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TikTok is destroying our children.

Is TikTok more dangerous than we realize? And is it a problem not just because of the mindless distraction it provides but because of its content?

Ironically, although TikTok was developed by a Chinese company and is owned by a Chinese company, it is banned in China, along with a number of other, major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. How interesting! So, the app is good for kids in America and the world but not good for kids in China?

Yet that doesn’t mean that there is not real danger with TikTok, and not simply because it exacerbates our problem with distraction. Rather, there is real danger because of some of its destructive content, appealing especially to children and young people.

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States Must Follow Florida’s Lead on Combating Fatherhood Crisis to Rebuild Strong American Families.

For some dads, it’s the demands of a heavy work schedule that prevent them from being engaged with their kids. For others, it can be divorce and separation of their family, generational poverty or never having a father figure present in their own lives.

The fact is, one in four children live without a father figure in their home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and nearly every negative outcome plaguing so many of today’s youth has been linked to their lack of a present and intentional father. Read more

Study Shows People Having Fewer Children Because They Care More About Themselves Than Family.

New research suggests plummeting birthrates in the U.S. are driven by culture, not economic factors. The researchers concluded that the change is likely driven by shifting priorities across different age groups, citing a new emphasis on individual autonomy and a de-emphasis on marriage and parenthood. Read more

A 40% Fatherless Nation?

America is not headed in the right direction. A generation will soon be coming of age in which a large percentage of the population will have been denied a traditional family life. What happens when families fall apart or fail to form in the first place? Government gets bigger and takes more control over people’s lives.

Census Bureau data shows that the traditional family and economic well-being are interconnected. In 2020, according to the bureau, only 4.7% of married couple families in this country lived below the poverty level. But at the same time, 38.1% of female householders with children under 18 and no spouse present lived in poverty, as did 46.2% of female householders with no spouse present and children under 6. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

‘Dangerous by design’ metaverse apps allow children to access immersive digital sex clubs.

Jess Sherwood, the researcher who went under cover, said, “I was surprised how totally immersed in the spaces you are. I started to feel like a child again. So when grown men were asking why I wasn’t in school and encouraging me to engage in VR sex acts, it felt all the more disturbing. VRChat definitely felt more like an adult’s playground than a child’s. A lot of the rooms were overtly sexualized in pink neon, similar to what you might see in the red-light district in Amsterdam or in the more seedy parts of London’s Soho at night. Inside, sex toys were on display.” Read more

Teachers told to go ‘gender-free’ in U.K.

The Christian Institute’s Education Officer John Denning said: “Schools can’t be ‘gender free’ because the reality is that pupils, teachers and parents aren’t ‘gender free’.

“Schools should not be places where pupils are encouraged to deny reality, but where they learn about it, and are encouraged to value their bodies, their mothers and fathers and to respect their peers of both sexes.

“It is scandalous that organisations pushing schools to adopt political, not factual, approaches continue to receive public funds and money from teachers’ union subscriptions.” Read more

Arizona Legislators Propose Communist-Style ‘Community Schools’.

Arizona is the latest entity to move toward embracing a communist-style education model called “community schools” that is gaining traction around the globe. Last week, Arizona lawmakers introduced a bill that calls for the development of community schools. These schools will “partner with one or more community-based organizations to coordinate academic, social and health services” for children and their families. The bill would transform participating schools into increasingly full-service community centers. Read more

Sanctity of Life

Colombia Decriminalizes Abortion.

Colombia is not the only country in the region to take pro-abortion steps. Mexico’s Supreme Court made a similar move in September, and Argentina’s Congress legalized abortion in 2020. Read more

Virginia Democrats Vote For Allowing Babies Who Survive Abortions To Die Without Care.

The Republican-controlled Virginia House passed HB 304, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, sponsored by Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper. The bill requires an abortionist to provide life-saving treatment for a child born alive after a failed abortion. It passed 52-48 along party lines, meaning the 48 Democrats voted against it.

“Once a baby is born alive…every possible medical care should be provided. Why isn’t that obvious to everyone?” said John Seeds, an OB-GYN and former department chair of obstetrics and gynecology at Virginia Commonwealth University. “At birth, they become a legal citizen and appropriate care should be required.” Read more

ACLU exploits language at the risk of women’s health.

“Forced” means compelled or involuntary. The only way a pregnancy is “forced” is through the brutal act of rape, forced sexual assault, which should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The ACLU is muddying the meaning of the word “forced” in an endeavor to alter language for its political ends, and in doing so the ACLU diminishes the traumatic impact of the heinous crime of rape. Common sense abortion regulations are NOT “forced pregnancy” laws. Read more