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Political science professor finds that many of his college students lack basic knowledge about US government

Suffolk Community College political science professor Nicholas Giordano tests his students’ knowledge about basic issues related to U.S. government when class begins, and the tests have served to demonstrate a shocking dearth of knowledge among the students.
In a piece posted on Campus Reform, Giordano explained that one of the tests he gives students includes questions such as, “Who is the Speaker of the House?” and “How many Supreme Court Justices are there?” The educator noted that after a dozen years of giving students the quiz, just 348 out of 2,176 have passed. He described those results as a “shameful indictment of our K-12 education system.” This semester, just 11 people passed in a pool of about 175 individuals.

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Boston suburb high school bans ‘political’ items, including BLM, pride flags

School officials at a Boston suburb public high school informed faculty that political items such as Black Lives Matter and gay pride flags are banned from classrooms.
“We need to avoid placing items in the classroom that can cause disruption or distraction,” Stoughton High Principal Julliette Miller wrote in an email to staff last week, according to The Boston Globe. “We are an inclusive environment and want to maintain that inclusivity.”

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Chileans Resoundingly Reject Radical Constitution

By defining what is meant by “gender,” the proposed text conferred on the State the moral capacity to judge all conduct in both the public and private spheres. Concepts derived from “gender” – such as “gender approach”, “gender equity”, “gender discrimination” or “gender violence” — would be the moral pillars of this new world. Defining and re-defining “gender,” constructing and deconstructing it arbitrarily, would be the key to regulating any freedom or right. For example, the state would be the new guardian of minors (Articles 26 and 27). Fathers or mothers merit only one mention in the text — to remind them that their children are not children but “dependents” whose “best interests” will be determined by the State (Article 41).

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Free speech is being shut down in our nation’s schools

The censorship of academic speech is dangerous for us all. Silencing students and professors stunts free thinking. When free speech is shut down in schools, a domino effect ensues. Professionals working in their fields face real-world obstacles to free expression. Speaking out about or even just questioning contested norms can cost them their ability to practice. Science becomes unmoored from proper academic inquiry, and society at large suffers. This has inescapable implications for everything from parental rights to good medical practices.

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DeSantis: Purpose of Education Is to Educate, Not ‘Indoctrinate’ Kids

Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke about how important it was for parents to reclaim their rights in education, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic.
“We’ve seen over the last few years in our country how important policy is, both good and very bad,” DeSantis said at a Heritage Foundation event Friday in Orlando. “There may be no area where the contrast between a free state like Florida and some of the lockdown states was [bigger] than on education during COVID.”

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FBI Locates 200 Human Trafficking Victims, Saving More Than 100 Children From Further Abuse

“The Justice Department is committed to doing everything in our power to combat the insidious crimes of human trafficking that devastate survivors and their families,” he said, according to WTKR-TV. “I am grateful to the dedicated professionals of the FBI and our law enforcement partners across the country for their tireless work to rescue trafficking survivors, including exploited children, to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of trafficking crimes, and to provide the services and support that survivors need and deserve.”

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