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Spanish Council of the Judiciary warns ‘trans law’ violates rights of parents, women and children

“We are not concerned about the draft law just because it opposes our Christian worldview, but because it threatens democratic freedoms, restricts freedom of conscience and freedom of speech, and invades the competences of civil society and the family”, pointed out Quintana.

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‘Social-Emotional Learning’: The Next Fight in Education

Last week, the organization Parents Defending Education pressured Panorama, an education company that provides curricular materials and professional development to 1,500 districts, to remove a controversial training on its site. Called ‘Social-Emotional Learning as a Guide to Equity,” the course is replete with concepts such as privilege, anti-racism, equity, intersectionality, and other progressive buzzwords. In recent months several school boards have succumbed to controversy over the implementation of similar SEL programs.

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Who Should Teach Your Pre-K Toddler, You or Biden and Pelosi?

Buried in this massive proposal for federal spending are two line items under the heading “Universal preschool.” They call for spending $139,158,000,000 over the next 10 years on “universal preschool grants” to states and $25,684,000,000 for a “Head Start educator fund.” That’s a total of $164,842,000,000 in federal subsidies to help states take daytime custody of preschool children.
In his budget, Biden said that a part of his plan “would provide universal access to high-quality preschool to all three- and four-year olds, led by a well-trained and well-compensated workforce.”
The question here is fundamental: Who should care for and nurture a 36-month-old child? Should it be the government? Or should it be the child’s parents?

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When the State Comes for Your Kids

Here are the powers granted to a 13-year-old child by the state of Washington. Minors age 13 and up are entitled to admit themselves for inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment without parental consent. Health insurers are forbidden from disclosing to the insured parents’ sensitive medical information of minor children—such as that regarding “gender dysphoria [and] gender affirming care.” Minors aged 13 to 18 can withhold mental health records from parents for “sensitive” conditions, which include both “gender dysphoria” and “gender-affirming care.” Insurers in Washington must cover a wide array of “gender-affirming treatments” from tracheal shaves to double mastectomies.

Lest you wonder whether there is some madcap elixir polluting the groundwater of Washington State alone, in 2015, Oregon passed a law permitting minors 15 and older to obtain puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries at taxpayers’ expense—all without parental consent. In 2018, California passed a similar bill for all children in foster care, age 12 and up. The California state senate is now considering an amendment to the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act that would bar health insurers from disclosing medical information to parents about their dependents, on pain of criminal liability.

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