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‘Motherhood’ in the crosshairs.

Matt Walsh’s documentary What is a Woman? exposes the fact that many people, at least in Western nations, no longer acknowledge that women exist as a physically discernable class of people. Walsh’s core point is valid: If we cannot define what a woman is, how can we defend women’s spaces, women’s sports, or women’s rights at large? How can we defend, protect, or champion something we cannot define?

We can’t.

As massively troubling as that is, there is something else festering just below the surface. The next victim of the transgender agenda is beginning to rise from the mire of transgender ideology. She has a uterus and ovaries and people used to call her “Mom.”

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While Touting Abortion, Biden Admin Moves To Drop Natural Family Planning From Insurance Coverage.

In recent years, women and couples have been able to find coverage for FABM instruction. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2016 included “instruction in fertility awareness-based methods” as part of the ACA’s demand that insurance plans refrain from placing cost-sharing requirements on women seeking “preventative care and screenings.”

Yet for reasons unbeknownst to anyone but themselves, the Biden administration’s HHS suddenly decided to rescind this coverage in December 2021. If left unchallenged, the new rule will go into effect in December 2022, and thousands of women and couples seeking FABM instruction will be forced to pay out of pocket or forego it altogether for lack of funds to pay for it. Read more

Lithuanian bishops call for scrapping of same-sex partnership bill.

Lithuanian bishops have called on politicians to vote down proposed same-sex partnership legislation, quoting words used by Pope Francis to argue that civil unions distort the concept of marriage and family.

Lithuania’s parliament last month voted to accept for further debate a draft bill legalizing same-sex civil partnerships, after voting down a similar bill in May 2021. Read more

NYC Mayor Promotes Drag Shows for Kids.

New York City has spent over $200,000 worth of tax payer money to fund the group “Drag Queen Story Hour NYC.”

Since 2018, documents show that the group has received a total of $207,000 in taxpayer cash, including $50,000 from New York State through its Council on the Arts, as well as $157,000 from the city’s Departments of Education, Cultural Affairs, Youth and Community Development, and the Department of Transportation.

The highly inappropriate group sends drag queens into schools, without parental consent, and reads kids books in their full drag costume. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

The Feds: Fully on Board the Trans Train.

On June 15, Biden furthered his descent into the child abuse abyss by signing an executive order that directs his Departments of Health and Human Services and Education to further push his “gender-affirming care” agenda, allowing treatments in children who claim gender confusion, and increase LGBTQ activism infiltration, under the guise of anti-bullying and anti-suicide programs, in public schools throughout the United States. As noted by Dr. Susan Berry, the order is specifically aimed at states that have “banned transgender medical interventions for minors, promoted parental rights, and blocked public schools from teaching concepts related to gender identity and sexuality to young children.”

There are 33 states and the District of Columbia that have some legal provisions which allow minors to obtain routine health care without parental consent, while 17 states have no such provisions. In the states that do have legal provisions, it is possible for adolescents to obtain puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones under certain circumstance without parental approval. Read more

The Assault on Children’s Psyches.

To be sure, schools would prefer that parents not interfere with curricular matters in the first place. “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” declared Virginia’s Democratic governor Terry McAuliffe (a statement that would subsequently cost him reelection). To keep “hostile” parents at bay, the best thing public schools can do is hide critical pedagogy under seemingly innocuous bureaucratic titles like “culturally responsive teaching” and “The Teaching and Learning Department.” Any parent who wishes to challenge current practices must first spend a considerable amount of time digging through this bureaucratic muddle. The information asymmetry between parents and school personnel, I learned from speaking to parent-group leaders, is one of the main reasons concerned parents don’t speak up. Read more

Boys Need Fathers And Society Needs Them Too.

June is very loudly claiming its status as “Pride” month through YouTube ads and rallies, but the ideology of sexual license has left American families nothing to take pride in. Our sex-driven culture is wrecking more lives than just the mutilated victims of the trans movement and the millions of murdered fetuses lying in the wake of feminism. As a new report confirms, it is creating fatherless children and single moms, and with them a cycle that births destructive habits in the home. Read more

Sanctity of Life

Corporate Media Abortion Propaganda Machine Is Firing On All Cylinders.

Over Father’s Day weekend, NBC’s “Today” website took advantage of a holiday celebrating fatherhood to highlight men who rejected parenthood and detached themselves from raising and providing for the child they created. The irony was lost on no one.

“Eight dads are sharing how abortion has helped them become the fathers they are today,” the story reads, before launching into the “constitutional right to abortion care,” which is of course found no where in the constitution.

The NBC piece goes on to share testimonies from men about how they are “so grateful” they were able to end pregnancies that would have inconvienced them and their partners. These men say they wanted to “live their life,” so out cowardice or indifference, children had to die. Read more

Jane’s Revenge Threats against Pro-Lifers Presage a New ‘Bleeding Kansas’.

A radical pro-abortion group called Jane’s Revenge — which claims to have burned and vandalized pro-life offices and crisis pregnancy centers, threatening at some locales: ““If abortion isn’t safe, neither are you!” — has just issued a communique threatening worse to come. Read more

U.S. abortions increase by nearly 70,000 in three years, reversing long-term decline.

In women between the ages of 15 and 44, the abortion rate increased 7%, from 13.5 abortions per 1,000 women in 2017 to 14.4 per 1,000 women in 2020. The abortion ratio — the number of abortions per 100 pregnancies — increased 12%, from 18.4% in 2017 to 20.6% in 2020.

This means that, in 2020, roughly one in five unborn babies was aborted (this figure does not include miscarriages). Read more


Supreme Court Strikes Down Maine’s Ban on Funding for Religious Schools.

The Supreme Court voted 6–3 to strike down as unconstitutional a Maine law that excludes families from a student aid program if they choose to send their children to religious schools, in a decision released June 21.

The ruling is a defeat for the Biden administration, which supported Maine’s position. Read more

Judge rules Jewish university isn’t a ‘religious corporation,’ must recognize LGBT club.

In the ruling, Kotler said YU is chartered not as a religious organization but is considered an “educational corporation,” and it is, therefore, subject to New York City Human Rights Law.

“The record shows that the purpose students attend Yeshiva is to obtain an education, not for religious worship or some other function which is religious at its core,” Kotler wrote. “Thus, religion is necessarily secondary to education at Yeshiva.” Read more

Jewish group demands legal abortion based on ‘religious freedom’ rights.

In an apparent new strategy seeking to maintain the decriminalization of preborn child killing, a south Florida synagogue filed a lawsuit against the State of Florida’s new 15-week abortion ban arguing that it violates the “religious freedom” of Jews.

In recent years, the same general case has been made by professed Satanists, who have argued that any restriction to the killing of preborn children violates their religious beliefs. In 2015, the New York-based “Satanic Temple” filed a federal lawsuit against Missouri, claiming that state laws restricting abortion violate their “free exercise” of Satanism.

But according to Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, abortion is not a religious issue but rather has to be governed by scientific principles. “First of all, we’re talking about an action that is the killing an innocent human life,” the well-known priest told LifeSiteNews. Read more


Signs of hope in Australia’s transgender battles.

The situation in Australia with regard to gender ideology is grim. Until recently there has been virtually no discussion or public dissent. The “trans kids” narrative has been uniformly celebrated by the media, schools, governments and organisations. I often sadly think of Australia (and our cousins in New Zealand), as being “the Canada of the southern hemisphere”. Tragic and disturbing stories of the effects on young people as a result of this are beginning to emerge. Read more

Biden Launches Global Campaign Against “Conversion Therapy”.

The Biden White House announced a global campaign to eradicate any kind of therapy and counseling to help persons who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria.

“My order will use the full force of the federal government to prevent inhumane practices of conversion therapy,” Biden said last week at the signing, calling any kind of therapy or counseling that does not affirm homosexuality and transgenderism “dangerous and discredited.” Read more

International Swimming Federation’s New Trans Policy Rewarding Preteen Castration Is Nothing To Celebrate.

On its face, FINA’s decision looks like a win for women who have begged and pleaded for fair, female-only sports competitions that can’t be infiltrated by males. While it’s true that men such as infamous University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas will not be permitted to compete in upcoming FINA competitions, the organization’s new policy has caveats that allow men to compete against women so long as they undergo irreversible and risky sex experiments as young minors. Read more

UFI Comment: Today is the 5oth anniversary of Title IX. We reiterate the importance of female sports to women and girls, and encourage you to show your appreciation for female athletes, past and present.