When Marriage Becomes a Private Matter

It matters profoundly whether a society understands marriage as a public concern or merely a private matter. Yet few Christians spend much time thinking about whether marriage is fundamentally public or private. Young adult Christians tend to consider marriage a private matter (with some public manifestations). The wedding is a public event, but the marriage itself is considered nobody’s business. Decisions to divorce are private, though they entail public legal filings, and declarations, social shifts in relationship status, the creation of distinct households, etc. Westerners in general tend to minimize these public aspects of divorce, expecting little to no objection from others. Most do not share the perspective of Jessica—a thirty-one-year-old engaged Catholic from Austin—who imagines marriage as creating circles that ripple out “to the extended family, to the community, to the nation, and to the entire society.”

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Nurturing dads raise emotionally intelligent kids – helping make society more respectful and equitable

When fathers are caregivers – when they provide emotional support and act affectionately toward their kids – the effects go well beyond growth, development, good health and solid grades. My research shows the benefits also include having children who value emotional intelligence, gender equality and healthy competition.

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Pelosi and Feinstein refuse to say if 15-week preborn baby is a human being

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) both refused to answer questions about whether a preborn child at 15 weeks gestation is a human being. The upcoming Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization will address Mississippi’s 15-week (four month) abortion ban, along with the question of whether abortion can be banned prior to the ever-changing standard of “viability” (the ability of the preborn child to survive outside the womb).

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She Quit Homosexuality. Now, She’s Helping Others Do Likewise.

Elizabeth Woning began questioning her sexuality when she was 16. By the time she was in her 30s, she says, she was “stereotypically butch.”
But after an experience at a local church, Woning said she began to question what lesbianism meant to her.
“I recognized that it gave meaning and purpose to my life,” Woning said. ” … And so, before the Lord, I began analyzing what that meant and why it was so challenging for me, such a letdown, to be just a woman.”

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