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Gay Couple Allegedly Pimped Out, Made Child Porn With Adopted Children: Investigation

A shocking investigation has reportedly uncovered disturbing new details about a gay activist couple in Georgia who are charged with raping their adopted sons and pimping them out to a local “LGBTQ pedophile ring.” The married couple, William Dale Zulock Jr., 33, a government worker, and his husband Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35, a banker, were arrested last summer on charges of sodomizing their two elementary-aged sons and prostituting the children. They were indicted by a grand jury on charges of incest, aggravated sodomy, aggravated child molestation, felony sexual exploitation of children, and felony prostitution of a minor. If convicted, they face more than nine life sentences each. Both men have pled not guilty. According to the 17-count indictment, the two men allegedly performed oral sex on both their adoptive sons, forced the boys to perform oral sex on them, and raped their sons anally. At least once, the older boy was allegedly injured from the anal rape. They were arrested after police received a tip that a man at the Zulock residence was downloading child pornography. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office issued a search warrant and raided the home just before midnight on July 27. During the raid, Zachary was reportedly tackled to the ground, and William was pulled out of the house naked.

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Louisiana’s Bold Action to Protect Minors From Porn

Here’s a good news story to start off 2023: In Louisiana, it’s now harder for minors to access porn sites. Thanks to a law passed in 2022 that went into effect Jan. 1, porn sites now are required to ask visitors who live in Louisiana to prove their age via a system, called LA Wallet, that relies on using their driver’s license. The law puts in place various safeguards to ensure that porn sites can’t keep data from driver’s licenses.

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How Porn Can Affect the Brain Like a Drug

A deeper look into how the brain works reveals that addictions to harmful substances like tobacco have striking similarities to porn compulsion, including impaired decision-making. On the surface, tobacco and porn don’t seem to have much in common. Because of its well-known harmful effects, tobacco is kept behind the counter at the gas station and requires an adult I.D. to purchase.

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Louisiana’s Great New Porn Law

The law was authored by a Republican and signed by Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards. It should be a model for states all across the country — a commonsense measure that is long overdue. Of course there will be ways to get around it, but anything that makes the job of these evil people, the porn providers, more difficult is to be celebrated. This is the kind of thing that should be an easy sell to both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, all over the country. Let’s see more of it. For once, Louisiana leads the way in something good for America.

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Virgin Islands attorney general sues JPMorgan Chase for handling Jeffrey Epstein’s financial transactions after his conviction for child sex trafficking. She’s fired days later.

The attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands accused JPMorgan Chase & Co. last week of servicing the pedophilic child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and helping him to illegally exploit women and minors. Days later, Albert Bryan Jr., the Democrat governor of the Virgin Islands, had her fired.

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Andrew Tate is JS Mill’s monster

And I doubt a man who once said “I’m too smart to read” is familiar with the writing of John Stuart Mill. As well as being a central figure in modern liberal philosophy, Mill was also — inspired by his wife, Harriet Taylor Mill — perhaps the first male feminist, arguing that women should be free to participate in all areas of public life on the same terms as men. And yet, despite the apparent opposition of their views on women, Andrew Tate’s worldview is in direct descent from the one the Mills helped to inaugurate.

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