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U.S. Promotion Of Abortion Abroad Is Ideological Colonialism, Not Gender Equality.

Denunciations of the West’s colonial history in Africa are common these days, along with criticisms of how a dominant culture was imposed on a less powerful society. Yet we hear little about how Western forces are currently reshaping Africa’s culture through economic and political pressure.

The United Nations, Western donor nations, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations act is if they have reached a state of enlightenment, especially when it comes to issues of sexuality. Indeed, they apparently feel compelled to press their enlightened views on the rest of the world.

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Yes, A Family Competes With Women’s Careers, But Family Matters More.

Time is not unlimited, and neither is biology. These two physical limits, and others such as finances and serendipity, create the conditions under which people must make the best choices they can using the various life cards they are dealt.

Much of the angst and mistakes college-educated women engage in while attempting to maintain both a high-demand career and family aspirations comes from refusing to acknowledge such limits. So much trouble can be reduced by fitting oneself to reality instead of obeying the dominant cultural advice of attempting to achieve what is logistically unrealistic. Read more

Does Poverty Create Psychopathic Behavior? No, But Family Instability Appears To.

Consider this: Children in poor families tend to have better outcomes than children raised in foster homes, as I noted in a piece for Psychology Today.

This is striking because when it comes to important outcomes like graduation rates, drug use, future earnings, and criminal behavior, much of our focus is on economic factors.

But in fact, family instability appears to be a stronger predictor than family socioeconomic status for a child’s life trajectory. Read more

Russia rejects European Court of Human Rights order to recognise same-sex unions.

Russian authorities have rejected a European Court of Human Rights order to recognise same-sex unions.

Under constitutional amendments adopted last year, Russia outlawed same-sex unions by stipulating that the “institution of marriage is a union between a man and a woman”. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Harvard Study Shows the Dangers of Early School Enrollment.

As schooling becomes more rigid and consumes more of childhood, it is causing increasing harm to children. Many of them are unable to meet unrealistic academic and behavioral expectations at such a young age, and they are being labeled with and medicated for delays and disorders that often only exist within a schooled context. Read more UFI Note: While this article was written in 2018, it is especially pertinent in 2021, when Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda is pushing to start our children in the public education system at three years old, as well as extending the government’s influence in their lives an additional two years after K-12.

Childcare chain urges parents to ask for permission before changing nappies.

Anyone who has ever been a parent or has taken care of babies and toddlers knows that when it comes to changing diapers, the child isn’t always so happy about it. Recently, a childcare chain in Australia suggested that parents ask their child permission before changing nappies. Their suggestion was not as well-accepted as they thought. Read more

The FBI is warning of sexual predators in online gaming. Parents can take these steps to better protect kids.

Federal Bureau of Investigation New York intelligence analyst Chris Travis noticed a pattern of sexual predators using online gaming as a method to contact and groom young people. It hit home when Travis realized his own young son (who loves to play video games) was potentially being exposed to this behavior. Read more

Sanctity of Life

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle receive award for only having two children.

According to Hello Magazine, pro-abortion Population Matters, an organization that aims to limit the world population, chose the couple for being “a role model for other families” by deciding to limit their family size. Read more

Planned Parenthood sex ed ‘sexualizes’ children, ‘leading to abortion’: former volunteer says.

A former Planned Parenthood sex education volunteer says a program that Iowa recently banned from receiving taxpayer funding pushed materials that encouraged students to become sexually active, “leading them to abortion.” Read more

U.S. and Other Donors Pledge Billions at UN Event to Promote Abortion and Radical Feminist Policies.

Twenty-five years ago, 189 countries adopted a landmark platform to advance women’s rights without creating a right to abortion. This week, the UN commemorated that agreement with a forum in which donors pledged billions of dollars to advance abortion and a radical feminist agenda. Read more


Religious Freedom Is Dying in China.

To project the image of a unified China, government authorities pressured religious heads across the nation to evangelize about the glories of the CCP’s ideology and way of life. Churches were told to display banners with slogans of political ideology, perform the national anthem before singing Christian hymns, and in general demonstrate their loyalty to the CCP above all, and only secondarily to the church. Read more

Why Is Antisemitism Growing Among the Highly Educated?

Recent studies have shown that highly educated people in the United States tend to feel stronger resentment toward Jews than those with less education. Antisemitism within the highly educated class is on the rise.

Today, antisemitism often takes the form of a radical anti-Zionism that becomes a justified antisemitism made available to all. Permission to be antisemitic is granted if it’s in the name of anti-racism and human rights. Read more

Christian schools in Nigeria ordered to close amid spate of kidnappings.

After more than 140 students were abducted from a Christian boarding school in the Kaduna state in northwestern Nigeria, authorities have ordered the closure of schools in the area, identifying them as “vulnerable.” Read more


Gay Men’s Chorus sings ‘We’ll convert your children, we’re coming for them.’

This song is about the political power that LGBT forces have amassed, overwhelming every aspect of American culture. These men are not victims of a heteronormative society pleading for acceptance or to be left alone. “You think that we’ll corrupt your kids, if our agenda goes unchecked. Fine. Just this once, you’re correct: We’ll convert your children.”

They claim they want to make our children tolerant and fair. But how do they define tolerance? Tolerance is the ability or willingness to co-exist with those who have opinions or behavior that you don’t agree with. Yet according to their song, tolerance is now about endorsing and embracing their agenda: “Get on board in a hurry, cause the world always needs a bit more pride. We’ll convert your children, then we’ll turn to you…you’ll forget you were ever upset.” Read more

This Is the Dangerous LGBTQ+ Trajectory That We Have Been Warning About.

The trajectory of which I speak is the trajectory of social madness, resulting in headlines like this, from the Daily Mail: “Violent clashes break out in LA between rival protesters after viral video showed customer complaining about transgender woman exposing their penis to children in upmarket spa’s steam room.”

For a man to declare ‘I am a woman’, and for everyone to be compelled to agree, is not, as with genuine civil rights movements, about extending privileges unjustly hoarded by a favoured group to a marginalised one.

What we are facing is a fundamental redefinition of what it means for anyone to be a man or woman – the supplanting of biology and a total rewrite of society’s rules, with far-reaching consequences. Read more

Actress dons latest LGBT fashion trend to promote gender confusion in young girls.

Chest binders, as you might suspect, are dangerous. It is unhealthy and damaging to chest-bind (one is reminded of foot-binding in China years ago), and the physical effects can be permanent. Breast binders often cause back pain, shoulder pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, and even fractured ribs. Abigail Shrier, who documented her years of research into the issue in her essential book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, noted that breast binders can “permanently damage tissue, leaving breasts looking like deflated balloons, flat and wrinkled.” Read more