The danger of relying on immigration for population growth

Last week I discussed the precipitous decline in the total fertility rate of New Zealand’s women: a drop of nearly 22 per cent in only a decade. The current New Zealand TFR is 1.69 children per woman, far below the generally accepted replacement rate of 2.1. This means that, as the large baby boomer generation starts to die off in the next few years, New Zealand will start to see natural population decline.

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Gen Z’s religious lives are more complex than ‘affiliated’ or ‘unaffiliated’

The data aren’t contradictory; they are complex. But amid this complexity and diversity, Springtide found one consistency: the importance of relationships. Trusted adults in general and religious leaders, in particular, have an opportunity to meet young people—whether affiliated, unaffiliated, or in-between—outside the spaces traditionally associated with spiritual and religious formation, where young people are nonetheless navigating questions of identity, community, and meaning.

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