Separated by Religion, United by Faith: This Pic of Indian Army Soldiers Praying Is Making People Proud

Captioned the pic, he wrote, ”For those who didn’t know, My unit has around 15 per cent Muslims. All auspicious functions are started by a Pooja in the Mandir and a Namaz/ Dua in the Masjid. Both the houses of worship are always under a single roof and called a *Sarv Dharma Sthal*. Though we are in an undisclosed location, I couldn’t resist sharing this great view of my two boys who are responsible for the respective temporary places of worship separated by a wall.”

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UK supports efforts for religious freedom

“The British High Commission is proud to embrace Pakistan’s immense diversity, and to engage with and bring together members of all religious faiths. Inter-faith harmony and freedom of religion was at the centre of the vision of Pakistan’s founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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Why a Child Allowance is Preferable to Subsidized Child Care

A recent study found that early-childhood interventions are not any more cost-effective as tools to improve economic well-being than later-in-life interventions, as others here at IFS have outlined. Furthermore, for many kids, universal childcare may actually have a negative impact in some cases, as has been found in the case of Quebec’s universal childcare program. And while I have shown in the past that spending on public child care does often boost birth rates, it’s a far more expensive strategy (in terms of dollars spent per baby born) than giving families direct cash payments.

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