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So-Called Global Respect Act Disrespects Religious Liberty, Free Speech Rights.

Congress should reject HR 3485. It undermines religious liberty and freedom of speech by advancing a far-left, controversial gender ideology that amounts to ideological colonialism against countries and cultures that uphold traditional beliefs. And it risks undermining the foundations of the human rights system long supported by America and freedom lovers around the world by replacing a vision of unalienable rights available to everyone with one rooted in identity politics.

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On Fatherly Figures.

One of the most important aspects of the modern conservative movement has been its fight against the new liberal ethos that actively seeks to undermine and dismantle the family unit. In his 2017 book, Cheap Sex, Mark Regnerus shows how the state of marriage and monogamy is at an all-time low. But perhaps the most perverse position held by the new dogma is that fathers don’t matter. Read more

Children with learning disabilities offered DNRs during pandemic.

Children with learning disabilities were offered ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ (DNR) orders during the pandemic, The UK Daily Telegraph has revealed.

The revelations have fueled discontent at the way DNRs were used during the pandemic, with some authorities applying them in a ‘blanket’ fashion across some groups of vulnerable individuals. Read more

‘A Gentleman’s Guide’ To Fighting For Masculinity In A Culture Of Toxic Feminism.

What is the underlying principle of masculinity? According to Baskerville, it’s leadership: “Being a man has always meant being a leader, and it always will mean that.… Leadership is not an option but an imperative; it, too, comes with the Y chromosome.” All the other manly virtues like strength, courage, and industry all stem from the idea that a man must lead and assume responsibility. Moreover, becoming a leader is all the more important at a time when true masculinity is deemed toxic and men are told to step aside. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

‘I suffer from parental dysphoria’.

Parental Dysphoria is a new condition, growing in frequency as the transgender trend that is indoctrinating our children picks up steam. Specifically, it’s the discomfort with your sense of self and view of reality that results from your child’s sudden announcement that he or she is transgender.

Parental Dysphoria commonly results from the immense societal pressure to unquestioningly support your child’s “gender journey”, up to and including social transition to the opposite gender (or non-binary), wrong-sex hormones, and surgeries. Read more

Preparing Your Kids for the ‘Re-education Camps’.

While it seems unfathomable that Beller or anyone else—liberal, conservative, or otherwise—could even entertain the idea of forcibly extracting millions of children from their homes just because the political ideologies of their parents are different, such an idea has been advanced before by a very prominent historical figure: Karl Marx. Read more

5 Awesome Pieces of Advice for Moms.

If you don’t give yourself grace as a mom, you’re going to be miserable. Please, learn to ask for forgiveness and to forgive yourself when you don’t do everything perfectly.

You probably won’t cook healthy meals every single day. You probably won’t have the energy to clean your house every day. And you definitely won’t say the perfect thing every time you open your mouth.

There will be mistakes — some that make you want to curl up in bed and hide for a while.

But, remember: Grace. Grace. Grace. Read more

Sanctity of Life

Biden Nominates Pro-Abortion Lawyer to State Department Legal Post.

“Ms. Cleveland believes that an international expert should have final say in determining America’s policies regulating abortions – not U.S. courts,” a seasoned UN expert told the Friday Fax. “If she was ever called upon to advise about the UN system and asked whether the U.S. has the right to legislate on abortion, she would say no because the UN Human Rights Committee said abortion is an international right.”

Under General Comment 36, abortion on demand is one such “right” recognized by the UN Human Rights Council but not the U.S. government. If international human rights mechanism were permitted to dictate U.S. policy, then not only would the U.S. be obligated to allow abortion on demand up until birth, but it would be required to fund these abortions because it has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Read more

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Wants to Pay Off Student Loans for People Who Kill Babies in Abortions.

It is no secret that the abortion industry struggles to find workers. Most doctors and nurses go into the medical profession to heal patients, not kill them. So, to prop up the abortion industry, pro-abortion politicians have passed laws to allow nurses and midwives to abort unborn babies. California did in 2013 and several other states have followed, including New Jersey just this week.

But the abortion industry still is struggling to find workers, and now, with the possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade this year, Newsom wants to do more. Read more

Some New Zealanders with Cov** could be eligible for assisted dying.

The New Zealand government declared “in some circumstances a person with Cov**-19 may be eligible for assisted dying.”

The rationale for this decision was the Ministry’s definition concerning the statutory criteria that to be eligible for assisted dying, “a person must have a terminal illness that is likely to end their life within six months.” Such determination is made by the “attending medical practitioner and the independent medical practitioner.”

How often are such determinations correct? A major problem when physicians “play G-d” and make life or death decisions is the unpredictable and often inexplicable reality of recovery. Read more


A Catholic bishop has criticized leaders of Germany’s “Synodal Way” for delaying a debate on gender-neutral language.

The debate centers on a proposal to use the so-called “gender star” in Synodal Way documents. The linguistic innovation, which dates to around 2013, places an asterisk after the stem of a German noun, rendering it neither masculine nor feminine. Read more

Canadian pastors set to condemn ‘conversion therapy’ ban, defend Biblical teaching on sexuality.

With the passage of Bill C-4 (the “conversion therapy” ban), there is a great deal of concern among Canadian churches. Has the Trudeau government put a law on the books that effectively criminalizes Christianity? According to some prominent clergy in this country, the answer is, shockingly, yes! Read more

Finnish Bishop and Politician Face Trial for LGBT Statements.

According to the prosecutor, Räsänen has fueled intolerance and contempt of LGBT people three times: in comments she made on a nationally syndicated talk show on Finnish state-supported radio; in a 2019 tweet where she quoted Romans 1:24–27 to criticize the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF)—one of Finland’s two national churches—for its affiliation with Helsinki Pride; and in a 23-page booklet that Räsänen wrote titled Male and Female He Created Them. Read more


The movement to destigmatize pedophilia needs to stop now.

On Monday, USA Today posted an article by reporter Alia Dastagir on pedophilia, advocating for “destigmatizing the attraction” and making the case that it is “among the most misunderstood,” noting that “[r]esearchers who study pedophilia say the term describes an attraction, not an action, and using it interchangeably with ‘abuse’ fuels misperceptions about pedophiles.” Read more

NASCAR partners with LGBT advocacy group after expressing desire to remain apolitical.

NASCAR has been seen in the past as less likely to embrace liberal political causes than other major sports leagues. Not any more.

Describing NASCAR as “one of the most popular sports in the nation,” Keaton predicted that “the intentionality of their partnership will allow the Carolinas LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce to leverage relationships and increase our work in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion.” Read more

All Adrian Wanted Was A Family. Transgender Doctors Left Him Despairing And Sterile.

Doctors and therapists told him his mental chaos was driven by gender dysphoria. Swiftly following that diagnosis, they affirmed his social transition to female and prescribed feminizing hormones. His rebirth into a “trans” identity was praised and celebrated by new circles of friends.

But changing behavior and dosing hormones didn’t help. There was a next step, and he took it. Making no effort to address his multiple, serious psychiatric disorders, one of America’s largest health-care providers sent him to the surgeons who, after a brief “consultation,” assured him that excising his healthy organs and fabricating female-appearing genitalia would resolve his mental distress. Read more