Time Magazine’s Insulting Depiction of Christian Martyrdom

For Time to give an international platform to such ignorance is inexcusable. The Christian martyrs did not “choose” to die, nor did they narcissistically play God by ending their own lives on their own terms to make a shocking political point.

The reality is that they were hunted down like animals, tortured, and then brutally murdered by their government because they refused to renounce their faith—and, in particular, their savior, Jesus Christ.

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What Responsibility Do Parents Have For Their Children’s Mental Health?

The days of denying the mental health crises in children have passed. Parents must be vigilant regarding their children’s emotional well-being. Children’s mental health issues are not isolated, arbitrary, or disconnected from their parents but are often the result of the misguided or neglectful or sometimes abusive relationships children have with their mothers and fathers.

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California judge upholds school district’s ban on teaching critical race theory and mandates parental notification for gender changes at school

In a significant ruling for conservative parents and school board members, a Californian judge has upheld a local school district’s ban on teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT). The court’s judgement also maintained a policy that mandates parental notification if a child opts to change genders at school.

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Missouri AG suing Planned Parenthood for ‘trafficking minors out of state to obtain abortions’

Missouri’s attorney general is suing Planned Parenthood for helping minors to leave the state to obtain abortions without parental consent. AG Andrew Bailey accused the abortion giant of “trafficking” minors out of the state on Thursday, declaring on X, “This is the beginning of the end for Planned Parenthood in the State of Missouri.”

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‘Transgender’ male powerlifter calls for ‘painful death’ and ‘eternal suffering’ of female competitor

An Albertan male powerlifter who believes he is a woman wished a “painful death” and eternal damnation to a female competitor. In a February 25 Instagram post, the gender-confused male powerlifter, who goes by the name of “Anne” Andres, ranted about why men should be able to compete in women’s competitions, calling for “the Ontario lifter” who opposes this, apparently referring to powerlifter April Hutchinson, to “die painfully.”

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