When Motherhood Devours

Parenting has become an onerous hardship for many in our day. By comparison, I cannot find many indications that it was this difficult in the past. In reading ancient works of literature and philosophy, I don’t hear Plato complain about his teenagers. Sure, Hamlet was a handful and Juliet’s parents were clueless; but generally, children are viewed as a blessing, a motivation, and a reason for being.

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Religious Liberty Rights of Students, Teachers Are Not the Same

Teachers, coaches, and school administrators are representatives of the state, and they are properly prohibited from encouraging or discouraging religious activity when acting in those capacities, writes Holly Hollman, general counsel and associate executive director of Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. She examines the potential impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s pending decision in Kennedy v. Bremerton School District.

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How Shaming My School Board’s Racism Cost Me My Job, But Not My Stand

When I stepped before my local school board here in mid-March while on vacation, I knew I had a strong point to make. I just didn’t know it would cost me my job.
Over the past two years, I have witnessed a new racism by the 12-0 woke Democrats on the school board, directed against Asian Americans, like me, whose children’s success in K-12 schools belie the notion that systemic racism oppresses all minorities.
As I turned to return to my seat after my impassioned two minutes, I couldn’t have expected what came next. Security officials began walking toward me from multiple directions. Hyper-vigilance kicked in. I thought immediately of the immigrant moms before me, sitting in the front rows, supporting me. Norma. Suparna. Julia. Yuyan. And many others.

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Suicide Contagion

have often argued that, as a matter of logic and intuition, the widespread legalization of assisted suicide will increase both the rate of assisted suicides and the rate of unassisted suicides. After all, many people conflate what is “legal” with what is “right.” Once a state gives its imprimatur to assisted suicide as a way of alleviating suffering and providing “medical aid in dying,” as it is euphemistically called, an ever-increasing number of people will resort to that means of ending their lives. And indeed, some recent studies suggest that in places where assisted suicide is legal, both assisted suicides and unassisted suicides increase.

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For Abortion Abolition, Against Abortion ‘Abolitionists’

If a woman chooses to abort, should she be prosecuted for murder? Should her decision be criminalized? Is any legal regime that doesn’t criminalize women who obtain an abortion fundamentally unjust? Should she be forced to carry a pregnancy even if doing so endangers her life? If you answer “yes” to any of those questions, then you’re an abortion “abolitionist,” and you’re sadly misguided.

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Single Parenting and Step Parenting

For those who find themselves single parenting, whether through death or divorce, remember that joy remains available. It’s not only about the bills. It’s also about the memories. My grown sons remember our many road trips to inexpensive vacation destinations like national parks. They remember video parties, making tacos on Friday night, and bedtime. For many single moms, I know it is similar. Even if resources are tight, you can find ways to create a sense of family. Rituals, traditions, and moments working together can help.

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US child welfare system is falling short because of persistent child poverty

Abuse and neglect investigations, foster care and the other activities and services that comprise the child welfare system can harm children and the rest of their families. Communities of color are the most susceptible to this damage: 37% of all children – including 53% of African American children – experience a child protective services investigation by the time they turn 18.

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Making Boys Into Men

As someone who thinks about family in both immediate and generational terms, the reality that I am raising my grandchildren’s parents is a sobering reminder that my actions will have a profound effect on people I have yet to meet. This is why I feel a particular responsibility to model the types of traits and behaviors I want my two sons to embody as they grow from boys to men.

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