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Our Politics Needs a Pro-Family Policy Agenda

Families deserve protection from the growing economic and cultural forces that undermine their essential work.
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Strong families are the foundation of a healthy society. Especially at a time when cultural, political, and economic trends have pushed marriage and fertility rates to record lows, it is crucial for policy-makers to have a clear vision of how public policy might better support family life. One of the primary aims of our politics should be empowering mothers and fathers to better live out their obligations to each other, to their children, and to their communities.

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Seven Rules for Getting Along With Those You Live With

Some friends of mine recently sent their oldest son to college.

In the bustle of moving into the dorm, meeting new friends, and conversing with old ones, the father took a moment to impart some wisdom to his son. He exhorted him to remember that he was now swimming in multiple spheres of influence and needed to watch how he conducted himself and interacted with roommates, friends, and professors.

In other words, “Do your best to get along with people, Son.”

His advice is basic and something that every one of us should know; yet, it’s also something that we’re all excellent at forgetting. We live and work and play with all kinds of individuals throughout our life on earth, yet it’s often those closest to us whom we have the hardest time getting along with.

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How can you fix an unhappy marriage? Learn how you can develop effective, yet simple habits for marital happiness.
In my counseling practice, I’ve heard these comments or similar ones thousands of times in an initial session:

“After hurting each other, neither of us apologizes, much less forgives.”

“We’ve lost our emotional connection.”

“We no longer express our love for each other.”

“When we have disagreements, things escalate quickly into yelling arguments.”

These comments represent just a few of the top unhappy marriage signs. In general, daily loving words and behaviors are absent in a joyless marriage.

So how can you fix an unhappy marriage? You develop effective, yet simple habits for marital happiness.

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Senator Introduces Bill Promoting ‘Parental Rights’ in Education

Sen. Scott introduced the Parental Rights Over the Education and Care of Their Kids Act (Protect Act) on September 20, 2022.

According to a press release, the bill would protect parents’ rights by ensuring schools cannot conceal information about their student’s “gender identity.” The act would prevent federal funds from going to any elementary or middle school that permits students to “change their pronouns, gender markers, or sex-based accommodations (including locker rooms and bathrooms) without the consent of their parents.”

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Conservative policies have driven child poverty declines

Last week, the U.S. Census Bureau released new data revealing no change in the official child poverty rate from 2020 to 2021. However, when using the supplemental poverty measure, which accounts for most government benefits, child poverty decreased by almost half. This has caused many media outlets and researchers to champion pandemic-related expansions to safety net programs, most of which were not conditioned on employment. What this narrative ignores, however, is that long-term declines in child poverty were mostly driven by increased employment among low-income families largely due to conservative-led policy changes in the 1990s — underscoring the importance of a safety net that supports work, rather than discourages it.

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More Anxiety, Fewer Children: Mental Health and Fertility in America

Families in America are among the richest in the world, with more resources to finance consumption of goods, services, and life experiences than almost anywhere else. Yet American women still have about 0.5 to 0.8 fewer children, on average, than they say they would like to have. Why is this?

One reason that does not get enough attention is that millions of Americans wake up every day feeling mentally and emotionally paralyzed, unable to take actions they believe would improve their lives, because they struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses.

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Making Space for Men to Become Fathers

When it comes to forming families, too many young Americans, and American young men especially, “don’t know how to do it.”
This is troubling to conservatives, and it should be. The family—as Aristotle told us, but also as almost all of human history has shown us—is the basic political unit of a stable society.

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In a Confusing Economic Climate, Hispanics Are Feeling the Pain of Raising a Family

Federal policy should protect the high stocks of social capital enjoyed by Hispanics if they are to escape or avoid poverty. Yet in today’s strange economic climate, Hispanics are feeling the cost-of-living crunch more than other groups. They also find themselves with steep rates of decline in key social capital measures. As Hispanics look for alternatives to Left-leaning policies, this week, we propose several center-Right policies that should secure strong assets like family, extended family networks, and participation in faith communities—while also considering how the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and paid family leave would make raising a family easier and help achieve upward economic mobility.

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The Era of Celebrating Infidelity!

With the lifting of COVID 19 restrictions, 2021 created a new online sensation amongst the youth: Loyalty Tests. ‘Young content creators’ became an household name in the YouTube entertainment scene ranking in 100’s and 100’s of thousands of views and a minimum of 20k-500k new subscribers during the peak of the wave.
For those who might be living under a rock, just like litmus paper test acids and bases, loyalty test definitely test fidelity or cheating. The YouTubers used this “gimmick” to snoop over spouses/couples’ phones to find out whether or not they were faithful to each other.

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Follow the science: Devout married people experience the most sexual satisfaction

But if we are going to follow the science and pursue happiness with regards to sex, progressives are in for a nasty shock. Some of you may remember the study that was released in 2019 indicating that the happiest of all American wives consider themselves religious conservatives. Another recent study found that those who waited for marriage to have sex and slept with only one person had the highest levels of sexual satisfaction and the best quality marriages.

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