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52 books pulled and 32 more under review at Utah’s largest school district.

Parents’ concerns over the books speak to a culture war happening around the country, in which explicit sexual content is being made available in public school systems, often to young students.

Free speech advocates argue many of the titles on the review list in the Alpine District are about “historically marginalized groups” and that it feels like an “effort to silence those voices.”

But Alexandra Schweitzer, who actually was threatened with the silencing of her voice, knows that’s not true. Her Wisconsin school district sent the concerned mother a cease-and-desist letter in May threatening to sue her for defamation if she continued questioning the district and its sexually inappropriate materials. The district sheepishly ended the matter after receiving a letter from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty on her behalf.

She has a right to free speech. Book authors do too – but they have no such First Amendment right to have their books in public schools no matter the content.

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Family, Not Preschool, Is the Secret to Good Education.

To quickly fill the labor-force needs, “states have mulled easing the requirements for teaching in pre-K programs.” In other words, these new pre-K classrooms may simply be glorified daycares, paid for by your tax dollars.

That problem might not be an issue if these public pre-K programs actually helped students overcome the learning deficits so many of them have. But as my friend observed, preschool really doesn’t seem to help children much at all. In fact, it often seems to set them back. But researchers have found that “family-centered” preschool actually works. Read more

Death of Family: Majority of Babies Born Out of Wedlock for First Time in British History.

Up until 1978, the percentage of children born out of wedlock was less than ten per cent, however, this increased to 34 per cent by 1988 and has been over 40 per cent since the turn of the millennium.

The head of health analysis at the ONS, Dr James Tucker said: “This follows the long-term trend of declining marriage rates and increasing numbers of co-habiting couples seen in recent decades.” Read more

This World Population Day, the UN’s Rhetoric (Finally) Took a Turn for the Better.

Most surprisingly, the report ends with, “[p]eople are the solution, not the problem.” This is an unexpected, positive development. For years, the UNFPA led the charge on anti-population activity, often funding anti-population programs in countries with coercive regimes.

It’s nice to see the UNFPA now recognizes that population fears can lead to coercive policies. Hopefully this is a recognition of past mistakes. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

War On Parents: Male Teacher Asked This Mom’s 11-Year-Old ‘Transgender’ Daughter To Sleep In Boys’ Cabin.

Jennifer lives in a suburb of Washington state, where children as young as 13 years old can access their own medical and mental health services without parental knowledge or consent. Parents in these cases are billed by insurance companies with no explanation of benefits, meaning they’re stuck with the tab but have no ability to know what services or treatments their child received.

For two and a half months, Jennifer’s daughter was meeting with a school therapist once a week who was treating her as a boy, using male pronouns and a made-up name. When Jennifer would ask how the sessions were going, the therapist acted as though nothing big had come up. Read more

Virginia unveils policies to ensure parental oversight of sex-related materials in classrooms.

The Virginia Department of Education is working to finalize model policies to ensure transparency for the sexual content of public school materials, a fulfillment of one of the causes that propelled Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin to office.

As required by a law Youngkin signed in April, the model policies “establish clear procedures for schools to (i) identify all instructional materials with sexually explicit content, (ii) ensure parental notification of any instructional materials with sexually explicit content, (iii) permit parents to review all instructional materials with sexually explicit content, and (iv) ensure alternative instructional materials, that do not include sexually explicit content, are provided in a non-punitive manner for any student whose parent so requests.” Read more

Why pop-song lyrics matter more than you think.

Where do kids find a sense of purpose, of meaning, and of work worth doing? Historically, the culture provides the context in which kids figure out what kind of adult they want to become.

A century ago, American kids were immersed in the McGuffey Readers and other books of that ilk, which portrayed the good life as a life morally grounded and biblically sound. American kids don’t read for fun anymore. They watch movies and YouTube and TikTok, and they listen to music. But the songs have changed. Read more

Sanctity of Life

Scientists Create First Synthetic Embryo, Allow It to Develop a Functioning Brain and Organs.

The frightening future implications of new report from researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel caused a stir among observers of the international science community.

Using neither sperm nor egg, researchers created the world’s first synthetic mouse embryo and watched it grow for over eight days inside of a specially designed bioreactor that served as a womb, according to Live Science Magazine. Read more

Justice Department Attacks Pro-Life States With Bogus ‘Preemption’ Argument.

The Biden administration is using a spurious legal argument to crack down on states limiting abortion.

On Aug. 2, the U.S. Department of Justice filed suit against the state of Idaho, hoping to undermine its new law prohibiting most abortions by claiming that it conflicts with a federal law regarding medical treatment in hospital emergency rooms.

This is just one of several new strategies by abortion advocates to interfere with the American people’s authority to regulate abortion. Read more

Why ‘free will’ is not a solid reason for professing Christians to support abortion.

Recently, The View host Whoopi Goldberg made remarks claiming that because God made human beings intelligent and able to make choices for themselves, choosing abortion (the homicide of an undelivered human being) is perfectly acceptable. While this idea is not new — nor is it logical or sound — it seems to be gaining popularity among some who profess some sort of religious or Christian belief. Read more


Ukrainian Churches in dispute with state over ‘gender ideology’ Convention.

CHURCH leaders in Ukraine have bitterly criticised President Zelensky’s government for ratifying a Council of Europe Convention against domestic violence, warning that it will impose “gender ideology” on their war-torn country.

“Supporters of natural marital relations (between a woman and a man) and of family values traditional to the Ukrainian people are being persecuted and harassed, with their freedom of expression restricted,” the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organisations said in a statement. Read more

Mob Attacks, False Blasphemy Charges, and Murder – Detailing the Plight of Persecuted Christians in Pakistan to the UN.

While Pakistan was created to provide religious freedom to Muslims who were a minority in the Indian subcontinent, ironically Christians and other minorities in Pakistan now face discrimination and persecution at the hands of Muslims. Much of the persecution occurs, inter alia, under Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws, through forced religious conversion of young minority girls to Islam, and as a result of the widespread practice of bonded labor. Read more

LGBT Activism In Sports Is Increasingly Forcing Christians Off The Field.

In late July, as her team was about to play against the Washington Spirit, defender Jaelene Daniels from the North Carolina Courage refused to wear a gay pride jersey. The jerseys and game marked an end to the club’s “Pride Festival.”

In response to Daniels’ refusal, Sean Nahas, her team’s coach, chose not to place her on the roster of eligible players for the game. Nahas admitted he made the decision to appease his LGBTQ players. Read more


UK justice secretary plans to bar biological males from women’s prisons.

U.K. Justice Secretary Dominic Raab plans to prohibit biological males from being housed in women’s prisons, following high-profile incidents involving transgender inmates.

In all, officials say there have been seven incidents of transgender women attacking female prisoners in England and Wales in recent years. Read more

Cultural Critic James Lindsay Explains Rise of ‘Groomers’.

Have you ever seen a teacher who is just a little too interested in getting kids to talk about their sexuality? Or a government bureaucrat seemingly obsessed with pushing LGBT ideology into schools?

Then you’ve likely encountered what James Lindsay, a cultural commentator and frequent critic of LGBT activists, calls a “groomer.”

“The thing people think I’m accusing them of is predatory pedophilic grooming, the idea that adults are going to seduce children into sexual relationships,” Lindsay, founder of the website New Discourses, said in an interview with The Daily Signal. Read more

Los Angeles School District Shares Video from Trans Activist Who Posts Explicit Pictures.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has been at the forefront of the push to groom children. The district encouraged teachers to celebrate the “transgender day of visibility” by reading pro-trans books to students in elementary school.

A bill that is currently making its way through the California Legislature would mandate that health professionals undergo transgender “cultural competency” classes from transgender activists a like Vincent, giving them a “financial windfall.” Read more