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Parents—If You Don’t Teach Your Kids About Sex, Porn Sites Will

Parents: there are a few facts that are worth remembering.

Humans—even your little humans—are naturally wired to be curious about sex.
Children—yes, even your children and young teens—will look at porn.
As you probably know, porn is not a healthy outlet to learn about sex.
And yet, more porn sites are setting up portals within their digital sex empires that offer answers to questions and resources for sexual health and wellness learning. This is not a healthy substitute for real, honest conversations from a trusted adult about sex and sexuality. Here’s why:

Your child will have questions about sex, just like you had questions about sex while growing up. That’s part of being human and growing up, and it is something that should not be ignored, avoided, or shamed.

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5 Things You Can Do If You’re Being Sextorted

Are you being sextorted and you need help?
Has someone threatened to share intimate or explicit images or videos of you without your consent?
Are you being blackmailed in exchange for your private images staying private?
What you’re dealing with is called “sextortion,” and it’s not okay.

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10 Differences Between Healthy Sex and the Sex in Porn

Have you ever watched a movie and found yourself thinking something along the lines of, “That is not what happens in real life.”

When people watch movies or TV shows, even though they know what they’re seeing is fake, there is still somewhat of an expectation that reality is at least partially reflected in the media. Human brains want realism and logic to be able to fit into the content they consume, despite the fact that things like movies are intended to entertain, not educate.
Hollywood rarely ever cares about informing viewers more than getting money from them.

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Porn’s Harms on Teen Brains

Articles like this one highlight why it’s important to be fully informed about porn’s harms. The lack of conversation about it doesn’t help teens make healthy decisions around porn.

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