Birth rates have reached extremely low levels in many countries around the world, including virtually all high-income countries. The causes of this decline and the solutions to it are of great interest to policymakers. People’s attitudes toward work—specifically the elevation of career advancement to a very high place in individual values—may influence fertility. The rise of “work-focused” value sets and life courses means that achieving work-family balance isn’t just about employment norms adjusting to the growing complexity of individual aspirations; it can also mean that many men and women find their preferred balance to be more work and less family

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Idaho Senate passes heartbeat bill with vast majority, sends it to the House

BOISE, Idaho, April 8, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A bill that protects most unborn children once their heartbeats are detectable has been approved by Idaho’s Senate.

Idaho’s “Heartbeat Bill” — Senate Bill 1183 — was sponsored by Republican State Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, and passed in a 28-7 vote on Tuesday. It will next be considered by the Idaho House of Representatives.

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