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‘My Body, My Choice’ Was Always A Lie, And Injection Mandates Prove It.

On the issue of abortion, activists have chanted “my body, my choice” for decades. Until now, when the term is collapsing by being applied across the board.

Why is it “my body” when the choice is about abortion, but “Uncle Sam’s body” when the choice is about virus precautions and vaccines?

And if it is “my body, my choice,” why isn’t it also, “my body, my money”? Someone’s desire for a thing isn’t a justification for dipping into the pockets of everyone in the nation. But for abortion, it’s “my choice, your cash.”

The American people have made it clear in polling that they do not want to pay for abortions here in the United States nor around the world. Yet the Biden administration and House Democrats are trying to open the door for federal abortion funding by removing the longstanding Hyde Amendment.

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It’s still true: the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Parents do not own their children. Parents and children belong to each other in a most profound and permanent sense. The belonging of a child to its mother at birth has been recognized and honored in virtually every culture and in every age, which strengthens people’s desire to claim and care for that which is most intimately theirs: their children. This is the reason society is inescapably privately oriented, and it is the reason why every effort to redesign society on collectivist terms ultimately fails. Read more

Report: Taliban raping girls, killing Christians.

The Taliban has begun to kidnap and rape girls and women in Afghanistan and are targeting Christians for death.

According to a first-hand ground report published by PR Newswire:

The Taliban are going door-to-door taking women and children. The people must mark their house with an “X” if they have a girl over 12 years old, so that the Taliban can take them. Read more

Fertility Rates, Delayed Marriage, and Infertility.

As Stone pointed out in the Times—and explained at greater length on the IFS Blog—survey data have shown that on average, women have fewer children than they say they would like to have. At least to some extent, women have aspirations in favor of childbearing that are unfulfilled. Why?

While both expanded opportunities and economic pressures may play a role in reducing the number of births, something more fundamental is also at work—human biology. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Utah Teacher’s Anti-Parent Rant Exposes Broader, Disturbing Education Agenda.

As troubling as Kinyon’s comments are, they are also an indicator of a much broader anti-parent, anti-family movement escalating in education and beyond.

Many teachers increasingly seem themselves not as agents accountable to parents, but as activists charged with crafting their pupils into socially, sexually, and politically correct minions, the wishes of their parents notwithstanding. Read more

Australia Begins Mass Vaccination of Children.

The Prime Minister of Australia recently gave a press statement regarding the ‘mass vaccination’ of 24,000 Australian children. In the following video he says they are planning to “get through” 24,000 kids “this week.” In addition, mums and dads are NOT permitted to be present, and children will be ushered to their jabs by members of the Youth Command and Police. Read more

Massachusetts begins to issue 3-parent birth certificates.

Joyce Kauffman, a family law attorney, explained to the website that state courts already recognise three-parent family structures through adoption. But this is the first time that the Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics (RVRS) has issued birth certificate which records three parents.

Ms Kauffman believes that this paves the way for other children to be registered with multiple parents. With increasing recognition of polyamory in the Bay State, there could be a real demand for multiple-parent certificates. Read more

Sanctity of Life

The massive growth of pregnancy help organizations have helped make the premises of Roe and Casey outdated, amicus brief argues.

Just as abortion supporters are flailing about vainly attempting to find a more secure foundation for the “right” to abortion, sooner or later they will have to stop relying on outdated stereotypes and admit “technological and societal advances as well as changing social mores concerning children born out of wedlock” have rendered them obsolete.

At the core of the pro-abortion argument is that without ready access to abortion—at every stage of pregnancy paid for by taxpayer dollars—women will never be able to succeed. Ergo, if you don’t support abortion, you supposedly don’t want women to succeed. Read more

Queensland close to legalising euthanasia.

One contentious issue is whether hospitals or aged-care homes could be forced to allow VAD on their premises.

Catholic hospitals indicated that they would defy the legislation, if necessary. “We will not tolerate non-credentialed doctors coming on site, nor will we assist in the provision of voluntary assisted dying in any of our facilities,” the chair of the Mater group told The Australian. Read more

The Taliban is set to inherit a seat on the UN women’s rights commission.

The people who shoot women for not properly covering their faces, steal 12-year-old girls from their parents to rape them, and ban women from most jobs, education, and activities outside the home are set to inherit a seat on the UN women’s right commission that Afghanistan was awarded in 2020. Read more


Ultimately, US failure in Afghanistan is a spiritual one.

Perhaps the worst example of “hearts that have grown cold” is the fact that the US withdrew its troops and abandoned thousands of US citizens without an exit strategy.

Ironically, just one week before the hasty withdrawal, our counter-terrorism apparatus released the latest Homeland Security bulletin that claims one of the significant threats of domestic terrorism emanates from Americans who question the results of the 2020 election or new restrictions. Sadly, it seems our government is so misguided that it focused on vilifying its own citizens instead of saving thousands of them from a terrorist regime overseas. Read more

Chinese authorities paying citizens to spy on neighbors, report ‘illegal’ Christian activities.

China’s communist regime has ordered citizens in the country’s northeastern region to spy on Christians and report any “illegal religious activities,” including preaching and religious house gatherings. Informants will be rewarded with $150 for each tip, according to a report. Read more

Over 60% of born-again Christians between 18 and 39 say Jesus isn’t only way to Heaven; Muhammad, Buddha also valid paths to salvation, study finds.

The study, which interviewed 3,100 Americans ages 18 to 55 in 2020 and looked at various other previous studies, saw a drop in “basic biblical worldview” — God’s attributes, the accuracy of the Bible, salvation and Jesus being sinless — from 47% in 2010 to 25% in 2020 among born-again Christians.The drop in the “expanded biblical worldview” — beliefs about Satan and morals being objective — went from 32% in 2010 to 16% in 2020. Read more


Social Media, Schools, and the Secret Rise of Transgender Children: The New ‘Social Contagion’.

A new “social contagion” has quietly crept into homes to infect and transform children, some parents say. It was given a name in a 2018 study: rapid-onset gender dysphoria.

Parent January Littlejohn told The Epoch Times, “What I’ve come to understand is these kids claiming transgender identities out of the blue have no idea of the scope or scale of what they are saying, things they are asking for in terms of hormones and surgery. It’s like they’re asking to get a nose ring or their hair dyed or a piece of clothing they know their parents are going to reject.

“In many ways, this has become a new source of teenage rebellion, but the long-term consequences are much more severe.” Read more

UK police roll out rainbow-colored squad cars to combat ‘hate crime,’ promote LGBT agenda.

The ideological move by the UK police has sparked backlash, even among the communities they seek to appease.

While Cooke said the rainbow colors are “there to give confidence to our LGBT+ community” as well as “other underrepresented groups,” Farrow argued that “Far from inspiring confidence, the sight of the LGBT rainbow flag evokes a sense of dread and undermines important public confidence in the police, who can no longer be seen as impartial.” Read more

While government restrictions reduced general US health services over the last year, sex change surgeries grew by 12%.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, young women with gender dysphoria are having their breasts removed in order to present as male in record numbers. Despite access to many forms of healthcare being limited in 2020, sex change surgeries on both males and females rose by 12%, from 14,602 in 2019 to 16,353 in 2020. As one observer noted, these numbers do not include the surgeries, mastectomies, and trans treatments done by other medical professionals, either. Read more