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Religion is key factor in connecting men to their families.

Religious practice seems to effectively connect men to families by encouraging marriage, discouraging divorce, and promoting norms of involved husbands and fathers. An increase in disengaged men portends negative consequences for families and communities, but religious faith, and particularly religious practice, seems to be a powerful counterforce. Active participation in religion by men leads to greater engagement and commitment to family, which in turn is likely to foster those norms in children and communities.

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Polish President Andrzej Duda: ‘Family is the foundation of every nation’.

Carlson asked Duda to elaborate on his pro-family policies that have set his country apart in the European Union. Duda emphasized his consistent pledge to push “resolute and vast pro-family action.”

“The constitution stipulates that marriage is the union of a man and a woman and family are protected by the government in a special way. So for the first time since 1989, we have embarked upon a very resolute and vast pro-family action. When I was running for president back in 2015, I also made a pledge and I said that we should start a pro-family policy,” Duda said. Read more

A pattern of anti-family, anti-religion legislation is emerging in Victoria.

Read the fine print. The amendments strip parents of the right to determine who spends time with their children. Religious organisations and schools will only be able to employ people of faith where the Government decides that religious beliefs are critical to the jobRead more

6 Secrets to a Healthy Marriage (From Old Couples).

For many people, a divorce is one of the most difficult life experiences they will ever go through. So how can couples avoid becoming a statistic?

Cornell University gerontologist Karl Pillemer conducted a massive study involving 700-plus individuals wedded for some 40,000 years that sought to better explain why some marriages fail and other succeed. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Gov. Newsom signs laws allowing minors to hide abortions, transgender procedures from parents.

One of the bills will make it easier for minors in California to hide abortions and transgender procedures from their parents. The second bill will slap new restrictions and penalties on pro-life activists in the Golden State who engage in protests outside abortion clinics. Read more

Facebook says it will “pause” Instagram Kids after backlash.

Facebook said Monday that it will “pause” its development of Instagram Kids, a social media service for children under 13, after pushback from child advocates, parents and lawmakers. Read more

Regret Nothing, Especially Not Motherhood.

Apparently, when you are a mother, and finding the role incredibly challenging, you have two options. You can either regret motherhood, as an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald suggests some women do. Or you can seek solidarity with other mothers who similarly find their role overwhelming at times. Read more

Sanctity of Life

Newborn babies are killed in Belgium, Netherlands — but most won’t call it infanticide.

For decades, pro-life activists have been warning that the introduction of abortion and euthanasia leads, inevitably, to post-utero infanticide. For decades, abortion activists decried pro-lifers as fearmongering extremists telling unconscionable lies. And then, when it happened, they defended it.

They defended it when abortionists were caught, time and again, killing babies after birth or leaving them to die without medical care after the little fighters survived the initial attempts on their lives. They defended it when organs were harvested from living babies. And they defended it, in the Netherlands, when the framework for infanticide was expanded last year from the 2004 Groningen Policy to other children, as well. Read more

San Marino votes to legalise abortion in referendum.

The move would overturn a law dating back to 1865, which has made San Marino one of the last places in Europe where abortion is completely banned. Read more

The Texas Heartbeat Act Is Saving 100 Babies’ Lives Every Single Day.

Right now, more than 100 babies are being saved from abortion every day in Texas. The Texas Heartbeat Act is currently enforceable, even as the abortion industry and Biden administration attempt to thwart it. There has been much legal back-and-forth and misrepresentation of this life-saving law, particularly on the unique way in which it is enforced. Let’s cut through that confusion. Read more


Turkey forcing religious minorities to join propaganda campaigns to ‘whitewash’ regime’s intolerance.

Religious freedom advocates have warned that Turkey is embarking on a propaganda campaign of “whitewashing” its treatment of religious minorities, and urged the U.S. State Department to designate Turkey as a country of particular concern. Read more

Did Roe v. Wade help or hurt religious freedom?

By ruling that the Constitution guarantees access to abortions for at least part of a pregnancy, the Supreme Court paved the way toward aggressive political and legal attacks on people of faith who believe life begins at conception, argued the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty in its brief.

Some faith-related proponents of abortion rights, on the other hand, argued the opposite: that Roe v. Wade and other abortion rulings have reduced religious conflict. Read more Note from UFI: The answer to this question is obvious to us; Roe hurt religious freedom.

Seattle Homeless Ministry Stands Up for Religious Freedom, Asks Supreme Court for Justice.

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission has been serving the homeless and needy of its community for nearly 90 years. But now, the Washington Supreme Court has given it the Hobson’s choice of changing its religious beliefs or closing its doors. Read more


Transgender medicine has failed us, say detransitioners.

In its ruling for Kiera Bell’s case, the Court noted the lack of evidence for putting children as young as 10 years old on puberty blockers and expressed surprise at Tavistock’s failure to gather basic data on its patients, as well as the lack of follow up data, given “the experimental nature of the treatment and the profound impact that it has”. The Court also noted the dramatic rise in girls seeking treatment for gender dysphoria, for which Tavistock did not put forward “any clinical explanation”. Read more

Affirm Transgender Kids, Says American Academy of Pediatrics.

It’s astonishing that America’s leading association for children’s doctors has embraced a trendy theory which lacks scientific confirmation, however many medical societies and associations have jumped onto the bandwagon. It will be telling American parents that their transgender children are completely healthy and must be accepted by their families, by schools and society. If they are obviously suffering from mental health issues, then the cause is their own bias and nothing that medicine can cure. It is “The Emperor’s New Clothes” turned inside out — the child is clothed with the invisible garments and the Emperor and his retinue are cheering him on. Read more

Polish town scraps controversial move to declare itself ‘LGBT-free’.

Kraśnik was one of dozens of towns and regions since May 2019 to say they are free of “LGBT ideology”, which the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) say undermines Poland’s religious family values.

But the decision soon led to the withdrawal of international funding and a wave of negative attention online. Read more