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Birth rates have reached extremely low levels in many countries around the world, including virtually all high-income countries. The causes of this decline and the solutions to it are of great interest to policymakers. People’s attitudes toward work—specifically the elevation of career advancement to a very high place in individual values—may influence fertility. The rise of “work-focused” value sets and life courses means that achieving work-family balance isn’t just about employment norms adjusting to the growing complexity of individual aspirations; it can also mean that many men and women find their preferred balance to be more work and less family

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‘Consent’ is not enough. We need to recover the lost meaning of sex

Let’s unpack this in a little more detail. For most of Western history, sex was not viewed as a recreational activity. Until the sexual revolution, sex was viewed as a profound union of persons, suitable only for mutually loving, mutually committed relationships. Sexual activity was governed by rich courtship norms which embodied and reinforced the belief that sex is supposed to be a special, significant, or sacred act.

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How faith, family — and timing — shape Mitt Romney’s efforts to change the child tax credit

A proposal by Mitt Romney to effectively turn the child tax credit into a deficit-neutral child allowance — a monthly payment to help parents with the cost of raising children — has some critics calling Utah’s junior Republican senator more progressive than conservative. The former GOP presidential candidate and self-described budget hawk said his heart for those who struggle is a natural expression of the way he was raised and of his religion. His elected positions have given him opportunities to help alleviate some of the needs he sees. While criticized during his 2012 presidential run as out of touch with America’s low-income populace, the millionaire businessman’s roles in the lay clergy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints afforded him a close-up and very personal view of the wide range of struggles families and individuals can face. Church-appointed positions as bishop and later stake president not only made him a safe place for people to display their fragility and challenges, but also mandated that he minister to and share the burden of their pain.

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Contours of the Sex Recession

Men without high school diplomas are about 20 percentage points more likely than all other men to have gone without sex for at least a year.

Two groups of female respondents—college-educated women in their 20s and, especially, women over age 35—are most likely to be stakeholders in the sex recession.

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Defending my argument that the unborn are persons within the meaning of the 14th Amendment’s equal protection and due process clauses, Josh Craddock has replied to Ed Whelan, the eminent and always illuminating commentator on Supreme Court decisions old and new. Whelan has responded to him, and I am joining in. The thrust of Whelan’s questions helps me improve the argument so as to clarify, historically, what was plain and what was not so plain about the Amendment’s public meaning.

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What Sex Is For

In 2019, my then-fiancée and I met with our priest during the premarital counselling process. One of his questions was whether we wanted children. We said we did. That was good, he replied. If we didn’t, he would refuse to marry us. Although he would make exceptions for marriages beset by genetic, medical, or mental health issues, he flatly declared that DINK (Dual Income No Kids) couples were going against God’s design for marriage.

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Work, Sex, and Babies

Earlier this week, Ross Douthat suggested that even if we are about to experience economic and technological breakthroughs, the most convincing evidence of an escape from cultural stagnation would be “sex and romance making a comeback at the movies.” According to Douthat, there has been a decline of the love story, a “cultural void where romance used to be.” There is “very little adult smoldering” and few marriage proposals on offer at the cinema today. “It doesn’t seem coincidental,” he continues, that this cultural void “opened at a time when the sexes are struggling to pair off—with fewer marriages, fewer relationships, less sex.” As if on cue, The Guardian chimed in with an ode to asexuality.

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If Your Partner Is Over This Age, They’re More Likely to Cheat, Study Says

Americans may be divided in many ways, but if there’s one value we share, it’s a clear condemnation of extramarital affairs. A recent Gallup Poll found that 92 percent of the nation agrees that marital infidelity is morally wrong, making it the most universally criticized issue among those tested in the poll. Of course, our collective disdain for adultery hasn’t put an end to cheating. Quite the contrary, in fact: 16 percent of married individuals report having had at least one affair since getting married, with people over the age of 55 causing more than their fair share of the misery. Read on to discover what else factors into the likelihood of your partner straying, and for more cheating red flags, If Your Partner Has These 4 Qualities, They’re More Likely to Cheat on You.

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