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What’s Going On with Pornhub? A Simplified Timeline of Events

In case you missed it, since December 2020, there’s been a lot going on with one of the world’s largest porn sites, Pornhub, owned by a company that owns and controls much of the mainstream porn industry, MindGeek.
Let’s review why Pornhub is in trouble for reportedly hosting nonconsensual images, and what led up to MindGeek being investigated by the Canadian House of Commons Ethics Committee and MindGeek’s CEO and COO resigning.
And if you’re into podcasts, we invite you to listen to the breakdown of all of the following info (up to April 14th, 2021) in this episode of Consider Before Consuming, a podcast by Fight the New Drug.

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What is Image-based Sexual Abuse and Nonconsensual Porn?

Image-based sexual abuse and nonconsensual pornography are forms of sexual abuse that largely refer to incidents in which intimate images are taken or shared—or threatened to be shared—without consent.
Nonconsensual pornography can also include incidents of individuals being coerced into producing explicit content.
Disturbingly, an estimated 1 in 12 U.S. adults report that they have been victims of image-based sexual abuse, and even more disturbingly, 1 in 20 report that they have been perpetrators of image-based sexual abuse.1

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Stopping Porn Means Ending Sexual Exploitation

Usually a timid person of few words, she rose up and in front of the entire car condemned the smut, and launched into a speech in broken Hungarian about the value of human dignity and respect for women. Hawkins watched her companion in awe. In the days that followed, she wrestled with the feelings of guilt for not standing up alongside her companion. “I thought if I ever have the opportunity to raise my voice again about the importance of human dignity, then I will,” Hawkins said

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20 Stats About the Porn Industry and its Underage Consumers

It’s no secret that porn has become mainstream entertainment in our society. From popular porn sites offering premium subscriptions to sites like BuzzFeed normalizing porn with viral videos, it feels like porn is taking over. Porn is plastered all over social media sites like Instagram, and it’s too easy to see on Twitter.

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Porn Consumers More Likely to Dehumanize Women, Study Finds

Sexual objectification is a common pornographic theme. Research shows that sexual objectification leads to the expression of aggressive attitudes and behaviors toward women. Based on a survey study of 320 male participants, this study re-conceptualizes sexual objectification in terms of two forms of dehumanization.

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Parents, How Much Porn is Your Child Watching?

The unfortunate fact is that porn isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Trying to make porn go away would be like trying to make cell phones go away—it’s not going to happen in our digital age. Even so, that doesn’t change that our culture generally regards porn as a harmless, personal pastime. And as we all adjust to the never-ending availability of porn in today’s society, the real question comes to light: just how much porn are kids watching?

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