Why Are So Many Young Americans Irreligious? The Secular Brainwash Is the First Reason

Fewer young Americans affiliate with any organized religion than ever before in American history.

This means, therefore, that the children—and certainly the grandchildren—of millions of faithful Christians have abandoned Christianity. The same holds true for Jews, but that decline began somewhat earlier.

Until the 20th century, nearly all Jews were religious (which nearly always meant Orthodox). Today about 15% of Jews are Orthodox, while most Conservative and Reform Jews have the same values as the secular left, and very few of their children attend synagogue.

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Georgia declares unborn babies ‘natural persons’ who can be claimed as dependents on state taxes

New legislation in Georgia allows for unborn babies to be considered dependents on state taxes, as the state declares unborn babies to be “natural persons.”

On August 1, the state’s Department of Revenue announced that residents filing their 2022 tax returns who are parents to unborn babies with detectable heartbeats are eligible for a dependent personal exemption in the amount of $3,000.

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Pro-LGBT Disney hires drag queen for new Marvel series about teen superhero

Amid ongoing controversy over its stance on LGBT propaganda aimed at children, Disney just signed a drag queen to appear in its new Disney+ Marvel series about a teen superhero that is slated to come out next year.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, 33-year-old Jaren Kyei Merrell, who goes by the stage name Shea Couleé and has been featured on the drag queen series “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” raved about the opportunity to “push the needle forward” and promote drag in a “more mainstream avenue.”

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Life after Roe for pro-lifers

The pro-life movement has always promoted the well-being of mothers and children in general — not just of children in the womb. Even after the demise of Roe v. Wade, killing developing babies remains legal in many states, so protecting their lives is still crucial. But in places where their lives are already protected, the spotlight will shift even more to helping mothers and children in general.

This change may unearth a latent faultline even among the ranks of the pro-life movement: For how should the well-being of mothers and children be promoted?

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Be Sure Your Kids Know the Success Sequence to Avoid Poverty

Leading sociologists have discovered something they call the Success Sequence. It is as close to a magic formula for avoiding poverty as can be found. And it is certainly something all parents should know about because it affects the lives and future of our children and how they can almost guarantee never living in poverty as they enter young adulthood. It involves three relatively simple steps.

Finish high school.
Maintain a full-time job once you finish school.
Get married before you have children and stay married.

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How Will Dobbs Play in Europe?

While pro-lifers in the US celebrate Roe’s reversal, the Dobbs decision has not received a unanimous welcome, especially among some of our European friends. Indeed, a handful of European state leaders, including France’s Emmanuel Macron, England’s Boris Johnson, and Scotland’s Nichola Sturgeon, have actually used their social media platforms to publicly decry the decision.
Yet the fact is that many European countries have far more restrictive abortion laws than those in many U.S. states.

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