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JK Rowling speaks out against Scottish gov’t proposal to make it easier to ‘change’ gender.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling slammed a proposal to reform the process for legally changing one’s birth certificate in Scotland to display the opposite sex, saying the easing of regulations will “harm the most vulnerable women in society.”

The Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill seeks to amend the nation’s 2004 Gender Recognition Act to “introduce new criteria for applicants who wish to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC),” the Scottish government’s website reads.

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Women can’t reach ‘full God-given potential’ without abortion, Joe Biden claims.

“Every person deserves the chance to live up to their full God-given potential, without regard for gender or other factors,” Biden’s statement read. “Yet too often, in too many places, women and girls face obstacles that limit their possibilities and undermine their participation in economic, political, and social life.”

The president listed the fact that he “launched a whole-of-government effort to protect reproductive rights,” a popular euphemism for legal abortion.

UFI Comment: According to Biden, women’s “God-given potential” only pertains to participation in economic, political, and social life. Ironically, motherhood is left out. Read more

War Highlights Sex Differences and Family Ties.

A nation could recover from the loss of scores of men, as the twentieth century’s postwar societies all did. But it has no future without women and children and the moral order of the family and society that these not only represent but constitute. Civilization hinges on women. Read more

The case for starting a family sooner, not later.

Egg freezing isn’t a scientific miracle that guarantees women more fertile years. In 2019, NBC News ran a story on the realities of egg freezing. They reported on the physical, financial and emotional toll the procedure takes, citing statistics with his success rates as low as 11%.

NBC quoted Tanya Selvaratnam, author of “The Big Lie: Motherhood, Feminism, and the Reality of the Biological Clock, who explained, “One of the fantasies is that when a woman is ready to have a child, that science will make it possible for them.” Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights


American laws and culture depict life in the womb as a “gray area.” It can be difficult for men to sort through their level of involvement in the abortion space when they are told that they don’t have a voice. In Care Net’s study, men whose partners had an abortion consistently fell into three categories: Read more

School Transparency Wars.

As battles in various statehouses rage on over what kids should be taught in school, whatever is decided, parents have a right to know. And since taxpayers fork over billions of dollars every year to the government education complex, they, too, need to be in the loop. Transparency is paramount. You wouldn’t think this would be a contentious issue. The government makes sure we are aware of every ingredient that goes into the bologna we buy. Similarly, we should also know the contents of the curricular bologna kids are being fed in school. Read more

Parents, It’s Your Job to Get in the Way of Cell Phones.

Kids do not deserve privacy. You own their devices, not them. You should be having the hard conversations with them about life, relationships, their bodies, their futures, etc. It is your responsibility to provide social and emotional support, help build coping skills, and monitor their activities. Read more

Sanctity of Life

WHO Tells Countries to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth Without Limits.

The WHO guidelines are about as extreme as they can be, calling for no gestational limits on abortion, an end to requirements that only doctors do abortions, no parental consent for minors, no waiting periods, and active promotion of abortion – including do-it-yourself abortions — by governments. Read more

UN bans pro-life groups from attending conference on ‘status of women’.

In a move that can only be described as discriminatory and unacceptable, the United Nations (UN) is excluding a number of pro-life non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including Campaign Life Coalition, from fully participating in the UN’s upcoming Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) set to take place from March 14 to 25, by rejecting their applications to host parallel events. Read more

Biden Science Advisor Francis Collins Defends Using Aborted Baby Parts in Research.

Collins argued in favor of continuing research with aborted baby body parts because they are in easy supply, saying, “Fetal tissue is being discarded in large quantities every day.” Nearly 1 million unborn babies are aborted in the U.S. every year.

“If there were a circumstance where, with consent of the mother, having been obtained after the abortion, not in any way as an inspiration to carry it forward, the abortion … could ultimately help somebody. Which of those two choices is more ethical — discard all the tissue or use a small part?”

Then, Collins suggested that research with aborted baby body parts actually may redeem the immoral act of abortion. Read more


UK faith leaders warn about the “threat to liberties” of the new Police law.

“The new restrictions on peaceful processions and assemblies present a grave threat to civil liberties in this country, and would allow the police to potentially criminalise a wide range of scenarios, either for being too ‘noisy’ or for causing ‘serious unease’”, warns the letter.

Furthermore, “there are also likely to be a number of severe consequences for faith and belief communities across the country”, it adds. Read more

Appeals court: Foster parents can share religious views with children.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit recently ruled in favor of a Christian couple in New Jersey seeking legal protection to welcome foster children into their home without hiding their religious beliefs on marriage and sexuality. Read more

Message to the LGBT lobby: have you ever heard of multiculturalism?

Such hostility to freedom of speech and religious conscience is a sign of uncivil times and supports the hypothesis I’ve proposed since the same-sex marriage debate: that the end game for sexual radicals is to banish from the public square, and ultimately from the private mind, any moral objection to a culture of sex-without-boundaries.

But religion is in the business of setting sane boundaries. Read more


Prostitution will not longer be a crime in Belgium.

Voluntary prostitution is not currently prohibited in Belgium, but the organisation of it is. Under this new law, prostitution would be taken out of penal code, but pimping remains illegal.

Now people in prostitution will be able to hire accountants to do their books, get a bank loan based on their earnings, claim state pensions and other benefits or rent a brothel.

Furthermore, a brothel owner, or anyone else, will be able to enter into a legal agreement with a prostitute, “if the latter acts freely and willingly”, and they no longer risk prosecution. Read more

Bioethicist: Transgender Children Should Decide Whether to Transition.

In the current Journal of Medical Ethics, which generally reflects mainstream bioethical thinking, a column argues that children should be able to decide for themselves whether to obtain gender-transition interventions such as puberty blocking — even if they are too immature to exercise meaningful decisional capacity.

Why does this matter? Radical and destructive public policies are pushed by radical ideologues — and then, as here, legitimized by co-believers in the “professional literature.” These articles, in turn, influence judges deciding relevant cases, government public-policy makers/bureaucrats, media, and popular culture. Read more

The latest body mutilation fad pushed by trans activists is not ‘life saving’, it’s dangerous to human health.

Decades from now, scholars will surely study the way our entire mainstream media joined with the transgender movement to promote gender dysphoria and the disfiguring and mutilation of young people. Surgeries that involve slicing off healthy breasts and penises and removing testicles are regularly referred to as “life-saving”; puberty blockers are presented as “essential healthcare”; warning bells sounded by physicians and research illustrating devastating long-term effects are written off as transphobic propaganda. Read more