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Sexualizing Schoolchildren: Comprehensive Sex Ed.

“Children are not equipped to bear the weight of adult sexuality.”

I don’t remember where I first heard this truth, but I know it was in the context of ministry to relationally and sexually broken people. Many of us had been forced to bear the weight of adult sexuality in childhood. Early and inappropriate sexualization had affected our lives, relationships, thoughts, beliefs and actions, helping lead many into sexual sin, addiction and broken relationships.

But more and more these days children are exposed to adult sexuality – not by a predator, pornography or entertainment – but in the classroom.

One of the most obvious ways this is happening is through what proponents call “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE).

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Fictosexual man who married hologram singer says no family showed up to wedding.

Thousands of people in Japan have entered into unofficial relationships with fictional characters.

While some of those relationships are for a laugh, Mr Kondo has said that he has known for a long time that he did not want a human partner. This is because he has always felt an intense and, even to himself, inexplicable attraction to fictional characters.

Mr Kondo has admitted that he found it difficult at first to accept his feelings. He says that he sees himself as part of a growing movement of people who identify as “fictosexuals.” Read more

UFI Note: The inevitable fate of marriage when society determined it was not limited to a sacred and binding commitment between one man and one woman. Everything else became fair game, and now we have throuples, women marrying trees, and even fictional characters as spouses.

Biden Is Purging From Health Care Anyone Who Thinks Babies Are People And Men Aren’t Women.

Imagine an America in which a summa cum laude medical graduate interviews at countless medical schools but cannot find one that will tolerate her Christian faith, a faith-based pro-life clinic faces a financial crisis after having its federal Title X funds stripped away, and federal agencies discriminate against hospitals and clinics nationwide for refusing to kowtow to the administration’s extremist stances on abortion, sexuality, and marriage.

That reality is already well on its way here, and will only get worse with the proposed elimination of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) conscience protections for health professionals. Read more

South African judge calls for a fresh look at regulating surrogacy.

A South African judge has introduced a new perspective on the legality of surrogacy – the interests of the children of the surrogate mother and also of the existing children of the surrogate couple. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, & Maoist Education.

In this 12 minute video, James Lindsay of New Discourses breaks down how schools throughout North America are reproducing the youth radicalization program utilized by Communist dictator Mao Zedong. They’re doing this by combining Critical Race Theory, Gender Theory (gender ideology), Queer Theory, and the other Critical Theories of Identity (Identity Marxism) to funnel kids into politically active, radical and revolutionary personal identities. Watch now

Teen sadness and the crisis of meaning.

Thompson suggests four converging cultural realities that are contributing to this crisis: social media, social isolation, the extra-stressful global situation, and today’s parenting styles. Read more

‘Grooming’ perfectly describes ‘ideological manipulation’ in schools: former teacher.

Tony Kinnett, previously put on leave and then fired for exposing critical race theory in schools, explained how “grooming” occurs in classrooms.

He said it can occur with both racial and sexual topics.

Grooming is “ideological manipulation” that includes “isolating children from their parents and replacing them with hyper-activist teachers and counselors,” Kinnett wrote on April 15 in an opinion piece for the Daily Caller.

He gave examples, including “collective shaming” and mandatory “counseling workshops” in which “students sit through lectures on the virtue of the latest progressive talking points.” Read more

Sanctity of Life

Pregnancy Centers Are the Answer to America’s Abortion Problem.

The left’s proclamations that women will be victimized if Roe is overturned ignore the magnanimous work of nearly 3,000 pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics. The charitable work of these centers provides – free of charge – medical and non-medical services, hope and life-affirming options to mothers who feel alone and powerless. Read more

UFI Note: We love and support the work that Pregnancy Help Centers perform, but we would like to add that these centers alone do not address the root cause of abortion, which is to aid the Sexual Revolution. We assert that abstinence before marriage must be taught and lived in order to cut off the Abortion Industry at its roots.

Naming Abortion.

The abortion-friendly Washington Post recently provided a revealing look into a debate taking place in the world of abortion advocacy. The issue, in short, is whether to call abortion “abortion” or call it something else. Read more

Sarah Has Been On Both Sides Of The Abortionist’s Table. Here’s What She Wants You To Know.

During her time there, Eubanks says she assisted in the abortions of almost 5,000 mothers. The actual number of children aborted was more than that; the abortionist would never tell the woman whether she was pregnant with one, two, or three babies. Most women walked out assuming they had been pregnant with one child when many were carrying twins or even triplets.

To make matters worse, the abortion center would not tell the mothers if they were past 14 weeks. While the policy at the center was that abortions past 14 weeks would not be performed, their abortionists still killed fetuses far past this mark, Eubanks said. Before the procedure, a pelvic examination was performed, and the abortionist would be able to tell how far along the pregnancy was. Read more


Endorse Religious Liberty.

Many of the Court’s recent religious-liberty decisions sound a similar theme: namely, that the First Amendment requires government neutrality toward religion—that it prohibits the government from disfavoring religious believers or institutions, from silencing religious speech, and from suppressing religious conduct. So why do government actors persist in doing these things, necessitating the Court’s repeated corrective action? Read more

Red Flags For Faith-Based Liberty In Hong Kong.

Hong Kong authorities re-imposed pandemic lockdowns from early January until this week amid China’s worst outbreak in two years. Many of Hong Kong’s Christian churches offered online Easter services that parishioners and other believers could watch virtually. Still, the future of those alternatives is now in doubt as Beijing continues to tighten its grip over the once semi-autonomous city. Read more

From Football Field to Supreme Court: Meet the Coach Who’s Fighting for Freedom to Pray.

The Supreme Court will decide whether a public school employee is allowed to participate in silent prayer in view of students while on the clock.

“The only thing I’m asking the Supreme Court is that I get to be a coach, and I get to thank God afterwards,” Kennedy says.

In 2015, Kennedy lost his job as an assistant football coach at a high school in Washington state after taking a knee in silent prayer on the 50-yard line after games. Read more


Westminster College not backing down from offering hardcore porn class despite backlash.

Westminster College said it won’t be canceling an elective class where students will be watching hardcore porn together to study it as “an art form” during its upcoming May term despite an outpouring of complaints online. Read more

Women’s rights activist says pregnant inmates at NJ women’s prison ‘shoots a hole’ in ‘trans ideology’.

Two female inmates becoming pregnant at a women’s prison in Central Jersey obliterates the “trope” that “transgender women are women,” a women’s rights activist said Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Kara Dansky of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign was reacting to news out of the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in Clinton, New Jersey where inmate Demitrius Minor, now known as Demi, reportedly impregnated both women. Read more

Don’t Say “They”.

Progressive elites are demanding public approval for the profoundly subversive and nihilistic ideology of queer theory. We should treat demands around “preferred pronouns,” when these depart from the conventions of the English language (to say nothing of science and common sense), as no different from how we treat public professions of religious piety.

If a faction of devout Christians began lobbying the government to require all Americans to introduce themselves with “I accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior,” the progressive Left rightly would go ballistic. If the Christian sect in question protested that failure to adhere to its request would increase depression and suicidality among its members, the appropriate response would be to say that something must be troubling these unfortunate souls other than public refusal to “affirm” their religious beliefs. Nonbinary pronoun policing entails the same violation of liberal tolerance and civility, yet it is condoned under the misleading guises of “mental health” and “gender diversity.” Read more