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Pro-life church ‘heartbroken’ after young child found alive in dumpster

Members of a small pro-life church in Ardmore, Oklahoma, were left “heartbroken” Saturday after local police discovered a baby in their dumpster. While Ardmore police did not identify the church where they found the child in the dumpster, Associate Pastor Ed Skidmore of House of Prayer on Harris Street told The Christian Post in an interview Tuesday that the baby was found at their church. “Of course we were absolutely heartbroken,” Skidmore said. “We’re pro-life from the moment of conception. We support babies in the womb. We support our local pregnancy center. We support mothers. Our hearts have gone out to the dad, the mom, the baby. We are absolutely heartbroken.” The parents and baby have no known affiliation with the church where the child was left.Ardmore police told WLBT 3 that the young child was found around 3 p.m. and was in stable condition as of Saturday night but did not reveal much else about the discovery. Investigators did not immediately respond to requests from CP for more information. Skidmore told CP that investigators on the scene told him that it was the mother who alerted them that the baby was left in the dumpster and that no one was at the church at the time the baby was left there. “I did talk to the police officers that were here and they did say that it was the mother that gave them the information to where the baby was and she was at another location. That’s all they would tell me,” Skidmore said. He explained that while the baby was not a newborn, the child was several weeks old based on what he was told.

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Parents Say It’s More Important for Their Kids to Make Money Than to Start Families

Only about a fifth of American parents say it’s important to them that their children get married and have a family. This is despite the fact that most parents find raising children to be rewarding and enjoyable, and almost a third of them say that being a parent is the most important part of their identity. What the vast majority of American parents—about 90%—do want for their children is financial independence and a job they enjoy doing… We have a culture that is defined by loneliness right now, and what’s going to contribute to that more than the decline of family?

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Can Fatherhood Cure the Modern Male Malaise? A Conversation with Richard Reeves

“Masculinity is more socially constructed than femininity. The script is more important. It has to be nurturing, not in the same way as mothers, but by being similarly other-centered. Creating a surplus, caring for others, sacrificing for others. The question then is, what are we going to build that script around? That sense of being needed, giving, other-centered? My answer to that is fatherhood.”

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Get married before having children, and other recipes for reducing poverty

Studies show demonstrably that the structure of the family is the most important factor in educational and economic success. Schooling has only a limited impact on later life success. In addition, groundbreaking research by professor James Heckman, a Nobel laureate in economics, shows that large income transfers and well-funded schools have little effect on economic mobility. Children from higher socioeconomic income levels continue to outperform children from lower socioeconomic levels. The family structure matters. Heckman also postulates that high taxes and generous income transfers discourage hard work. Why strive when the benefits of striving are taxed away?

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What should we make of the ‘tradwife’ craze?

The fascination with “tradwives” obscures a real and growing movement of more mainstream women who are choosing to off-ramp from their careers and instead focus on nurturing their families by cooking, cleaning, child-rearing and educating, and yes, caring for their husbands, too. They aren’t submissive to their husbands; they just want a different life than what the mainstream media promotes as “normal.”

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Fr. James Martin defends Pete Buttigieg’s same-sex ‘marriage’ as legal, legitimate

Notoriously dissident Jesuit priest Father James Martin claimed in online comments that a man in a same-sex union is “married.” Writing on Twitter about Democrat Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and former presidential candidate who is now the U.S. Secretary of Transportation and in a same-sex union, Martin said, “Pete Buttigieg is married.” Buttigieg, an Anglican who was baptized Catholic and attended Catholic schools, came out as “gay” in 2015 and entered into a same-sex “marriage” in the Anglican Church in 2018. His “married” status has come under fire in recent online comments, with the Jesuit priest rushing to his defense.

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