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Perspective: The true costs of Roe.

We all feel deeply for a woman wrestling with what giving birth might mean for her and her baby. Some believe the most just and compassionate response is to support her in aborting that developing life. In fact, in the words of NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue, to suggest otherwise is to be “against a world where women can contribute equally and chart our own destiny.”

We might ask, “What kind of a world have we created if our equality as women depends on our acting destructively against our own bodies and the developing life we carry?”

Ironically, the widespread availability of abortion enabled by Roe v. Wade has not remedied inequality for women. It has entrenched it, by refusing to acknowledge and respect the sexual difference between men and women and the gift of women’s life-giving capacity.

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When Motherhood Devours.

When women have a child everything changes—Medieval or Modern. But it seems to change more for modern women. When modern women have children, the same biological and God-given desire to protect ignites in us as it did in women of the past— but we don’t have near the same dangers. And on top of that, we have an added expectation of fulfilling all our child’s desires. In a novocaine-free world, such a quest would seem like something out of Fairyland. All this underscores just how to ruin parenthood (and childhood): attempt to protect and keep our child happy for 18 years. That is life-destabilizing. Read more

The American Dream Can Be Achieved If We Spend More Time Building Strong, Stable Families.

In mainstream media outlets, on college campuses, in public schools and the halls of Congress, we hear that race is the critical issue, or poverty, or income inequality or inadequate public spending on issue after issue. All the while, the social factor that often supercedes these other factors is left unmentioned.

We’re talking about the F-word. Family. For all of the problems mentioned above, for instance, family stability is a better predictor than factors like race, government spending and education. In other words, whether or not children grow up with two stably married parents or live in neighborhoods dominated by lone-parent families often ends up being more important than many of the factors that occupy the attention of our ruling class. Read more

How I fight the daily battle against resentment in my marriage.

My husband is a fallen human being with mixed motives and conflicting desires — just like me. But marriage is about sacrificial love, not ego-satisfying justice. And the more I focus on justice — especially my perception of what is just and fair — the farther I get from sacrificial love and the closer I cling to petty selfishness. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Are Schools Contributing To Skyrocketing ADHD Diagnoses?

As rates of early childhood ADHD diagnosis continue to rise, it is instructive to visit with our kindergarten pioneer. Peabody’s portrayal of our first kindergartens could not be further from the lives of America’s youngest students today. Kindergarten has not simply been changed into something different, it has become its own worst nightmare. Read more

Disney’s new ‘Pride’ clothing line targets babies, children.

Disney has announced a clothing line targeted at babies and young children to promote “Pride Month,” the annual June celebration of homosexuality. Profits from sales of these clothes will support a variety of organizations that encourage kids to embrace homosexual or gender dysphoric inclinations. Read more

Forcing 1 Million Escaped Students Back to the Public School Plantation.

In the face of parental revolts over efforts to bring graphic sex, racism, and sexual identity grooming into classrooms, Dems could give parents greater control over school curriculums.

Instead they’re trying to destroy any alternative to the system whose teachers fund their party.

Last week, minority parents protested outside the White House against Biden’s new war on charter schools. Even while the media eagerly covered every pro-abortion activist wearing a handmaid costume, 1,000 parents rallying at the White House received virtually no coverage.

Why are minority charter school parents upset? Read more

Sanctity of Life

Brazil takes global role in defending the unborn after US abandons pro-life coalition.

Brazil sent a special delegation to the United States this past week to bolster international support for the Geneva Consensus Declaration, an accord between nations to support pro-life and pro-family standards of governance.

“Brazil is a pro-life country, and that is why we have taken up this task,” said Cristiane Britto, Brazilian Minister of State for Women, Family and Human Rights, in an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews’ Jim Hale. Read more

Spanish government approves abortion law, pending judicial and parliamentary validation.

The main change in the proposal that the coalition government will now present is the recovery of abortion for minors aged 16 and 17 without authorisation.

It also eliminates guardianship for women with disabilities. The time limits for abortion under current legislation are up to 14 weeks, without justifying the reasons, and up to 22 weeks, in the case of serious risk to the life of the woman or anomalies for the foetus.

The government also aims to make abortion available in the public health system, in all hospitals, and to eliminate the three days of reflection currently required for women seeking abortions.

Furthermore, women who terminate their pregnancies will have a period of time off work, and the morning-after pill will also be distributed free of charge in sexual and reproductive health centres. Read more

Embryo-Dumping Fertility Industry Is Panicked Over The Potential Overturn Of Roe V. Wade.

The likely overturning of Roe v. Wade has panicked many reproductive technology advocates, specifically the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. When abortion policy is decided by individual states, personhood laws such as Louisiana’s Human Life Protection Act and Texas’s Heartbeat Act could immediately criminalize many aspects of Big Fertility’s business model. That’s because destroying human life is part and parcel of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Read more


Muslim backlash causes Canadian university to delete pro-LGBTQ post.

The pro-LGBTQ post highlighted a diverse range of people – an interracial gay couple, a disabled couple, and two women in hijabs leaning in to kiss one another. A petition to remove the post garnered over 2,000 signatures, according to the National Post. This double standard is impossible to miss.

  • Muslims are allowed to fight to preserve their culture.
  • They are allowed to get mad at LGBTQ posters.
  • They can tell a top Canadian university to remove their LGBTQ promotional material without being called evil bigots.

Why is no one else allowed to say anything? Read more

Should Americans look to faith for help making business decisions?

As tensions rise over the rights of religious business owners who oppose same-sex marriage, research shows Americans are divided over the role faith should play in professional choices.

Fifty-one percent of U.S. adults think someone’s “religious beliefs and values” shouldn’t influence their business decisions, while 48% think they should, according to newly released data from the Faith in America survey, which was conducted by The Marist Poll in partnership with the Deseret NewsRead more

Christian Graphic Designer Fears for Her Life as Freedom of Speech Case Heads to Supreme Court.

When it became clear that a Colorado public accommodation law would be used to force Lorie Smith to create messages that she and other Coloradans didn’t support, or else face harsh penalties, she decided she had to challenge the statute.

So she turned to the federal court system to uphold her First Amendment freedoms, and, six years later, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in her case later this year.

Now, Smith fears for her life as she awaits the slow turning of the wheels of justice—due to continuous terrifying harassment, including death threats, from activists seeking to suppress her Christian beliefs. Read more


Biden Administration Refuses to Recognize Long-Term Effects of Puberty Blockers.

When it comes to subjecting children who are confused about their gender to hormones, puberty-blocking drugs, and irreversible surgeries, the Biden administration has exhibited an alarmingly one-track mind: Inject and cut now, ask questions later. Read more

Under Title IX Changes, Wisconsin’s ‘Sexual Harassment’ Circus Over Trans Pronouns Would Ensnare Students In Every State.

“I was like, ‘What? Sexual harassment? What are you talking about?’” Braden’s mom, Rose Rabidoux, recalled to The Federalist. “Because when I think of sexual harassment, I think of rape. I think of inappropriate touching.”

Braden hadn’t been accused of any of these things. He hadn’t groped or stalked anybody or even made lewd comments.

The school was instead going after him and two other eighth-grade boys for using so-called “incorrect pronouns” for a female student who decided she wanted to be called “they” or “them.” According to the school, because an unknown complainant alleged that Braden had used feminine singular pronouns to refer to a female student, he was being investigated for sexual harassment under Title IX. Read more

‘Could Be Disastrous’: Transsexual Activist Pushes Back on Own Movement, Warns of Child Indoctrination and Lies.

A well-known transgender activist is sounding the alarm on the transitioning of children, warning that many of the protections once in place have evaporated — and that the trans movement is engaging in deceptive language. Read more