Kenyan abortion rights documentary reveals excellent pregnancy crisis support

When Lucy (not her real name) found out she was pregnant, she was already five months along. At the time, she was only seventeen years old. Soon after, out of embarrassment, she stopped going to school. Her boyfriend, an older man, denied responsibility and stopped talking to her. …At the [pregnancy] center, she had learned the basics of taking care of a baby, and been supplied with the material necessities for the task, along with moral support and the company of other girls in similar straits. Additionally, she had been presented with the option of putting her baby up for adoption and returning to school, if she so chose.

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Another study exposes the transgender medical complex for the horror show it is

Last November, the Trudeau government announced their plan to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on transgender “care”. …But this scandal is going to break at some point; the truth about so-called “transgender medicine” will be revealed. And then we’re going to be faced by broken young people, scarred and stubbled and surgically mutilated, and we’re going to have to answer that question: Why did so many people simply not want to know?

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Elon Musk Condemns Population Control, Complains How Unborn Children “Have No Voice”

Elon Musk Is no stranger to the issue of population control and he has repeatedly warned about the underpopulation crisis happening worldwide. The richest man on the planet warned of an impending global population crisis earlier this year as he linked declining birth rates to abortion and birth control. “Arguing in favor reducing humanity is arguing for genocide. The unborn have no voice,” he lamented.

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42% of Babies Killed in Abortions are Black, If Black Lives Matter They Would End Abortion

Less than one percent of the 36,060 abortions in New York City in the last reported year were among White women. Yet, abortions in the black community–only 23 percent of the population–comprised the largest percentage of the city’s deaths in utero: an astounding 38 percent! The numbers get even more alarming when you look at the abortion ratio in each group identified by the New York State Department of Health. For every 1,000 live births in the black community, there were 763 abortions. This is a ratio that is 7 times higher than Whites and 2.2 times higher than Hispanics.

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Biden’s HHS seeks to deprive pregnancy centers of federal funds

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is working to thwart pregnancy help organizations from receiving federal funds through a proposed rule change that incorrectly assesses the work of pregnancy centers. Many states give TANF funds to pregnancy help organizations because they help to meet some or all the prescribed TANF goals. But in October the Biden Administration released the proposed HHS rule change that prevents states from giving the federal funds to pregnancy centers.

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Undercover Video Shows PornHub Employees Want Porn To Steer Young People’s Sexual Identities

Employees of Pornhub’s parent company were caught on camera touting the benefits of underage kids watching pornography, and even suggesting that making videos of transgender-identifying people engaging in sex could help young people figure out their sexuality, according to a new video released exclusively on The Michael Knowles Show on Wednesday.

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