Texas Coffee Shop Known For ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Events, Handing Out Plan B Like Candy Closes Doors After Backlash

Tumbleweed and Sage began its tenure in the Lubbock, Texas suburb in 2020 by selling coffee, hosting book-themed events, and promoting its holiday treat selection. By 2022, the coffeehouse, which is located directly across the street from a local high school, pivoted towards advancing leftism by partnering with LubbockPRIDE to host “family-friendly” drag queen story hours. Shortly after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision, Tumbleweed and Sage also partnered with Texas pro-abortion group Jane’s Due Process — whose primary mission is to help minors travel out of state to obtain abortions — to hand out at least 100 kits containing two Plan B pills, two condoms, a pregnancy test, and an “instruction pamphlet.”

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Doctors pressured these moms to abort. They each refused.

The doctors came in with that serious expression on their face and said my now eight-year-old had an elevated risk of a trisomy disorder, the most famous of which is Down Syndrome, of course,” she said. “They sat me down, and they said ‘Maybe you should consider abortion.’ I said ‘Absolutely not. I’m here to be a witness to you that every single human life is precious, and that’s something that I’ve consistently maintained throughout my career, and I’m going to choose life come what may.’” Foster, who previously had an abortion at the age of 19, did not follow her doctor’s advice. Yet she said that pressure to have an abortion from doctors happens frequently, particularly when the child is believed to have a disability.

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Another Company Needing Bud-Lighting’: Kohl’s Ripped For Infant LGBT Merchandise

To celebrate Pride Month in June, Kohl’s is selling onesies with the LGBTQ pride flag on them. The company’s merchandise includes the “baby Sonoma Community Pride Bodysuit Set,” which sells for $9.99. The product’s description reads, “Celebrate the joy that comes from living authentically and unapologetically during Pride month and all year long with this Baby Sonoma Community® Pride Bodysuit Set.” The onesie sold in the store for infants as young as 3 months features adults and children marching and carrying an LGBTQ flag.

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North Korea sentences 2-year-old to life in prison camp after parents caught with Bible: US State Dept.

If Christians in North Korea are found possessing a Bible, they face the death penalty, and family members, including children, are sentenced to life imprisonment, reveals a report by the U.S. State Department, which includes an incident where a 2-year-old child was sentenced to life in a prison camp after his parents were caught with a Bible. An estimated 70,000 Christians are incarcerated in North Korea, where prisoners face harsh conditions and physical mistreatment, says the State Department’s recently released 2022 International Religious Freedom Report.

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Abortion Clinic Injures Three Women in Botched Abortions, Two With Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancies

Operation Rescue and other compassionate organizations and individuals have expressed urgent concern over the failure of many abortion facilities to perform ultrasounds and pelvic exams to rule out risks that would disqualify women from chemical abortions. Among these concerns, ectopic pregnancy is one of the most pressing.
If the abortionist does not perform an ultrasound or pelvic exam prior to administering the abortion-inducing drugs, she may not recognize the symptoms of a ruptured fallopian tube due to an undiscovered ectopic pregnancy. This is a likely scenario because the severe pain and extremely heavy bleeding are consistent with the symptoms caused by the chemical abortion drugs.

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High school students are beginning to resist the LGBT propaganda being forced on them

The majority of young people have been swept along by the ever-expanding LGBT movement and have enthusiastically adopted the new ideology of multiplying identities. A not-insignificant minority of kids, however, are getting sick of being constantly force-fed LGBT ideology. Earlier this month, for example, high school students from Chêne-Bleu Secondary School in Pincourt, Quebec cheered as a teenager ripped down the “Pride” flag that had been hung in their school and threw it down, trampling it once it hit the ground.

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Christian teacher banned from teaching for ‘misgendering’ student: ‘Just one view allowed’ on gender

A Christian math teacher in the United Kingdom has been banned from teaching indefinitely by the government for “misgendering” a student and expressing his Christian beliefs on marriage and homosexuality. The Teaching Regulation Agency (“TRA”), under the Department of Education, ruled this month that Joshua Sutcliffe was guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct” and “bringing the teaching profession into disrepute” and subsequently barred him from the teaching profession.

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Maine church sues school board over alleged religious discrimination

The Pines Church had been looking to move its operations to Hermon, Maine, where many of its members reside, and Hermon High School appeared to be the best available option. Despite not having any inquiries about organizational beliefs in their facilities request form, the church found itself answering detailed questions from the school board about its stance on “issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

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