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Disney Executives Admit: Of Course We’re Grooming Your Children.

Disney isn’t just grooming children with radical sexual propaganda — now they’re bragging about it.

On the heels of Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law, which bars educators from instructing kindergarten through third-grade students about sexual ideology, multiple executives and employees from the Walt Disney Company admitted their own personal missions to deluge 5- to 9-year-olds with as much of their own sexual ideology as possible.

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New Pro-Abortion Billboards Demand People “Stop Having Kids”.

Catching eyes across the city of Portland, Oregon are a series of new billboards that demand people “Stop Having Kids.”

The black and white advertisements, the project of a secretive pro-abortion group of the same name, display the simple message along with a cancel symbol across the silhouette of a baby. Christianity Daily reports the group also paid for a billboard in Salem that reads, “A lot of humans wish they were never born.” Read more

Let’s tell teens the truth about sex and its consequences.

As I listened to the senators of my adopted state debate this bill until late into the night, I was struck by how many bemoaned the fact that teenage girls will be significantly impacted by the 15-week limit, because many of them deny the reality of three or more missed periods and the implications of unprotected sex.

It’s true the 15-week law might lead to more teenage births in the months following its enactment. But what I keep coming back to is that this is an extremely teachable moment for parents of teenagers. Tell them not to have sex and tell them the consequences that could result if they do. An unplanned pregnancy is far from the only possible outcome. Read more

The ‘Ordinary’ Defense of Our Homes.

Defending our homes is defending what should be ordinary. And such a defense is the ordinary duty of all of us. Especially today. For a time is now at hand when there is need of valor without renown, and few remember or even notice the ordinary deeds of life in the home. This falls heavily on women in the home.The work of women in the home is especially representative of what a home is and should be. Properly understood as a community of rich daily human life, home is where the feminine genius most obviously—though certainly not exclusively—is exercised. Undervaluing the feminine and undervaluing home always go hand in hand. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Yes, Schools Are Secretly Trying to ‘Gender Transition’ Kids, and It Must Be Stopped.

Parents in Wisconsin, Florida, and California filed lawsuits after learning that schools kept them in the dark or even defied their wishes on how to treat their children’s gender dysphoria.

Why would a school adopt a policy that so blatantly undermines the role of parents? LGBT activist groups like Gender Spectrum and Equality Federation have aggressively pushed legislatures in states like Virginia to adopt them. And school districts have become emboldened to deceive parents. Read more

Mother is ‘desperate’ to warn others about the harms of THC concentrates.

“[Experts in psychosis] don’t think he probably actually thought he would die,” Laura said. “There was a video of him from the RTD station that the cameras took in the parking lot showing that he spread his wings as if he literally thought that he was going to fly right off the building. I don’t know if he intended to die. I’ll never know what was going through his mind. But I do know that if it hadn’t been for marijuana, he’d still be here today.” Read more

Utah Legislature overturns governor’s veto on protecting women’s sports.

The bill sponsored by Republican state Rep. Kera Birkeland requires public schools and private schools that compete against public schools to designate sports as male, female or co-ed. Male-born students are banned from competing on girls’ teams.

Democratic state Rep. Brian King argued that “things are simply not black and white in terms of gender orientation, sexual orientation, gender identification.”

“It’s simply not accurate to say that girls are girls and boys are boys, and never the two shall meet,” he said. “There is in fact a lot that is unknown.” Read more

Sanctity of Life

Big Fertility Harms Babies And Women So Why Are We Celebrating It?

Paying someone else to make or carry a baby that may or may not have any of your DNA is a lucrative racket that’s taken off in the U.S. and rakes in billions of dollars each year. It’s also growing increasingly popular for gay couples or even some women who want to avoid the pregnancy symptoms and body changes required of carrying a baby, but just because it’s an option doesn’t mean it’s ethical. Read more

Planned Parenthood Admits Abortion Drugs Aren’t Safe, Can Cause Infertility.

Over the past few years, pro-abortion groups, women’s magazines, the Biden administration, the World Health Organization and others have begun to proclaim the supposed safety of taking abortion drugs without medical supervision. Last year, the Women’s March even urged activist to stop using coat hangers and other “back alley abortion” talking points, saying they didn’t want to give the impression that “self-managed abortions are dangerous, scary and harmful.”

But they are, and a Planned Parenthood leader confirmed it in a recent interview. Read more

Oregon’s ‘death with dignity’ stats need to be examined.

The annual yearly release of Oregon’s data is important, as it has to serve as a lens to assess the weaknesses of laws elsewhere. It must be a sign of the normalisation of assisted suicide that the media overlook it.

As of January 21, 238 people had died in 2021 from ingesting the prescribed medications. This was a drop from 2020, when 259 people died. Most patients were 65 years or older (81%), college educated (45%) and white (95%). The most common underlying condition was cancer (61%), followed by neurological disease (15%) and heart disease (12%).

As in past years, the main reasons that people requested death were “losing autonomy” (93%), and “less able to engage in activities making life enjoyable” (92%). “Inadequate pain control, or concern about it” was only cited by 27%.

However, there were some surprises – minor, but still significant. Read more


Court Rules Pro-Life MP in Finland Not Guilty of “Hate Speech” for Quoting the Bible.

In a huge victory for pro-life Christians and free speech, a court has ruled that Päivi Räsänen, a member of the parliament in Finland, is not guilty of hate speech for quoting the Bible to defend her views.

Räsänen could have been sent to prison for six years for expressing her Christian beliefs publicly after she was accused of using “hate speech.” She is widely known for defending conservative Christian views and speaking out against abortion and euthanasia. Read more

Religious freedom is under threat in Victoria.

The reality of Victoria’s new legislation means that a religious school may no longer prioritise the employment of teaching staff who support the religious ethos of the school, and that religious beliefs are assumed under the law to be unrelated to one’s everyday actions. The law only recognises the right of specific teachers in religious schools to teach religious knowledge, but not the right of the school as a whole to build a culture informed by faith.

Faith and life are decoupled under this law. It is a direct attack on religion and on the rights of parents. Read more

Stop Arguing For Religious Liberty And Start Arguing Against Religious Discrimination.

When gay marriage was legalized in Obergfell v. Hodges, Christians were assured that they could practice their faith and live out their values in peace, but this was almost immediately proven wrong. As the ink of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion was drying, LGBT groups immediately went after Christian bakers, florists, photographers, popular chicken sandwich chains, and other Christian organizations for their religious beliefs. Read more


European Commission Punishing Ukraine Refugees Over LGBT.

Cash-strapped Central European states Poland and Hungary have asked the EU Commission to intervene on their behalf in order to receive nearly $45 billion in assistance currently being withheld because the two states do not hold liberal views on homosexuality and transgenderism.

This is happening even though Poland and Hungary are bearing the brunt of the first impact of Ukrainian refugees. Over 2 million Ukrainian refugees entered Poland since Russia invaded the Ukraine. Nearly half a million have fled to Hungary. Read more

Leaked documents show how teachers recruit students, form gay and transgender clubs in schools.

Imagine a scenario in which your child comes home from school and tells you that they now identify as “pansexual.” Or, while telling you about the school day, your child mentions that he or she was told he or she was gay based on a test a teacher gave them. Or you discover he or she was recruited by a teacher to lead a gay and transgender student club but was instructed not to tell any parents because “what happens in the student club, stays in the club.” These are the alarming contents of a packet distributed by the California Teachers Association regarding the formation of gay and transgender clubs in schools. Read more

Transgenderism has a science problem.

Laws protecting children from harmful gender transition procedures are supported by basic scientific facts. Yet such laws are routinely opposed by cultural, corporate, and political figures, who claim they are the ones in alignment with science. The White House recently called efforts in Texas to protect children from gender transition an “attack on loving parents who seek medical care” that is “dangerous to the health” of these children. Is this really true? Read more