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Child Custody’s Gender Gauntlet

Abigail Shrier: In the three years I’ve spent writing about families with transgender-identifying minors, the story of Ted Hudacko stood out as a case study of how gender ideology has infiltrated family law. It also frames the unintended consequences of medical professionals’ fudging science, rewriting medical definitions, and tolerating shoddy research to placate activists. At each stage, doctors may have thought: Where was the harm? And so, as a consequence, judges now decide the fate of children and their families based on phony, medically unsubstantiated metaphysics, as if it were factual that all adolescents have an immutable, ineffable “gender identity,” knowable only to the adolescents themselves.

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The Surprisingly Simple Ways to Incentivize Marriage.

The Institute for Family Studies and the Georgia Center for Opportunity convened a focus group to understand major family issues facing working-class Americans. Many of the parents gathered in those groups indicated that either they or family and friends had steered clear of marriage for fear of losing their government benefits, from Medicaid to child care subsidies. Read more

One group of Americans has the highest fertility in the world. It doubles every 20 years.

Like other Christians, Amish see children as a gift from God. Their lifestyle incentivizes having children. Without the efficiency and productivity of technology, children are essential to work the farm, do the chores and look after their parents in old age. (Amish do not participate in Social Security.) Simply put, they value familial cooperation through labour over efficiency and productivity. Requiring more labour (children) engenders cooperation and close familial bonds without the worldly distractions of university, cinema, social media, bars, etc. There is no social atomization among the Amish. They believe that labour-saving technology would breed idleness. Read more

The Feminization of Society Hurts Everyone.

The feminist agenda has long pushed equality for women, encouraging them to leave the home and their husbands and children—both temporarily for work and sometimes permanently via divorce—to climb the corporate ladder, to be bold and brash, not giving an inch to the “evil” men in their lives who—or so the ideology goes—would otherwise push them around. Yet the feminist quest of equality seems to result in inequality for men. The imbalance negatively affects families, churches, schools, communities, and almost every other facet of society.

A fix may not be so easy, however, as those of us who have long recognized this problem can attest. Baskerville admits that it is a tall order to restore masculinity in a feminized society. But he offers a couple of reasonable actions, one of which goes directly to repairing the foundation of our society, the family. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Brainwashed School Kids Now Identifying as Animal “Furries”.

One grandmother of two in the local high-school was too scared to give her name but wanted to speak out nonetheless. “Apparently, from what I understand, they’re called ‘furries,’” the grandmother told WLKY. “They identify with animals. These people will hiss at you or scratch at you if they don’t like something you’re doing.”

According to the grandmother quoted by the NBC affiliate, she first became aware of the bizarre fetish spreading among school children in 2020. “But it really got bad when they went back to school this year,” she explained. “I have two grandkids in school and my grandkids didn’t want to go to school anymore.” Read more

Outraged Parents Pulling Their Kids from School as ‘Crazy’ Policy Leads to Escalating Violence.

Restorative justice focuses on having offenders make things good with their victims on their own and employs mediation as a way to resolve conflicts. Parent Mona Davids defined it differently.

“Restorative justice enables the assailant and does not protect the victim, so expecting students to sit down with someone and listen to why that other student feels the need to attack them and assault them is unacceptable,” Davids said. Read more

Mom Handcuffed, Jailed for Letting 14-Year-Old Babysit Kids During Lockdown.

Henderson, a single mom in Blairsville, Georgia, is facing criminal reckless conduct charges for letting her 14-year-old babysit. The charges carry a maximum penalty of one year in prison and fine of $1,000. The arresting officer, Deputy Sheriff Marc Pilote, wrote in his report that anything terrible could have happened to Thaddeus, including being kidnapped, run over, or “bitten by a venomous snake.” (When Henderson protested that the kid was only gone a few minutes, Pilote responded that a few minutes was all the time a venomous snake needed.) Read more

Sanctity of Life

C-Fam Investigation Reveals Lack of Agreement and Nefarious Connections in UN Human Rights Mechanism.

The pressure on abortion and SOGI comes from a relatively small group, mostly wealthy Western European countries and their allies. In each UPR cycle, less than half of the almost 200 UN member states have ever made a recommendation on these issues. Iceland has distinguished itself as the most aggressive in promoting both abortion and SOGI. In the recently concluded cycle, Iceland made more than ten percent of all SOGI recommendations and more than twenty percent of all abortion recommendations. Read more

Anthony Fauci is Funding 80% of All Research Using Body Parts From Aborted Babies.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), which Fauci directs, is behind $27 million in taxpayer funding for research involving tissue or body parts from babies killed in abortions, or approximately 80% of the funding for all such research in the United States. Read more

Doctors’ fear of saying No to euthanasia could make it the default way to die.

A concluding section of the report is devoted to futurecasting. Five scenarios are described. The fifth is that “Assisted dying becomes a component of universal health care” in nearly all high-income countries and in many medium and low-income countries. It will be “available not only to those judged to be near the end of life but also to all people with unbearable suffering, those developing dementia, and those who are ‘tired of life’,” the report says. “It is tightly regulated but provided by many health-care professionals, including those working in palliative care, and in some countries up to a quarter of people die in this way” [emphasis added].

Let that sink in: one in every four deaths will be through euthanasia. What does that say about relationships and about doctors? It would be a complete transformation of medicine. Read more


China Threatens Christian Churches as Beijing Olympics Begin.

The upcoming Olympics in Beijing are putting a spotlight on China’s human rights abuses, and rightfully so. Religious freedom conditions are continuing to deteriorate in China. Things were so bad for one house church, that they fled together to South Korea. Now, that same group of Chinese Christians could be repatriated. Read more

How big business is driving the Uyghur genocide in China.

On Dec. 23, 2021, President Joe Biden signed the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act into law. The legislation builds on previous efforts by the U.S. government to clamp down on forced labor practices and human rights abuses targeting Uyghurs in Xinjiang. The law prohibits all imports from Xinjiang into the U.S. starting June 21, 2022.

Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola were reportedly among major companies and business groups that lobbied Congress to weaken the legislation. They, along with Adidas, Calvin Klein, Campbell Soup Company, Costco, H&M, Patagonia, the Kraft Heinz Co., Tommy Hilfiger and others, were listed as companies suspected of ties to forced labor in Xinjiang in a March 2020 report from a bipartisan group of lawmakers called the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. Read more

Church’s Role in a World Moving Away From Biblical Principles.

There’s this longstanding belief that there’s a wall of separation between church and state that is designed in such a way by our Constitution to keep the church from getting involved in the state, but historically, that was never the case. That was not the intent.

If you go back and you look at it, the whole purpose of that was to keep the state from trying to tell the church what to do. If you read the works of our Founding Fathers, they actually were counting on the church being involved in government. They said that a government like ours could not exist without a moral people and a moral people could not exist without the church. Read more


Trans Health Association Recommends Mental Health Assessment Before Teens Transition. The New York Times Isn’t Convinced.

The guidelines do suggest “a more cautious stance on teens” and adds that teens should undergo mental health assessments and should have wondered about their gender identity for “several years” before moving forward with transitioning. That is good news and that is the hook for The New York Times headline that made conservatives think perhaps finally even the liberal media had recognized the problems with touting transitions and were willing to admit the medical community should slow down.

However, the devil is in the details, as they say, and World Professional Association for Transgender Health guidelines still disappoint. Read more

Rhode Island’s Proposed Sex Ed Plan Includes Lessons on “Pleasure Based Sexual Relations,” LGBT Lifestyles.

In recent years, many states have adopted sexual education standards outlined by groups that adhere to the “sex positive” philosophy, which posits that any consensual sex that is pleasurable for those involved is positive.

Yet when pressed over the inclusion of the phrase “pleasure based,” Democratic state Rep. Rebecca Kislak failed to define what this even meant. Read more

Inmates Demand Access to Pornography — Judge Issues Blunt Response.

A federal judge has put the kibosh on Connecticut inmates’ demand for pornography.

Judge Bianco decided there was staggering evidence to suggest the ban on pornography not only created a safer work environment for correctional officers but also helped to keep illicit material out of the hands of sexual offenders in the rehabilitation process. Read more