Studying the True Face of Gender Ideology

Studying the True Face of Gender Ideology. This week, progressive British activist Jo Maugham warned his 300,000-plus Twitter followers of “yet another vast, and vastly expensive, piece of anti-trans infrastructure” that had been erected “virtually overnight, with zero transparency.”. The tweet went viral, even though, as many …

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Apple withdraws Bible and Quran apps in China

Apple has recently removed the Quran Majeed and the Olive Tree Bible apps from its App Store in China, Apple Censorship reported in a tweet.. According to several media, the company is following a request from the Chinese authorities, who claim the apps violate laws that prohibit the use of religious text or materials. “Additional documentation from Chinese authorities”

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Biden Admin Dubs Transgender Individual Rachel Levine ‘First-Ever Female Four-Star Admiral’ Of USPHS Commissioned Corps

President Joe Biden’s administration named Rachel Levine, a top U.S. health official and transgender woman, the “first-ever female four-star admiral” of the U.S. Public Health Services (USPHS) Commissioned Corps on Monday…Levine, who is biologically male, is the first openly transgender official confirmed by the U.S. Senate…

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