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Youngsters Tout Woke at UN Conference.

One career “child rights activist” was only 11 years of age. Faatiha Ayaat, addressed a plenary session on the right of access to WASH menstruation resources—WASH is a catch-all term for water and hygiene facilities that include highly contentious policies, and was spoken about frequently at the forum.

Whether they know it or not, Fatihaa and other UN youth activists advocate for UN policies embedded with sexual ideology. Documents with WASH protocols and data from UNESCO, WHO, USAID, and other agencies, define menstruation to include novel gender categories. In one UNICEF document, “menstruators” are “those who menstruate and therefore have menstrual health and hygiene needs – including girls, women, transgender and non-binary persons.”

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We Are All Sarah Now.

Consider a recent article in the New Yorker about potential solutions to the fertility problem. Even taken with all the seriousness such a publication deserves, which is to say not very much, it’s a troubling account. The reporter interviews scientists and science-adjacent tech executives who are searching for ways to make babies without any of the typical hurdles—such as the act of sexual intercourse, a fertile mother and father, or even an egg and sperm.

These Frankenstein-esque experiments, called “in vitro gametogenesis,” or IVG, may mercifully fail, but they are only the spear tip. Behind them is a generation or more of angry, menopausal women—eggs stocked like beer cans in a refrigerator—demanding their God-given right to bear children. They were promised they could have it all, and now they are going to move earth and heaven to do so. Read more

The Myth of Sexual Experience.

For many young adults, single life in American culture has become synonymous with sexual experimentation in both committed romantic dating relationships and casual sexual hook-ups.1 However, new studies continue to show that most single adults in the United States still desire to have a successful, lifelong marriage one day. Because of these trends, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that over half of married adults in the U.S. today enter marriage with 5 or more previous sexual partners. Read more

Attempts Underway to Redefine “Forced Pregnancy” in International Law.

When governments negotiated the Rome Statutes of the International Criminal Court in the late 90’s, abortion-supporting nations pushed hard to define “forced pregnancy” as the legal inability to get an abortion. This coalition of largely Western nations were defeated by the persistent lobbying of pro-life groups.

The agreed definition now in international law became quite narrow: impregnating a woman and holding her captive until birth for the purposes of changing the ethnic composition of a country.

The effort to change this definition to include abortion is occurring across the UN system. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Parents: Be Aware of Anime, Cosplay, Social Media, and YouTube’s MrBeast.

Chris Tyson, 26, is a popular YouTube personality whom many young children and teenagers have come to know on MrBeast’s channel. It is very likely that your kids know who Tyson is because the channel has 146 million subscribers; in fact, MrBeast is the most-followed individual on YouTube.

Recently, Tyson has been receiving a lot more media attention because he revealed that he identifies as transgender. Before he made this decision he was married to a woman. He has now divorced his wife and left his toddler son fatherless. In addition, rather than distancing himself from Tyson because his channel is marketed to kids, Jimmy Donaldson (the creator of MrBeast) fully supports his friend and calls those who question him “transphobic.” MrBeast is normalizing gender-transitioning to his young audience. Read more

Did You Know Our Kids are Growing Up as a Target Market?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children ages seven and younger “have limited ability to understand the persuasive intent (ie, that someone else is trying to change their thoughts and behavior) of the advertiser.” In other words, most young kids think commercials are just other programs and believe their messages are true.

With advertising taking on ever more subtle forms, the AAP says that even older kids, including teenagers, “often are not able to resist it when it is embedded within trusted social networks, encouraged by celebrity influencers, or delivered next to personalized content.” Read more

Parents say child’s mental health ‘deteriorated considerably’ after ‘transitioning’: study.

Parents report that their children’s mental health deteriorated after taking steps to begin identifying as the opposite sex, according to a recent study that examined adolescents and young adults who started identifying as trans between the ages of 11 and 21.

The study, published last month in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, found that girls were more likely to socially transition than boys and that pre-existing mental health issues were common in youth who later struggled with gender dysphoria. Read more

Sanctity of Life

The “Father of the Abortion Pill” reveals it was always about death.

In a recent profile in the New York Times, reporter Pam Belluck lays out the dark history of the chemical abortion pill. Meant as a glowing profile of Étienne-Émile Baulieu, known as the “Father of the Abortion Pill,” the article demonstrates the deception used to commercialize lethal pills that have, to date, killed millions of preborn babies. Read more

Netherlands to broaden euthanasia rules to cover children of all ages.

Following Belgium, the Netherlands is set to legalise euthanasia for children. Until now, euthanasia was only available for people over 16, children between 12 and 16 who had the permission of their parents, and children under 12 months. Read more


How well does the reversal process work? Since Dr. George Delgado first started APRN, more than 4000 babies have been rescued from a death initiated through chemical abortion. Initial studies show that 64-68% of women who take progesterone within 72 hours of having taken the abortion pill are able to continue their pregnancies. Read more


Commitment to Family in Increasingly Post-Christian Europe.

Culture and religious heritage are powerful forces, but economic headwinds in countries where fewer grown children are responsible for more elderly relatives could prove more powerful still. As populations age and shrink, governments will face increasingly difficult choices about public spending. It is entirely possible that many more European adults will care for their aging parents in the years ahead as that becomes the best option for families.

The best way for Europeans to preserve their generous social safety net for the aging would be to multiply, maximizing the number of European young. Without that, the European future is unlikely to look like the European present. Read more

In a Pop-Up ‘Church,’ Women Worship Abortion.

Carrie Gress, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, wrote in The Stream that the Church of Potential Life reflected the feminist goal “for women to become like men, or better like gods, without the confines of bodies and human nature. For this to happen, women had to prevent or eliminate their children and live only with potential for human life, not actual human life.” Read more

Music professor says he was fired for rejecting homosexual lifestyle after becoming Catholic.

A music professor at Western Michigan University (WMU) was let go from his job after turning away from his homosexual lifestyle and becoming Catholic. He is suing the university for violations against freedom of speech and religion as well as equal protection. Read more


UN Report Calls for Legalizing Sex Between Adults and Children.

A disturbing new report from the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) adds to growing concerns about global leaders pushing to normalize pedophilia.

The report “The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty” on the UNAIDS website offers legal guidance on issues related to sex, including involving children under age 18.

Without any discussion about what the age of consent should be, the report suggests minors can consent to having sex with an adult. Read more

The fightback against gender identity has gone global.

Protecting women’s rights from policies rooted in gender ideology has become a bipartisan issue. This week, Conservative MP Miriam Cates and Labour MP Rosie Duffield issued a public commitment to work across political party lines, vowing to fight back against the onslaught of policies which prioritise trans inclusion to the detriment of women’s rights. Read more

Traditional Countries Stop Biden Administration Sexual Agenda for Children.

Western countries were able to unduly influence negotiations so that the final draft resolution included the controversial term “comprehensive sexuality education” but were ultimately unable to force the adoption of the agreement over the objections of over two dozen traditional countries from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Read more