Divorce applications highest for decade as no-fault law change brought in.

Divorce applications have reached their highest level for a decade after no-fault legislation was introduced in England and Wales, figures show.

In April divorce laws were overhauled for the first time in 50 years, giving married couples the option of starting divorce proceedings without needing to apportion the blame for the breakdown of their marriage. Read more

The Civil Disobedience of Raising a Family.

In case you haven’t noticed, times have changed, and somehow, those who hold to traditional societal norms have become the new face of counter culturalism. As this is unfamiliar territory to those on the traditional end of the spectrum, a few lessons are needed in how to live up to this new moniker. One of those lessons is how to engage in civil disobedience. Read more

California becomes first sanctuary state for child exploitation.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law last week a bill that makes the state a “sanctuary” for gender-confused children who want to transition medically without the knowledge or consent of their parents. It is a monstrous law that undermines parental rights and puts at risk the mental and physical well-being of vulnerable children who are too young to see past the immediate consequences of their decisions. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Denmark to investigate shameful campaign of population control in Greenland in the 60s and 70s.

Between 1966 and 1975 Danish doctors implanted intrauterine devices (IUSs) in half of the indigenous women in Greenland to promote health and to stop the growth of the native population. Allegedly, few of the women – some of them as young as 13 – gave their consent.

Last week, the Danish Health Minister, Magnus Heunicke, announced that there will be a two-year investigation into the scandal. He said that he had met some of the women affected. “The pain, physically and emotionally, that they have experienced is still there today,” he said. Read more

Medical Associations Ask Biden’s DOJ to Investigate Individuals Against Transgender Surgeries for Children.

Three of the nation’s leading medical associations asked President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate and prosecute journalists and parents who are concerned with hospitals and physicians who provide transgender surgeries to minors. Read more

Who Decides What Children Read?

No one involved in the debate over which books should be required in school curriculums or available in school libraries is advocating banning books, since no one is suggesting that the producers, distributors, or owners of books be arrested or punished.

Rather, the earnest and essential debate is about which books are appropriate for children of different ages; which works have enduring cultural or educational value; and the process by which those decisions should be made in tens of thousands of diverse U.S. schools and districts, which operate under state and local control. Read more

Sanctity of Life

4 cities using tax dollars to fund abortions after Roe’s reversal.

Following the Dobbs decision, several states have passed laws limiting abortion. Meanwhile, some major cities have used tax dollars to promote or expand access to abortion and even assist women in states with abortion restrictions in paying for their abortions. Read more

Spanish Supreme Court finds abortion business guilty of misleading women on safety of abortion.

The Spanish Supreme Court has confirmed a ruling from a lower court that found a leading abortion provider in Spain guilty of misleading advertising in its claims that abortion is a practice that does not carry risk.

The Provincial Court in Oviedo had initially ruled that ACAI, a large abortion provider, was guilty of misleading advertising for claiming that abortion is a practice that does not carry any risk. Read more

Pro-abortion medical professionals urge FDA to approve abortion pill for miscarriage management.

On Tuesday, pro-abortion medical professionals and advocates petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to push the pharmaceutical company that manufacturers mifepristone, an abortion pill, to seek approval for miscarriage management.

Danco Laboratories, one of two manufacturers that produce mifepristone, currently only has approval by the FDA for the pill to be used for terminating early pregnancies. Read more


What the Constitutions of the Soviet Union and North Korea Can Teach Us about Rights—and the Purpose of a Constitution.

Many believe, including America’s Founding Fathers, that our rights pre-exist government — that they are either granted by God or simply a fact of nature, depending on your perspective. The government’s role is to protect these rights, which are traditionally termed “negative” rights and protect individuals from being subjected to an action by another person or group (such as a government). This approach’s most prominent example is the US Constitution.

Others believe that rights are granted by governments and that, as circumstances change over time, governments should grant more rights to people. This group believes that the government’s role is to go beyond protecting individual rights and actually guarantee things to its citizens — those “things” traditionally being termed “positive” rights. This is the “utopian” vision. Read more

Which U.S. states rank first (and last) in religious freedom protections?

A nonprofit legal organization specializing in religious liberty cases has conducted a study comparing U.S. states on the basis of how free its residents are to practice their faith.

Spoiler alert: Mississippi offers the most protections for religious freedom, while New York comes in last on the First Liberty Institute’s “Religious Liberty in the States 2022 (RLS)” index. Read more

Students Around the World Gathered Today for the 32nd Annual ‘See You At The Pole’ Prayer Event.

The event takes place every year on the fourth Wednesday in September. And the purpose is simple — pray.

Students met together to lift up their friends, teachers, families, school, and nation in prayer. What makes it so special is that it is a student-organized and student-led event.

It began in 1990 as a grassroots movement of ten teenage students in Texas praying together at their school. The movement grew, and now 32 years later, it’s estimated that one million students around the world participate in See You At The Pole. Read more


Voters Against Obscene Books in Public Schools.

Voters overwhelmingly oppose sexually explicit books in public school libraries, and believe schools have an obligation to inform parents what their children are being taught.

“There is no such thing as ‘age-appropriate’ for obscenity and pornography in public school libraries,” said Karen England, president of the California-based Capitol Resource Institute (CRI). “If the public knew how many books containing explicit sexual depictions of sex acts where in their public school libraries they would be pulling their children out of school immediately.” Read more

‘Ethics and science are dead’: Doctors, researchers blast new study pushing breast amputation for teen girls.

Medical professionals and social scientists criticized a new study that claimed to find benefits to double mastectomies on young females who suffer from gender confusion.

The study, titled “Top Surgery and Chest Dysphoria Among Transmasculine and Nonbinary Adolescents and Young Adults,” and published in the American Medical Association’s journal JAMA Pediatrics claimed “gender-affirming top surgery is associated with improved chest dysphoria, gender congruence, and body image in this age group.” Read more

Homosexual men are now demanding a ‘right’ to a woman’s eggs and womb.

A recent report from The Guardian perfectly is titled, “‘We are expected to be OK with not having children’: how gay parenthood through surrogacy became a battleground.” The column begins by posing a question: “In New York, a gay couple fighting to make their insurers pay for fertility treatment have found themselves in the middle of a culture war. What happens when the right to parenthood involves someone else’s body?”

To ask the question, of course, is to answer it—there is no “right to parenthood,” and homosexual couples do not have the “right” to someone else’s body. Read more