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Cleveland, We Have a Problem

The city of Cleveland Ohio is putting the lives of its children at risk. And they are receiving federal taxpayer funds to do so.

No, it’s not COVID. For that low risk disease, children are sheltered, masked, kept away from many schools, and scared to death by the hovering, helicopter government bureaucracy.

But what about advice to teens that leads to lifelong complications from underage sexual promiscuity, along with the high likelihood of emotional disaster? And may cause the death of a child through abortion?

Who will be held accountable for this?

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Mother: ‘Porn is sexualising our children’

Pornography is leading to the sexualisation of children, a parenting expert has said.

Writing in the Daily Mail, author and concerned mother Tania Carey said that the growing amount of pornography involving young people means children are being stared at, followed and sexually harassed in the street.

She has written two books about the impact of pornography on young girls, and said she is frustrated that society’s attitude to objectifying women has not moved on since the 1980s.

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California Senators Revive Bill On Sterilizing Children

State Senate leaders, under pressure from transgender activists, scheduled a new vote to fund sterilizing transgender procedures despite previously announcing Saturday’s Senate Health Committee was the last hearing of the year.

According to the Senate Health Committee staff, the change came from Committee Chair Senator Richard Pan and Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins, a member of the LGBT Legislative Caucus. The Monday, August 10 hearing comes as a surprise after Pan’s spokesperson previously said the committee cut AB 2218 from consideration after being told to “evaluate and prioritize bills based on relevance to the current crisis our state and nation faces.” AB 2218 did not fit that criterion.

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‘Polarised’ Debate on Gender Recognition is Harming UK, Says Equalities Chief

The departing chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission has said the polarising debate around transgender rights will be damaging to the country if it continues.

In his final interview, David Isaac, who left his position on Saturday after more than four years in post, urged supporters and opponents of gender self-identification to recognise that they had much in common.

A bitter argument has developed between some women’s groups and trans rights supporters over proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act that would allow trans people to change their birth certificate and have their identity legally recognised without the need for a medical diagnosis.

Supporters of the reforms say the current process is anachronistic, expensive and intrusive. But some women’s groups have voiced concerns about what self-identification could mean for areas such as single-sex spaces.

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New Social Capital Project Report Examines Family Instability in the United States

The Social Capital Project, an effort of Congress’s Joint Economic Committee, has a new report entitled “The Demise of the Happy Two-Parent Home.” It provides a good overview of numerous factors that have undermined the family over the past half-century, and it pushes back—interestingly, but not always convincingly—against some major parts of the usual narrative about these topics, including the impact of father absence on children.

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The Effects of Obergefell, Five Years Later

Ancient Mesopotamians were among the first peoples in recorded history to join in what modern man would recognize as marriage. At least 2,300 years before the birth of Christ, Mesopotamians were entering into unions broadly consonant with the committed, dyadic, heterosexual framework that has defined the institution for nearly four and a half millennia.
To be sure, there were differences between Mesopotamian marriages and modern ones. Coercion was often involved, as women were frequently given into marriage by their father; polygamy, while exceptional, was tolerated in Sumerian society. The historian Karen Rhea Nemet-Nejat nevertheless insists that most Sumerian spouses “fell deeply in love” with each other and that love served a profound social function within the context of marriage. The late Near Eastern scholar Jean Bottéro described how, in Sumerian culture, marriage “channeled” the “amorous impulses” of the Mesopotamian people toward the “aim of ensuring the security of what was held to be the very nucleus of the social body — the family — and thus to provide for its continuity.”

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NYT Encourages Women to Blame their Husbands for COVID-19 Struggles

I appreciate that The New York Times is shining a light on how mothers are struggling during the pandemic. No one is denying that it is very hard – if not impossible – to work fulltime while looking after children in the home. But I am troubled by the slant the article takes. The blame is placed on men’s shoulders. If fathers were doing their fair share of the work, the narrative goes, mothers wouldn’t have it so hard.

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How Attacks on Faith, Family, and Conscience Threaten All Our Freedoms

During these tumultuous times, as practically every American institution comes under attack from the far left and its allies, two of our most essential values seem to be especially targeted in an effort to “transform America.”

Those values are faith and family, the two essential pillars that serve as true stabilizing factors in any society.

The attacks on faith and family seem to be relentless.

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