “The throwaway culture says, ‘I use you as much as I need you. When I am not interested in you anymore, or you are in my way, I throw you out,’” Pope Francis said. “It is especially the weakest who are treated this way: unborn children, the elderly, the needy and the disadvantaged.”

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