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‘What Is a Woman’ Exposes Disturbing Transgender Agenda.

While some may struggle to “figure out” women, Walsh identifies that Western culture’s obsession with gender identity has paralyzed people from defining what a woman is. As the documentary progresses, we see further evidence that the transgender narrative has not only rejected the definitions of “man” and “woman” as insensitive and transphobic, but has dismantled the very concept of universal truth and reality.

Fittingly released on the first day of Pride Month, Walsh’s documentary is a thought-provoking, humorous, yet often emotional and disturbing film that illuminates the contradictory and dangerous narrative of the transgender agenda.

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The Toll of the Dwindling Birth Rate is Far Greater Than Underpopulation.

The persistent cultural trend away from family life and childbirth is deeply troubling, not just because of its demographic implications, but because it means denying core characteristics of what it means to be human: our need for connection and our desire for meaning. Read more

The ‘Lean In’ Era Is Over, And That’s Good For Everyone.

Sandberg billed herself as charting a way for women to fight for big corporate leadership roles they deserved, but instead, she aided in creating the feminist veil by which big corporate often justifies exploiting their labor by trying to prevent family formation (ergo, happiness). When big corporate competes with families for a woman’s attention, instead of cooperating with families to help them provide for themselves, everyone loses, but especially women. Read more

Ex-surrogate mother exposes ‘evil’ womb-renting industry.

The practice of surrogacy made the news recently when podcaster Dave Rubin announced that he and his male partner had rented the wombs of two women who were carrying children created with their respective sperm and eggs purchased from a donor. This commodification of both human life and the female body is dystopian enough, but most missed a particularly horrifying aspect of what Rubin clearly believed to be a feel-good story: The fact that he noted in his recent book “Don’t Burn This Country” that he and his partner had decided that if they discovered that any of the children being carried by the surrogates were disabled, they’d have the child aborted.

Rubin doesn’t mention how the surrogate might feel to have his disabled child suctioned out of her womb, or that she might be horrified to find that her offer to carry a child mutate into a demand to abort a child. But that’s how it works with surrogacy: the mother is erased entirely. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Can we get kids to 15 without a phone glued to their palm?

A small group of Sydney parents have started a movement called the Heads Up Alliance. Their purpose is to encourage and enlist parents to delay getting smartphones for their kids, at least until year nine. (I’d hang out even longer, call me old fashioned, but I’d not have internet devices in bedrooms until they have graduated from school.)

So those kids can be social in the real world instead, relate to family and friends, pets, and nature, and not get distracted and de-skilled in a world of clicks and fleeting glib slogans that pass for friendship. Read more

Disney Doubles Down On LGBTQ Programming With ‘Lightyear’ And More.

Melissa Jacobs and her husband, Jeremy, raising seven children in St. Louis, canceled Disney Plus this spring. While the family has enjoyed shows like “Bluey,” along with Star Wars and Marvel films, she stated that “the direction Disney was leaning” prompted their decision.

“Many of their programs no longer have a traditional family and instead highlight and celebrate queer, transgender, and homosexual characters,” she stated. “In many shows, kids are openly disrespectful to their parents. It’s all contrary to what we are trying to teach our children.” Read more

Your Hardest Family Question: How do I help my angry and isolated teen daughter?

When dealing with a teenager who appears depressed, you’re going to get a lot of pushback when you try and enter their world. It’s normal to stop pushing and stop asking questions out of respect for their requests to back off. Plus, it’s impossible to pry information out of somebody without doing more damage to them or the relationship. However, I don’t think that pulling away is the best option, especially when you are worried about their mental health and possibly their safety.

Even if you don’t know what else to do, I recommend you err on the side of closeness. Contact is more important than consent when trying to connect to a troubled teen. In other words, your daughter may want you as far away as possible, but it’s critical that you keep as much contact with her as possible so she can have that assurance that someone is still there for her. Pulling away when she’s in a condition like this will only diminish her mental health and possibly confirm to her the worst things she thinks about herself. Read more

Sanctity of Life

WHO Abortion Guidelines Written and Funded by Abortion Activists.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) published guidelines calling for legal abortion on demand through all stages of pregnancy and limiting the ability of doctors to conscientiously object. A new analysis shows the influence of abortion groups in drafting the document. Read more

Most Americans think abortion is ‘morally acceptable’ for the first time, Gallup poll finds.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Michael New, a pro-life scholar at the Charlotte Lozier Institute and a professor at the Catholic University of America, attributed the finding to an increase in “moral acceptability of a range of issues that pertain to sexuality” and “sexual conduct.”

He cited “an increase in people who think that premarital sex is morally acceptable” and an increase in the number of people who believe “same-sex marriage is morally acceptable” as examples of this phenomenon. Read more

Euthanasia makes clean sweep of Australian states.

“This law will force organisations that do not agree with assisted dying to allow doctors onto their premises to prescribe and even administer restricted drugs with the intention of terminating a resident’s life – without even informing the facility,” said Brigid Meney, of Catholic Health Australia. “These laws ignore the rights of staff and residents who may choose to work and live in a particular residential facility because of their opposition to assisted dying.” Read more


Some Tampa Bay Rays refuse to wear LGBT pride uniform logo, cite faith.

The Rays announced on Twitter Saturday that the team’s players would “wear our pride on our sleeves,” sharing pictures of Rays uniforms with a rainbow-colored sunburst on their sleeves and baseball caps with the Tampa Bay Rays logo emblazoned with the rainbow colors.

While most players wore the uniforms, several team members declined to don the customized clothing and opted to wear their standard uniforms, alleging LGBT activism conflicted with the tenets of their Christian faith. Read more

Graduation season a time for student freedom, not censorship.

When our Nation’s Founding Fathers wrote the Establishment Clause into the Bill of Rights, they envisioned it as a protective device – a means of safeguarding citizens from a federally-mandated religion. In just over two hundred years, it has instead become a weapon often wielded by government bureaucrats to stamp out any vestige of religion from our public life. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito even warned that religious liberty is “fast becoming a disfavored right.” Read more

Religious, pro-life groups make proposals for Chilean constitutional convention.

Bishop González said what is at risk is that fundamental rights, which today are enshrined in the current constitution, could end up being “very poorly configured or insufficiently assured.”

“What’s important is that the State recognize that the religious factor in any of its aspects is a relevant social factor in the life of a country,” he stressed. Read more


Global South Revolts Against Western Sexual Agenda at World Health Assembly.

In a statement of defiance against Western pressure on sexual mores, over 120 countries rejected a U.S.-backed global strategy to address HIV/AIDS because it promotes the homosexual/trans agenda and sexual autonomy for children.

Only 61 out of 194 countries voted in favor of a new strategy of the World Health Organization to combat HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases that was backed by the Biden administration and other Western delegations. This came in a frantic late night session on the final day of the World Health Assembly last Saturday. Read more

Teachers Explain How They Push ‘Gender Lessons’ on Young Children.

Teachers discussed the various ways they are injecting gender-related discussions into their lessons, including comments about using hormones to stop menstrual periods and declining to state that sexual anatomy is gender-specific, according to The Washington Post. One transgender teacher makes a point of telling students about the process of gender transitions, including with personal testimony. Read more

Say “No” to the New Binary.

Before the 1950s when psychologists like John Money began experimenting on children with congenital disorders of sexual development, the terms “sex” and “gender” were synonymous. In fact, so much was “gender” not the disembodied counterpart to “sex,” its etymological roots gave us words like “generation,” “engender,” and “progeny.” Generation, of course is made possible by sex, the word for which refers to the “division” within a species between male and female individuals.

But beginning with Money, the idea of a spiritual sex distinct from the actual sex of the child was officially hatched, when he suggested that a “gender identity” could be impressed upon a child with the proper upbringing. But that meant that sex itself had to be redefined. Sex had to become merely “biological sex.” “Gender” was the tool for the mastery of sex. By downgrading sex, it made “sex” available to whatever “assignment” the will would give it. Read more