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10 Fast Facts About the Real Effects of Porn

Decades of studies from respected academic institutions have demonstrated significant impacts of porn consumption on individuals, relationships, and society. Each fact below summarizes relevant research on a specific topic surrounding porn’s harm to help you be more informed and more empowered with the facts.

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X announces pornographic content will officially be allowed on the platform

The internet has played host to a slew of pornographic accounts, communities, and websites over the years, but Elon Musk’s X has officially decided to allow the content on its platform, according to Tech Crunch. The social media platform has, until now, never said adult-oriented content is forbidden or allowed. The social media juggernaut added a clause to its rules, confirming that NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content will be allowed on the platform so long as it is consensual and legal. The content will also need to be labeled as NSFW content.

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Protection Against Sextortion Starts With Understanding the Threat

Any parent or primary caregiver has a list of things they do to protect their children. I am not talking about a written list, but an intuitive list that sits in their minds and guides how they raise their children. Generally, things move on and off that list based on the parent or caregiver’s past experiences, but occasionally parents face a new threat no previous generation of parents had to experience. Sexual extortion (sextortion) is one of these threats.

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3 Factors that Can Predict If Someone Will Struggle With Porn

The most effective way we can stop the demand for pornography is through understanding and transforming the unique reasons that drive us to it in the first place.

As a mental health counselor, I’ve seen firsthand how the use of pornography is a dimension of life where people often experience shame and significant futility. Although we are inclined to either despising or minimizing our sexual struggles, they can also reveal our way to personal healing. Let me show you how.

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3 Ways Facing Shame Can Take Away Its Power & Help You Quit Porn

Shame is the painful feeling that tells us that something about us is unwanted or unworthy of love or belonging. Shame is experienced most acutely when we are seen by the eyes of another. We’ve all had those moments where something we attempted to keep hidden about ourselves was exposed. Our face might become red, our bodies warm-up, we avoid eye contact, our stomach drops, and we become watchful.

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Convicted child sex offender back in court after being charged with possession of AI-generated child pornography

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut published a press release on Monday related to a man being charged with child exploitation offenses related to artificial intelligence-generated child pornography. Travis Tilley, 40, originally from Naugatuck, appeared in New Haven federal court on Monday after he was charged with the receipt of possession of child pornography. It appears that this is not the first time Tilley has had a run-in with authorities related to child exploitation crimes.

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