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Sex Educators Say ‘Early Grades May Be the Best Time’ to Introduce Children to LGBT Issues.

Presenters said the new guidelines were vetted by a host of contributors and reviewers, including folks from GLSEN, which promotes “gay-straight alliance” clubs in schools; Gender Spectrum, which pushes transgender ideology; and Planned Parenthood, the largest producer and distributor of sexual education curriculum in the U.S.

The new guidelines focus more on “intersectionality,” presenters stated, “because we want to make sure that young people are understanding all of their different identities and exploring each of those identities and how they relate to their sexual identity and how they’re developing and how that impacts their sexual health.” FoSE standards suggest teaching about “gender identity” in kindergarten.

These sex educators believe that it’s not enough to teach about anatomy and physiology, puberty, pregnancy, reproduction and sexually transmitted infections.

They think children must be taught about gender identity and expression; sexual orientation and identity; interpersonal violence; and “consent and healthy relationships,” that is, how to give or refuse consent to sexual activities.

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Slate’s Marital Advice.

A woman sent in a letter titled, “I Asked My Husband for an Open Marriage, Now He’s Being Completely Unreasonable.” Slate responded with: A reasonable solution for him, since he refuses to have sex with other partners, would be to develop a robust masturbation routine. Does he have one?

We truly live in two separate realities in this country. Because people on the left will actually read this Slate advice column and think it’s meaningful. But it’s for the people in the middle that I provide this story. You need to see where the culture is headed. And Slate gives us a little glimpse. Read more

Anti-natalism: misanthropy on steroids.

Stop Having Kids has sponsored billboards in the Portland, Oregon area. One of their signs on Interstate 5 in the vicinity of Salem, Oregon reads: “A Lot of Humans Wish They Had Never Been Born.”

WOW. Talk about a bunch of unhappy folks! Where do we start to unpack this line of reasoning?

First, why do people have children? This will apparently come as a surprise to Stop Having Kids, but having children just comes naturally. Birds do it, bees do it, etc. Saying that people procreate because they are selfish, egocentric, or riddled with anxiety, depression or some other malady is way off and strikes yours truly as a tad neurotic. But in an utterly materialistic society with most everyone aboard the produce-and-consume treadmill, neuroticism is not surprising. After all, millions of moderns see prioritizing acquisition of creature comforts over family as an eminently reasonable proposition. Doing without or saving up for something is deemed old-fashioned, “not progressive,” or just plain stupid. Read more

Family stories aren’t fairy tales — but kids still need to hear them.

Telling family stories is powerful, but not always in the way we think. Stories are a way of preserving family history, but more importantly, they create a sense of continuity and resilience, and — this is the thing we often forget — they build a framework to understand painful experiences and celebrate joyful ones. Read more

Parenting/Parental Rights

Protecting Children and Families with Parents’ Bills of Rights.

With parents pushing back against racially discriminatory and sexually explicit school lesson plans, more lawmakers are proposing parental bills of rights.

These bills affirm parents as the primary decision-makers in their children’s lives and require schools to be transparent about the materials used in classrooms. Read more

Tony Dungy Issues Blunt Response to Critics Outraged Over DeSantis Fatherhood Event.

The bill at the center of the Dungy angst — signed Monday by DeSantis — empowers Florida’s Department of Children and Families to provide grants to non-profits that focus on helping equip fathers to be more engaged with their children. The massive effort will purportedly dole out $70 million to these charities.

Recipients will include mentorship opportunities for at-risk kids and groups aimed at helping dads make good on child support responsibilities, among other efforts. Read more

Protecting Children From Sextortion.

Today, children are rarely abducted by strangers in public places. Child sex abusers have new highly effective tools to find their victims. Technology allows the abuser to gain virtual access to a child and obtain sexually explict images that are then distributed online in a matter of seconds, a crime called sextortion, which the FBI says is on the rise.

In one study of 2,731 minors between the ages of 12 and 15, 15.6% of girls and 9.3% of boys reported that they had been sexually solicited online, and 8.2% of girls and 7.4% of boys reported they had sexualized interactions with adults online. Gaining an understanding of how online predators operate can help parents more effectively prepare their children for the dangers they will encounter online, including how to detect sextortion. Read more

Sanctity of Life

Abortion after mix-up at New York IVF clinic.

The unnamed couple already had three children but wanted a fourth. They consulted the Manhattan-based New York Fertility Clinic, went through the standard procedures and the woman became pregnant. However, later testing revealed that the developing embryo was not theirs.

The couple then decided to abort the baby because they couldn’t bear the stress of a potential custody battle. The abortion occurred when the baby was at six months gestation. Read more

UFI Note: This tragic story highlights the complete lack of focus on “Them Before Us” in the fertility industry. As one commenter wrote: “I’m pro-choice, but this story is just sickening. It seems they had no consideration for the baby she carried for 6 months. 6 months. Why couldn’t they have put it up for adoption if they didn’t want it?”

Perinatal death bills and the danger of misplaced hope.

We’ve moved from “it’s just a clump of cells” to “abortion up to birth.” And now even farther…to include those babies already born.

Scientists affirm that life begins at conception, and everyone knows aborting a full-term baby isn’t aborting just a clump of cells. Everyone.

Yet, neither of these truths have drawn abortion back – the line has just been moved.

Abortion was promoted: “Let’s make abortion safe, legal, and rare.”

But then the line was moved again. Rare? No, now it is – “Abortion on demand without apology”. Nothing rare about that. Not even the pretense of rarity. Read more

Spanish Supreme Court: “Surrogacy harms minors and exploits women”.

The first chamber of the Spanish Supreme Court has confirmed its ruling against the practice of surrogacy in Spain.

It stated that “surrogacy contracts violate the fundamental rights of both the surrogate woman and the surrogate child, and are therefore clearly contrary to our public order”. That was the Court’s sentence in the case of family who wanted to legally integrate a child brought from Mexico, where the couple had hired surrogacy services. Read more


U.K. Online Safety Bill ‘risks most draconian internet censorship in the Western world’.

The Bill will require social media companies and search engines to restrict content which is ‘legal but harmful’ to adults. It will empower Government ministers to decide what this covers.

Outlining some of the problems with the Bill, the Institute explained that there is currently no clarity as to what legal content will be considered ‘harmful’. It will eventually be laid out in secondary legislation, but this means Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries and her successors will be able to amend it with little parliamentary scrutiny.

The briefing also warned that tech companies, which could be fined up to ten per cent of their annual global turnover if they fail to uphold their new duties, are likely to censor “far more than they need to”. Read more

Can Sikhs serve their country while staying true to their faith?

The U.S. Marine Corps on Monday became the latest military branch to face a religious freedom lawsuit over its uniform rules. A Sikh officer and three Sikh recruits are suing for the right to maintain a religiously motivated beard and keep their hair uncut at all points in their Marine career.

“We remain ready to meet the high mental and physical standards of the Marine Corps because we want to serve our country alongside the best. We cannot, however, give up our right to our religious faith while doing so — not least of all because that is one of the core American values that we will fight to protect at all costs as proud U.S. Marines,” the three recruits said in a joint statement released Tuesday by The Sikh Coalition. Read more

What about the Don’t Say Jesus laws that erase my identity as a Christian teacher?

We could fairly sum up Cory’s complaint this way: being LGBT is an integral part of his identity and who he is as a person. A law that forbids him talking about sex and gender essentially erases that very important part of what brings his life meaning. It makes him less relational, less interpersonal, less understandable for his students. The law makes him deny who he is, and thus hampers his ability to live honestly with those he’s attempting to instruct.

Again, I’m trying to be as fair as I can be in representing the logic behind the opposition. Because if that is legitimate, if that is reasonable, if that is persuasive, then tell me why I can’t say the same thing about the laws that prevent me as a teacher openly talking about my Christian faith? Read more


Transgender Activists Use Unreliable Surveys To Emotionally Blackmail America.

The threat of suicide or self-harm should be removed from our political discussions entirely. It is inherently flawed, malicious, and self-serving.

When discussing transgender issues, legislation, and other controversies, it is common to see the statistic that 40 percent of transgender people have considered or attempted suicide. Where does this number come from, and how reliable is it in determining the moral and ethical consequences of transgender-related policies? Read more

California city to give universal income to transgender, nonbinary residents.

Transgender residents in Palm Springs, California are eligible to receive a UBI of up to $900 per month solely for identifying as transgender or nonbinary — no strings attached.

The new pilot program will have $200,000 set aside for allocation after a unanimous vote by the Palm Springs City Council last week. Read more

On transgenderism, the Biden administration is disguising cruelty as compassion.

“To parents of transgender children, affirming your child’s identity is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy,” President Joe Biden said this week, adding that state laws preventing medical professionals from performing gender reassignment surgeries or administering hormone treatments to minors are “wrong.”

We do not treat any other form of mental illness this way. We do not look at girls who struggle with anorexia or bulimia and tell them that they’re right to think their bodies need fixing. We do not tell a schizophrenic person that the voices in his head are real and he should act on them. We do not agree with a bipolar person that his mood swings are normal. And we certainly do not tell any of these individuals that they should undergo an invasive, physically-altering procedure to make themselves feel better.

So, why are we treating transgenderism differently? Read more