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Spanish Council of the Judiciary warns ‘trans law’ violates rights of parents, women and children

“We are not concerned about the draft law just because it opposes our Christian worldview, but because it threatens democratic freedoms, restricts freedom of conscience and freedom of speech, and invades the competences of civil society and the family”, pointed out Quintana.

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‘Social-Emotional Learning’: The Next Fight in Education

Last week, the organization Parents Defending Education pressured Panorama, an education company that provides curricular materials and professional development to 1,500 districts, to remove a controversial training on its site. Called ‘Social-Emotional Learning as a Guide to Equity,” the course is replete with concepts such as privilege, anti-racism, equity, intersectionality, and other progressive buzzwords. In recent months several school boards have succumbed to controversy over the implementation of similar SEL programs.

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