What’s Going On with Pornhub? A Simplified Timeline of Events

In case you missed it, since December 2020, there’s been a lot going on with one of the world’s largest porn sites, Pornhub, owned by a company that owns and controls much of the mainstream porn industry, MindGeek.
Let’s review why Pornhub is in trouble for reportedly hosting nonconsensual images, and what led up to MindGeek being investigated by the Canadian House of Commons Ethics Committee and MindGeek’s CEO and COO resigning.
And if you’re into podcasts, we invite you to listen to the breakdown of all of the following info (up to April 14th, 2021) in this episode of Consider Before Consuming, a podcast by Fight the New Drug.

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Boston Banned a Christian Flag but Raised a Communist One

In Boston, the municipal government concluded that allowing a private group—Camp Constitution—to temporarily lift its Christian flag on a city-owned flagpole would suggest that the city was establishing a religion—and, thus, violating the First Amendment.
On the same flagpole, however, Boston itself raised the flag of the People’s Republic of China.

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Keeping Children Safe Is the Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do

It is a mistake to keep children from testing their boundaries, their abilities, their skills, their failures, and the level of their own innate fears. In order to grow up healthy and brave and equipped to become adult, they must be allowed to face danger, learning to push against fear.
How can parents begin to let go of their children and let them run, breathe, and simply live? Here are a few things I’ve learned on that subject through my years of parenting.

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Women Don’t Need To Make A Lot Of Money To Start A Family

Another day, another blue check wondering why things Americans used to take for granted seem to be out of reach, even as they promote the very changes in cultural norms and values that have led to rising costs for families and fewer babies being born. Writer for The Atlantic Olga Khazan recently tweeted in wonder, “how women are supposed to have kids before they’re 35 if they make $40,000 before they’re 35 and childcare is $40,000.”

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The Supreme Court Stands Up for the Right to Self-Defense

The Supreme Court’s infamous 2007 decision DC vs Heller recognized that the Second Amendment established a right to bear arms in self-defense. But in the years since, the high court has hardly taken any gun rights cases further fleshing out this precedent—leaving loopholes states have exploited to restrict citizens’ right to self-defense.
No more.
In a seismic 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court just struck down a New York scheme that heavily restricted citizens’ right to carry a firearm in public for self-defense.

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24/7 Dad® – Worth the Wait

Recently Sandy Munoz of The CHI Podcast, CEO of The Children’s Healing Institute, a non-profit organization located in Palm Beach County, Florida interviewed National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) President Christopher A. Brown (Chris).
Chris is in his 23rd year with National Fatherhood Initiative and became President in 2013. His background in Anthropology and experience in public health, combined with his personal experience of having an absent father, places him in a unique position to serve the organization. Chris lives in Cedar Park, Texas with his wife. They have two adult daughters.

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What is Image-based Sexual Abuse and Nonconsensual Porn?

Image-based sexual abuse and nonconsensual pornography are forms of sexual abuse that largely refer to incidents in which intimate images are taken or shared—or threatened to be shared—without consent.
Nonconsensual pornography can also include incidents of individuals being coerced into producing explicit content.
Disturbingly, an estimated 1 in 12 U.S. adults report that they have been victims of image-based sexual abuse, and even more disturbingly, 1 in 20 report that they have been perpetrators of image-based sexual abuse.1

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